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The proprietress of a hand-massage parlor in Wall Market. A woman of influence within the quarter, she has the authority to approve women for Corneo's auditions. A prideful sort, she's only as courteous as her customers are deep-pocketed.

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Madam M is a minor supporting character in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. She runs a reputable massage parlor in the Wall Market district of Sector 6. She is also a member of the Trio—a group of high-profile figures who act as scouts for Don Corneo's nightly bridal auditions, approving candidates.


Before Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

For an unspecified amount of time, Madam M has been approving candidates for Don Corneo's auditions. She operates a massage parlor and seems to have a history with Chocobo Sam, who found himself in her parlor after a previous "fall from grace".[1]

Remake continuity[]

Madam M

Madam M educates Cloud and Aerith about her massage business.

During "The Town That Never Sleeps", Madam M sent Johnny fearfully fleeing from her parlor after he refused to pay the amount of gil she wanted. She welcomed Cloud and Aerith as patrons, asking what massage they desired and if this was their first time at her establishment. She informed them of her hand-massage business, but angrily threatened and insulted them when they said they weren't customers, but after an endorsement for Corneo's audition. Madam M noticed Cloud's mako-infused eyes and demanded for his name and hand. She described his hands as strong and firm like a fighter's, but also with a certain elegance and grace, and offered him a massage course of his choice, escorting him to the back and promising to talk after.[2][3]

When Aerith affirmed she wanted to take part in Corneo's next audition, Madam M questioned why, but nevertheless agreed to help. She refused to send Aerith to an audition in her simple clothes, saying it would call her position in the Trio into question. Knowing they couldn't afford an expensive dress, she entered Cloud and Aerith in the Corneo Cup whose 1,000,000 gil prize money would allow Madam M to give Aerith a fabulous makeover.[3]

Madam M and Sam at the Corneo Cup from FFVII Remake

Madam M and Sam attend the Corneo Cup, speaking about Cloud's battle prowess and themselves.

Madam M attended the Corneo Cup at the Corneo Colosseum where she discussed Cloud's performance in the arena with Sam, mentioning that the massage she'd given him told a tale where he "cheated death multiple times". Sam downplayed her words and reminisced about a time he'd spent in her parlor, and offered a bet, but Madam M scolded him for always relying on luck and said that the time Sam had referred to was a mistake never to be repeated. After Cloud and Aerith completed the finals, Madam M gave Sam her superficial condolences, ridiculing him for his trickery, but he dismissed her words. She left to collect her prize money, but Leslie informed her that Corneo had tacked on one more match, infuriating her.[1]

Madam M updated Cloud and Aerith about the situation, losing her temper and screaming obscenities about Corneo, but quickly regained her composure and lamented Corneo's ways. She encouraged the duo to win and rejoiced at their victory. Andrea expressed interest in Cloud, much to Madam M's surprise, and she asked what he had planned, but received no answer.[1]

When Cloud and Aerith returned to Madam M's parlor, she commended Cloud for his mercenary work in Sector 5. She told them beauty requires significant work and sent Cloud to help Sam, who would teach him the ways of the world and how to man up. Before Cloud left, Madam M threatened to poke his eyes out if he peeked at Aerith's makeover process; she escorted Aerith to the back and commented that a change in her makeup and hair style were needed. Madam M relayed a plan formed with Andrea—owner of the Honeybee Inn—to Aerith, which involved Cloud gaining his approval and a makeover, ultimately allowing him into the audition.[4]

Madam M later attended Andrea's show at the Honeybee Inn, applauding Cloud and expressing amazement at his makeover.[5] Afterward, a dressed up Cloud in route to Corneo's mansion passed by Madam M and Sam sharing their opinions on "gussying up" with each other. She gave her reasons and was annoyed that he did not understand the appeal, leaving him to question her attitude.[6]

In "A Broken World", after the Sector 7 plate collapsed, Madam M was horrified by the destruction. She told a concerned Cloud that it was a "fine mess", assured him Wall Market was fine, questioned the reasoning for the plate drop, and was frustrated not knowing what was going on.[7]

During "In Search of Hope", Madam M stood outside her parlor and greeted Cloud. He said they were looking for a way to get topside and she wished them luck as security had tightened since the Sector 7 plate collapse. She informed Cloud's group of Wall Market's current unfortunate state, telling them Corneo's men have been turning it upside down looking for Avalanche. Madam M noticed Barret's gun-arm and warned him that Corneo's men were searching for someone of his description, and that an expensive bounty had been placed on the group's heads. Madam M added that some of Corneo's lackeys were in the Sector 5 slums by Aerith's house, which prompted them to return there for the quest "Malicious Goons".[8]



Madam M from FFVII Remake

Madam M's appearance.

Madam M is a younger middle-aged woman with a slender physique. She has light skin, black hair pinned up with elaborate golden hairpins, dark brown eyes, and sports purple eyeshadow and red lipstick. She wears a black kimono with a golden flower pattern secured by a patterned orange obi tied in the front, rather than the traditional way.[note 1] She leaves one shoulder bare, wears a pair of black geta sandals, and carries a fan that matches her kimono.


Madam M has two sides to her. She maintains a mostly professional, sophisticated, and demure attitude, but also has a temper. When talking to potential customers, she speaks to them in a calm, welcoming, and gracious tone. When her temper flares, she becomes threatening and irritable, and can screech obscenities.[1] She is quick to regain her composure, however.

Madam M takes immense pride in her business and hand massaging talents, and though she may act greedy, she believes her services are worth every gil. She was offended when Johnny didn't pay her the desired amount, sending him running from her parlor in fear.[9] If Cloud chose a "poor man's massage", she sadistically gave him a painful procedure.[3]

Despite being a member of Don Corneo's esteemed Trio, she despises him.[note 2] Regardless of her feelings, she is aware of her elevated position in Wall Market that grants her special privilege and authority, doing her best to maintain it. She respects Andrea, but has a rivalry and an implied romantic past with Chocobo Sam, whom she is easily aggravated by.[1]

Musical themes[]

"Wall Market - Madam M", track 8 of disc 4 in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack, is a variation of "Wall Market - The Town The Never Sleeps" that plays in and around Madam M's massage parlor in Wall Market.

Behind the scenes[]

Madam M did not appear in the original Final Fantasy VII, being one of the three characters introduced as Don Corneo's henchmen in the remake with the goal of portraying Corneo as a real-life mafia boss, who has power in the underworld with henchmen to do his dirty work.[10] [11]

The sign outside her massage parlor reads 手揉屋 (temomiya?), which means "hand kneading house".

When selecting a massage from her, the overwhelming majority of players (75%) chose her Luxury Course, while just 15% chose the Standard Course and 10% chose the Poor Man's Course. Fewer players completed Madam M's questline, as 35% reported seeing Cloud's third dress reported for completing her questline, compared to 60% who reported seeing Cloud's second dress for Chocobo Sam's questline.[12]


Madam M is voiced by Yuka Komatsu in Japanese. She shares her voice actress with Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

In the English version, she is voiced by Mallory Low.




  1. Madam M's patterned orange obi is tied in the front as a Japanese prostitute's would be. This is a nod to Wall Market's seedy origins in Final Fantasy VII.
  2. Madam M's dislike for Don Corneo is on display both when questioning why Aerith would want to enter Corneo's audition,[3] and complaining about him after he added another match to the Corneo Cup.[1]