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Madam Edel, or simply called as The Madam, is a mysterious supporting character and eventual summonable unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, appearing on season two. She's a treasure hunter and the host of a series of subquests involving the eponymous Madam's Manor. Madam Edel is a half human-dark elf hybrid and the leader of the Morze's Soiree.



The Madam is a fair-skinned middle aged woman with long silver-white hair, tied with a blue ribbon. She wears a furred purple coat over her shoulders and an unsleeved red blouse that ends at a purple strand of clothing exposing her legs. She wears long thigh-high black boots. Her unit sprite and official artwork feature her with the rifle Beloved Edel, left behind by Almaz, although canonically she never uses this weapon.


The Madam is a figure of authority and power feared and respected by her subordinates. She can be demanding, brash, forceful, bossy and impatient, yet cares for those who work for her. She is a passionate adventurer who enjoys exploring the unknown, facing it fearlessly and with conviction.

The Madam is for the most part an easy-going woman who lives the moment and is typically not upset at bad commentary or undesired results; if anything, she tends to find amusement at setbacks and is regularly seen cheerfully laughing away. Although she has her sense of pride, she can admit defeat gracefully.

Due to having a much longer lifespan than most people, the Madam has experienced deep losses that affected her for a time. She yet reignited her drive for adventure, and even adopted several "lost souls," acting as the surrogate mother for her attendants who serve her dutifully and with gratitude.

Although she opposes the Aldore dictatorship, she prefers to keep a low profile.


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Her various exploits earned her the title of "Edel the Mole," as she constantly searches for adventure and excitement by exploring dangerous ruins. As she explored a particular ruin with her lifelong ally Amber, an elf, they encountered Almaz, a peculiar explorer, caught in a rope trap whom Amber freed. His constant exposition of the ruins irritated Edel. Almaz was in search of a fellow adventurer to partner with and decided on Edel, offering a race to reach the treasure first. The victor would be entitled to an undeniable request. Edel's arrogance led to her loss, much to her disbelief, but she accepted the outcome gracefully and with amusement. Beaten and intrigued by Almaz's wit, resourcefulness, vast knowledge, and situational analysis, the two explorers decided on a partnership.

The duo set out to explore the Departed Ruins whose walls are supposedly made out of adventurers' corpses. On the way they met Winkel, an aggressive and arrogant grave robber known for causing historical damage. After multiple puzzles, the treasure of the ruins was revealed to be a celebration of life manifested in an array of flowers. Winkel was disappointed and left. Almaz revealed to Edel he had wanted to team up to stop Winkel from causing further cultural eroding.

The duo would encounter Winkel several times, racking an impressive record of defeats against them. Edel and Almaz ran into Winkel again during a ruins exploration when they needed to dismantle a three-layered trap. Edel's love for adventure, and Almaz's fascination with culture, taught Winkel the historical and cultural importance and value of the ruins, and he declared not to shamelessly plunder such prominent vestiges anymore. Thus the duo had become a trio of moles. Winkel proposed to Edel, who was flattered, but politely rejected him, revealing she had married Almaz already, much to his confusion.

Following numerous adventures, Almaz passed away due to sickness and Edel was bestruck with sorrow, wishing for humans to live as long as dark elves. Amber reinvigorated Edel's adventuring spirit after venturing to Almaz's abode and reading the letter dedicated to her. It presented a map to the Ancient Ruins, and Edel decided to build a mansion above it to fuel the expedition of the complex dungeon. Following Almaz's death, Winkel had also aged and in gratitude to his friends, vowed to take care of the home the couple shared, a task he would also leave to his descendants.

Her companionship with Almaz gave her an affinity to search for camaraderie. She "adopted" multiple people without names, naming them herself, and hired them to work as butlers in her mansion sat atop the Ancient Ruins. She took in people such as Lexa, Erwin, Elbis, Shinju, and Vesvia, as well as beastmen such as Pecciotta and Merald. She created a family for herself and is now performing an endless soiree in memory to her departed husband. She named her organization the "Morze's Soiree" and had her new family investigate. Seemingly an opposer to the Aldore Dictatorship, her butlers conduct espionage and interfere with many of Aldore's operations. The group remains in secrecy with Aldore largely unaware of their existence.

