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Maechen is a non-player character and scholar in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He has a vast knowledge of the history and origins of all things related to Spira as well as its many cultures, and is infamous for his long-winded expositions, but much of Spira's history can only be learned from him.

If the party speaks with him at various locations, he will tell stories about Spira's history or describe some of Spira's inhabitants, such as the Hypello. The Ultimania guides to Final Fantasy X question the veracity of Maechen's information, saying that he knows a lot that even the priests don't, but whether it is all true is unknown. This implies that the information Maechen has gathered is subject to possible historical inaccuracies, and the player is meant to draw their own conclusions.


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Final Fantasy XEdit


Maechen met for the first time.

Yuna and her guardians first meet Maechen on the Mi'ihen Highroad where he tells the tale of Lord Mi'ihen, the Crusaders, and the history of the Highroad. Thereafter he appears in many other locations, each time with a new story to tell.

On the Moonflow, Maechen explains about shoopufs and the Hypello. In Guadosalam, he tells about the Farplane and the pyreflies. On the Thunder Plains, Maechen tells the party about the plains and how the lightning towers were built. At the travel agency at Macalania, Maechen tells the lake is frozen due to the fayth in the nearby temple.

Maechen Ending

Maechen in Besaid in the ending.

In the Calm Lands, Maechen explains the plains have been used by summoners as a battleground when fighting Sin and that's how the plains acquired their name. He eventually resides in Mt. Gagazet, where he reveals much of the lesser discussed history of Yevon.

After Yuna and her guardians fell Sin, Maechen in among the Besaid Village gathering around the bonfire with the Besaid Aurochs and Crusaders.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Maechen and yuna shake hands

Maechen and Yuna shake hands.

Maechen divulges many details regarding Zanarkand, Vegnagun, Shuyin, and Lenne. The Gullwings first meet him in Youth League Headquarters in Mushroom Rock Road where Maechen talks about the events that went on since he last met Yuna, telling of the formations of the different factions around Spira. If Yuna listens all the way to the end, Maechen wants to shake her hand, but appears confused by it.

Later, Maechen appears in Chateau Leblanc after the Gullwings receive an old sphere that shows Shuyin. Maechen notes the man in the sphere looks like Tidus, and hints there may be a way for Yuna to see him again. Maechen is met again in the Celsius after the Thunder Plains concert where he tells the story of Shuyin and Lenne.

Maechen fades

Maechen fades into pyreflies.

In the final conversation with him in Zanarkand, Maechen is revealed to be an unsent. His actual age at death is unknown, but he was alive since before the destruction of Zanarkand in the Machina War with Bevelle, one thousand years ago. The Final Fantasy X-2 Ultimania Omega states that he had been a fan of Lenne's in his younger days.[1] It is, in fact, Maechen's voice Yuna and company hear on the sphere salvaged from atop the Floating Ruins. Maechen had forgotten he was an unsent, but upon shaking Yuna's hand he recalled shaking hands with Lenne, and realized how long he had actually been around.

Maechen seems to have sent himself, having accepted death and disperses into pyreflies. Rikku, however, seems to believe Maechen is still walking the world, and that he'll be back with more stories.

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Creation and developmentEdit


Maechen is voiced by Dwight Schultz in the English version. He shares his voice actor with O'aka XXIII and Yo Mika from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, and Anastasis and Old Dalan from Final Fantasy XII.

He is voiced by Takuma Suzuki in the Japanese version.

Other appearancesEdit

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

MFF Maechen FFX
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  • In International/PAL/HD Remaster versions, Maechen disappears after Dark Anima appears at the entrance of Mt. Gagazet. He reappears after defeating Dark Anima, leaving the screen, and returning.
Good Listener xtro
  • Listening to all of Maechen's stories in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster will unlock the the "Good Listener" trophy/achievement. This is likely in reference to his tendency to ramble. During his long rambles the player is given a choice to speed through the conversation, but doing so prevents 100% completion credit for the game.
  • In Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster, the player will not be able to pause the game or press the OK button to make Maechen talk faster when he's telling his stories. The only way to interrupt him is using the Soft reset command or exit the game through the PlayStation menu.
  • After Maechen's story of Lenne and Shuyin on board the Celsius, he can be briefly seen walking down the corridor while slowly becoming transparent as the scene fades to black, foreshadowing the revelation on his condition in Chapter 5. Shinra is present in this scene to show "solidity" to the player.


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