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Madam Edel or simply called as The Madam, is a mysterious supporting character and eventual summonable unit on Final Fantasy Brave Exvius appearing on season two. She's a treasure hunter and the host of a series of subquests involving the eponymous Madam's Manor. Madam Edel is a half human-dark elf hybrid.



The Madam is a fair-skinned middle aged woman with long silver-white hair, tied with a blue ribbon. She wears a furred purple coat over her shoulders and an unsleeved red blouse that ends at a purple strand of clothing exposing her legs. She wears long thigh-high black boots and carries a long rifle.


The Madam is a figure of authority and power feared and respected by her subordinates. She can be demanding, brash, forceful, bossy and impatient, yet cares for those who work for her.

The Madam loves treasures and has investigated several ancient ruins for them, finding more being the primary motivation behind her actions. Although she opposes the Aldore dictatorship, she prefers to keep a low profile.


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The Madam founded an organization headquartered on a seclusive manor in Crystallis, filled with combat butlers and assistants from different races all of who assist her in her goals. Although her main objective is to find treasure, she also has her followers conduct espionage to keep an eye on Aldore's movements. Although the Madam prefers to keep a low profile, she is an opponent of the dictatorship and has at times (mostly though her followers) interfered.

At some point while traveling with her longtime friend Amber in search of ruins, the two meet the automata Regina while lost in their way. Edel asks Regina if she could lead them to the ruins they were looking for, and Regina accepts. As they reach the ruins they find out that it is empty and believe the time they spent lost may have costed them their opportunity. Edel takes matters with humor and bids farewell to Regina.

When Lasswell's party arrives in Crystallis they hear rumors of the Madam's Manor. Lasswell is recruited by Erwin to serve as the Madam's bodyguard, who is too impatient and wants to investigate the ruins beneath her manor. Fearing the Madam's impulsive behavior and might that could blow the manor apart with everyone inside, Erwin proposes that Madam test Lasswell.

The Madam tests Lasswell's might, who endures her assaults long enough to qualify. The Madam then has Lasswell accompany her when investigating the ruins.

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Madam's ManorEdit

The player needs to unlock the Madam's Manor in Crystallis before they can take the quests, which is done by talking to a certain non-player character in Ilteah Town in Crystallis. Once the player meets the Madam, they will be tested in a boss fight where she will idle for four turns, and then unleash a physical attack on the party on the fifth turn. This attack is very powerful and even a full geared 7★ Physical Tank will easily be KO'd (including with stat debuffs on the Madam, as well as defensive buffs on said unit). The player simply needs to survive the turn, and thus sacrificing the Tank or hiding are valid strategies. Reraise won't work as her long frame duration will kill the units again. Defeating the Madam is impossible as the battle ends whenever her HP reaches 49% (from a total of 100,000,000). Surviving the battle will allow the player to perform the Madam's Manor quests.

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