While traveling with her longtime friend Amber in search of ruins, the two met the automata Regina while lost in their way. Edel asked Regina to lead them to the ruins and as they reached them they discover them empty, and believed the time they spent lost may have cost them their opportunity. Edel took matters with humor and bid farewell to Regina.

When Lasswell's party arrives in Crystallis they hear rumors of the Madam's Manor. Lasswell is recruited by Erwin to serve as the Madam's bodyguard, who is too impatient and wants to investigate the ruins beneath her manor. Fearing the Madam's impulsive behavior and might that could blow the manor apart with everyone inside, Erwin proposes that Madam test Lasswell who endures her assaults long enough to qualify. The Madam has Lasswell accompany her when investigating the ruins.

After Edel contracts Lasswell's help, she gets through most of the ruins until the final level. Edel requests the house's key from Eleanor, Winkel's descendant, and visits her house after many years finding the courage to step in despite her still latent sorrow, finding her home in proper care. As she enters Almaz's room she finds the last sectored circle in the chest she refused to open for all the years after his death, still hopeful he would appear alive.

A massive adventure is conducted with Edel, Lasswell and her stewards into the final level. Edel and Lasswell enter the deepest part where visions of Almaz's memories show their adventures together along with his plans with Winkel to build the dungeon as a parting gift. The memories take a toll on Edel's emotions, but she decides to press forward.

Finally encountering the final guard, Zilant, Edel and Lasswell engage in combat but are in a disadvantage when the Zilant is protected by the Dark Elemental's power. Edel's stewards arrive and together they destroy the Elemental allowing Edel to defeat the Zilant. They leave the dungeon ready to celebrate, but Edel stays for a moment of solace. Almaz's spirit appears before her and congratulates her for conquering the ruins. Edel vows to keep on living and become the greatest adventurer ever. Almaz's spirit happily departs with his task fulfilled.

Back in the manor, Edel uses the Gems forfeited by the fallen guardians to open the ruins' treasure chest, which yields the Beloved Edel gun. Having no need for it, she gifts it to Lasswell, giving Edel definitive closure.

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Madam's Manor[]

The player needs to unlock the Madam's Manor in Crystallis before they can take the quests, which is done by talking to a certain non-player character in Ilteah Town in Crystallis.

Once the player meets the Madam, they will be tested in a boss fight where she will idle for four turns, and then unleash a physical attack on the party on the fifth turn. This attack is very powerful, and even a full geared 7★ Physical Tank will be KO'd (including with stat debuffs on the Madam, as well as defensive buffs on said unit). The player simply needs to survive the turn, and thus sacrificing the Tank, or hiding, are valid strategies. Reraise won't work as her long frame duration will kill the units again. Defeating the Madam is impossible as the battle ends whenever her HP reaches 49% (from a total of 100,000,000).

Surviving the battle will allow the player to perform the Madam's Manor quests and earn a signature equipment, the Beloved Edel rifle that provides large bonuses to HP/ATK to Edel as well as increase the damage modifier of her moves.


The Madam is a 5★ base rarity unit that can be upgraded up to 7★. Her role in combat is Physical Damage. The Madam is a rather unusual unit, in that her initial damage is rather low in the first few turns of the battle. The key to her strength lies in her Cooldown abilities all of which provide cummulative modifier boost to her other non-Cooldown abilities. Since her Cooldowns are available in turns divisible by 3 (6, 9 and 12), the player will require some patience. By turn 12, the Madam will have reached the peak of her potential, at which point, her damage will skyrocket considerably.

Although the Madam's ATK is huge, she suffers from low defensive stat boosts, in particular SPR. This can be problematic, as the Madam needs to remain alive for as long as she can in order to build up power. To compensate, the Madam is able to resist damage that would KO her. The Madam focuses on Earth and Dark damage, and is a Dual Wielder with emphasis on Guns and Fist weapons.

Most players equip her with her signature Beloved Edel rifle, to provide a massive boost to her HP/ATK, although this will lock her to the Earth element.