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How can we know for sure... unless we... try for ourselves...?

Maduin's response to Madeline's uncertainty regarding humans and espers co-existing

Maduin is Terra's father, an esper, and temporary playable character in Final Fantasy VI. He is the guardian of the Esper World, overseeing the gateway between the esper realm and the realm of humans. The party acquires his magicite to learn spells from.

Maduin is obtained automatically upon completion of the Magitek Research Facility.



Maduin is a humanoid esper with a muscular figure. He wears a pendant he gives to Madeline when they meet. His field sprite depicts him with light gamboge skin, long sea-greenish-gray hair in a ponytail and indigo eyes.

His summon sprite depicts him with a grayish-tangelo skin tone, grayish-violet hair in a ponytail and clawed fingers and digitigrade legs with long talons on his toes. He wears a dark vermilion loincloth with an amber sash. His summon sprite resembles that of the Gigas from Final Fantasy V, and may be a heavily modified Gigas sprite.


Maduin doesn't harbor as much suspicion and fear of humans as the other espers, accepting Madeline into the esper world and acting protective of her. As with other espers, Maduin is shown to be patient and wise.


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Maduin and Madeline.

He is one of the higher-ranking espers in their society, being approached by other espers in concern when Madeline arrives, and being allowed to stay with her in the Elder's home. Twenty years ago, a human girl named Madeline crossed into the esper realm and was found by Maduin. When she recovered he gave her his pendant and told her she was in the esper world. Madeline claimed she fled the human world due to the people's greed and hate, but when Maduin told her the espers believe human and esper cannot co-exist, she agreed to return the next day. In the morning Maduin followed her to the gate and told her she can stay if she wishes. When Madeline repeated the concern that their races cannot co-exist, Maduin asked her how they could be sure unless they tried. The two conceived a child, whom Maduin named Terra.

Maduin in the Magitek Research Facility.

Two years later, the sealed gate opened and Gestahl invaded the esper realm with the Gestahlian Empire and set about capturing the espers. Maduin stayed with Madeline as the Esper Elder prepared to sacrifice his life to sweep the Empire out of their realm and seal the gate. When the other espers accused Madeline of leading the Empire to their realm, she grabbed Terra and ran to the entrance. Maduin followed as the Elder's spell took effect, sweeping Gestahl and his troops out of the gate. The collapsed Madeline tried to return with Maduin, but Terra flew from her grasp and out of the gate, and the two followed. Gestahl struck down the weakened Madeline and took Terra from her, while Maduin was one of several espers imprisoned by the Empire in the Magitek Research Facility.

When the Returners raid the facility 18 years later, Maduin and the other espers that have been drained of their power transform into magicite and grant the party their powers. In Zozo, Maduin's magicite reacts to Terra, awakening her memories of the esper realm and revealing her origins to the party. Maduin remains in the party's inventory for the rest of the game, able to be equipped by anyone as a magicite.

Maduin bidding farewell to Terra.

Maduin fades from the world with the Warring Triad and Kefka gone, and magic vanishing from the world. He tells Terra she may fade away with the espers as well, but if the human side of her is strongly attached to something in the world, she may survive as a full human. Maduin's magicite vanishes in a puff of smoke and dust.

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This gigantic Esper strikes down its enemies with waves of pure wrath.

Esper section (PlayStation)



Final Fantasy VI Advance Esper - Maduin

Maduin's attack when summoned is Chaos Wave (Chaos Wing in the Super NES and PlayStation versions). It deals non-elemental magic damage to all opponents with a Spell Power of 55, and the attack is unblockable. Maduin costs 44 MP to summon. His level up bonus is to increase the equipped character's Magic Power by 1.

Maduin is not terribly useful as a summon. His spell power is lower than the second tier spells he teaches, and costs a lot of MP.


Maduin is a useful esper for teaching the three tier-two elemental spells at once. While he teaches Fira and Blizzara slower than Ifrit or Shiva, it is quicker overall to teach the party these spells through Maduin; it takes 34 total magic points to learn Maduin's spells, while Ifrit and Shiva each take 20 magic points to learn the two spells Maduin teaches.

Party member[]

FF6 iOS Maduin Sprites.png

Maduin is temporarily playable in Terra's flashbacks. He has no battle commands, not even the basic Attack or Items commands. The menu is disabled during the flashback sequence so the player cannot view his stats or equipped items, but he is equipped with a pair of Sprint Shoes.

