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FFXIV Mage's Ballad

Mage's Ballad in Final Fantasy XIV.

Mage's Ballad (魔道士のバラード, Madōshi no Barādo?) is a recurring Bard ability in Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Mage's Ballad and Mage's Ballad II, and Mage's Balled III are songs for the Bard. They each have a Refresh effect, which causes the character to recover a small amount of MP over time. Mages Ballad is learned at level 25, Mages Ballad II at level 55, and Mage's Ballad III at level 85.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Mage's Ballad Icon.

Mage's Ballad (賢人のバラード, Kenjin no Barādo?, lit. Sage's Ballad) is a Level 30 Bard spell. Both Mage's Ballad and the Bard Soul Crystal are obtained after completing the quest "A Song of Bards and Bowmen". Mage's Ballad deals unaspected damage to a target with a potency of 100.

Mage's Ballad activates the Song Gauge for a period of 45 seconds, granting them the Mage's Ballad status that increases the user's and the party's damage dealt by 1% as long as they stay within 50 yalms of the user. Every 3 seconds, there is an 80% chance it will activate the Repertoire effect (which can also be activated by Empyreal Arrow from level 68 onwards), lowering the recast times of Bloodletter and Rain of Death by 7.5s, enabling the rapid-firing of either weaponskill. Using Mage's Ballad also grants the Mage's Coda, enabling either the usage of or enhancing of Radiant Finale.

FFXIV BRD Mages Ballad Gauge

Mage's Ballad effect on the Song Gauge.

Mage's Ballad has gone through numerous changes throughout each expansion. From the launch of A Realm Reborn throughout the entirety of Heavensward, Mage's Ballad granted an effect that refreshed the MP of nearby party members while lowering the user's damage by 20% and constantly had their MP drained while singing.

At the launch of the Stormblood expansion, Mage's Ballad received an entire overhaul, while its original effect of refreshing MP was transferred to the Refresh ranged DPS cross-role ability. This version of Mage's Ballad functioned similarly to the current version of the ability available in Patch 5.0, however its effect on Bloodletter and Rain of Death was dependent on the critical damage inflicted by its DoT abilities and it increased the critical hit rate of all nearby party members by 2% for 30 seconds. In addition, if the user was under the effect of Troubadour, Mage's Ballad would also grant an effect that would increase the party's max HP by 15%.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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A ballade is "a poem normally composed of three stanzas and an envoi. The last line of the opening stanza is used as a refrain, and the same rhymes, strictly limited in number, recur throughout".