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Madoushi, also known by his real name Akai Kiri, is a character in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. The older brother of Makenshi, he looks similar except for his red clothes and hair. Like Makenshi, he wears a veil over his face because he breathes out Mist.

Madoushi is voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka in the Japanese version and David Stokey in the English version.


Madoushi carries a Maken weapon similar to that of Makenshi's. With it, he can execute powerful swordplay techniques, such as the deadly Flare Sword attack. He has similar Mist powers to his brother, but utilizes them in a broader scope, defending against Kaze's summons and immobilizing him, and summoning his own Mist Dragon, colored red like his clothes.


Little of Madoushi's back story is covered with the series, other than he was Makenshi's brother. He cherished his brother, teaching him the way of the sword, and becoming his only true friend. However as Makenshi began to outshine him, he became bitter and jealous of his brother. He was killed when Chaos invaded Misteria, refusing to leave their world like Makenshi did.

Later after the Comodeen's submarine, Jane, was trapped in the Ocean Puzzle, Oscha resurrected him and set him against his brother by attacking the Jane crew. Kaze attempted to interfere, but Madoushi destroyed his summon, Shiva, with a single swipe of his sword. However, during his final duel with Makenshi, Madoushi realized Kaze damaged his sword which is the medium keeping him alive. Though Makenshi was reluctant to fight, he is forced to release brother, mentor and friend from his forced revival. In his final moments, Madoushi realized his brother might have the power to avenge their people.

After Chaos is defeated, Crux discovered Madoushi's grave in the ruins of Misteria. There she discovers a crystal that contained Madoushi's power, and by instinct sought to give it to Makenshi. With the crystal, Makenshi receives his brother's Mist powers, and becomes able to wield the Cross Sword (transformed from Crux) alongside his own.



Madōshi (魔道師 or 魔道士?) is a Japanese word for "mage."

Akai Kiri is Japanese for "red mist".

In the Japanese cast list for the English ADV release, his character name is given as "Magic Taoist". Taoism is a system of philosophical and religious concepts and practices in various Asian cultures, emphasizing ideas as peace, "non-action", flexibility and receptiveness. This greatly contrasts the image of Madoushi given within the series.