Name Initial Stats
Strength 30
Speed 30
Stamina 30
Magic 30
Attack 30
Defense 30
Evasion 30%
Magic Defense 30
Magic Evasion 30%
Escape Success 5
HP Gain 10
MP Gain 10
Level Averaging +0
Level HP MP EXP +
2 21 14 32
3 33 18 96
4 47 23 208
5 64 28 400
6 84 34 672
7 106 40 1056
8 130 47 1552
9 156 55 2184
11 211 72 3936
12 241 81 5080
13 276 91 6432
14 315 101 7992
15 359 111 9784
16 409 121 11840
17 463 131 14152
18 520 142 16736
19 581 153 19616
21 713 175 26360
22 782 186 30232
23 854 198 34456
24 930 210 39056
25 1009 222 44072
26 1091 234 49464
27 1177 246 55288
28 1267 259 61568
29 1362 272 68304
31 1561 298 83184
32 1662 311 91384
33 1764 325 100088
34 1866 339 109344
35 1969 353 119136
36 2073 367 129504
37 2179 381 140464
38 2286 396 152008
39 2394 411 164184
41 2615 441 190416
42 2728 456 204520
43 2842 472 219320
44 2958 488 234808
45 3075 504 251000
46 3194 520 267936
47 3314 536 285600
48 3436 553 304040
49 3561 570 323248
51 3819 603 364064
52 3950 618 385696
53 4083 632 408160
54 4217 645 431488
55 4353 657 455680
56 4490 668 480776
57 4629 678 506760
58 4771 687 533680
59 4915 695 561528
61 5207 708 620096
62 5355 713 650840
63 5505 718 682600
64 5657 724 715368
65 5810 730 749160
66 5965 737 784016
67 6121 744 819920
68 6279 751 856920
69 6439 759 895016
71 6761 775 974536
72 6916 783 1016000
73 7067 791 1058640
74 7212 798 1102456
75 7352 805 1147456
76 7488 812 1193648
77 7620 818 1241080
78 7746 824 1289744
79 7866 830 1339672
81 8096 841 1443368
82 8206 846 1497160
83 8314 851 1552264
84 8419 856 1608712
85 8521 861 1666512
86 8621 866 1725688
87 8719 871 1786240
88 8814 877 1848184
89 8906 883 1911552
91 9084 895 2042608
92 9171 901 2110320
93 9256 908 2179504
94 9339 916 2250192
95 9421 925 2322392
96 9501 935 2396128
97 9584 946 2471400
98 9670 958 2548224
99 9758 971 2637112

Other appearances[]

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Maduin does not appear, but two items make reference to it. Terra's level 100 exclusive weapon is called "Maduin's Horn" after the esper in Final Fantasy VI. The "Maduin's Fang" accessory explicitly makes reference to Madeen's transformation in Final Fantasy IX.

The description of Maduin's Fang refers to the Final Fantasy IX Madeen as Maduin, marking the first time the two creatures share the same name in the same Final Fantasy title.

Final Fantasy Dimensions II[]

Maduin's default artwork.

Maduin is a light-elemental Eidolon for Wrieg. His summon attack is Chaotic Wave when summoned into battle, which deals light-elemental damage to all enemies. Maduin's signet teaches Wrieg Chakra abilities.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

Maduin is an item held by Terra.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Maduin Icon.png

Maduin is a rank 4 Summoning ability. When summoned in battle, he uses Chaos Wave, which deals two non-elemental magic attacks to all enemies. His ability can be created by using Greater Summon Orb x10, Greater Non-Elemental Orb x8, and 10,000 gil. Due to his ranking and non-elemental nature, Maduin has been outclassed by later summons available to players.

He can be used with dual casting Record Materia and Legend Materia, and works in conjunction with EX Mode follow-up commands triggered by Summoning attacks, such as Yuna's Friendship Crystal.

Maduin has also appeared as a boss encounter during certain Final Fantasy VI events. During his boss encounters he is able to seal the party's magic abilities, requiring the player to break his paling to remove the seal.

Lastly, Maduin has a cameo appearance during the animation of Terra's Chaotic Inferno Awakening Soul Break.

Due to a mistranslation, the Madeen rank 5 Summoning ability was translated as "Maduin" during the event information of the ability's appearance.

Mobius Final Fantasy[]

One of the elder Espers. His love for a human set in motion world-changing events.

Ability Card Description

Maduin appears as a wind-element ability card. His ability is Aerora which is a mage ability that allows a cone wind attack. He produces four earth orbs in battle. He possesses the extra skills Break Exploiter, Elemental Return and Weakness Breaker. His auto-ability is Break Power Up+3%. He can be obtained from the Ability Card Shop or through Summoning.

World of Final Fantasy[]

WoFF Maduin.png
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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable[]

Maduin is a chance card with the ability: Get total house x 27G.

Other media[]

In the Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary and iOS remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Maduin is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk job.

Behind the scenes[]


Early screenshot of the Japanese version.

In early drafts of Final Fantasy VI, Maduin was the esper meant to be found at Narshe's caves.

Yoshinori Kitase has commented on Madeline and Maduin's story thusly: "Things didn't look particularly realistic in the Super Famicom era, so we were able to express things in all sorts of different ways. The Maduin and Madeline scene had a very short plot line in the scenario. But we got across the emotion that Mr. Sakaguchi wanted to convey, and really put everything we had into creating the cut-scenes."[1]

Terra's pendant hanging from a champagne glass.

The pendant Maduin gives to Madeline may have been passed to Terra, as the key item "Pendant" says it is worn by Terra and its origins are not revealed. In the SNES release Maduin claims the pendant protects the esper world, but he merely refers to it as a "charm from the esper world" in the Japanese version and the GBA release.

In Chocobo GP Maduin is voiced by Riki Kitazawa in Japanese and Crispin Freeman in English.



The name Maduin was created at the time by Square's translator Ted Woolsey for the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System version. The name has remained consistent in all future releases of Final Fantasy VI.

Maduin's name in Japanese has no known origin. However, the summon's name can be translated as "Madin" when going off the Japanese katakana (マディン, Madin?). This has led to the summon's name often being confused with a similarly named summon, Madeen, which has the Japanese katakana of (マディーン, Madīn?).

A common fan interpretation of the Japanese name has been "Máel Dúin", based on the protagonist of Immram Maele Dúin (The Voyage of Máel Dúin), a tale of a sea voyage written in Old Irish. However, it does not match with the katakana of Máel Dúin (マイル デューン, Mairu Dyūn?) when based on the original Irish pronunciation.