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Zidane! This is my home: Madain Sari, the village of summoners!


Madain Sari is a location in the northern region of the Outer Continent in Final Fantasy IX. It is a ruined village, where a tribe of summoners once lived. Despite being populated with moogles, Madain Sari is the only town/village in which there is no moogle save point.

According to Final Fantasy IX Ultimania, Madain Sari is located where the pulse of the planet Gaia runs its most focused, and the people of Madain Sari studied the workings of nature and use of summoning magic. From their discoveries, they theorized that the eidolons are Gaia's guardians manifested from the collected belief in myths and legends accumulated within the planet's crystal. The Eidolon Wall, with the many engravings of eidolons, still survives to this day.


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Madain Sari destroyed.

The summoner tribe used to inhabit the Mist Continent but, after the events 500 years prior to the game's start, when Alexander was summoned and the summoners failed to control it resulting in a rampage, the summoners looked for another place to live.

Alexander's crystal was broken into four fragments, one piece given to each of the kingdoms on Mist Continent, and the summoner tribe kept the last piece. According to the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania[1], Madain Sari is the place where the planet's pulse concentrates and was the reason the summoners decided to make their village there.

In time, the people of the Mist Continent forgot about the summoners and the eidolons, which became subjects of myths and fairytale. The summoners continued to live peacefully in their village, far away from the rest of civilization.

Ten years prior to the game's start, Garland ordered Kuja to destroy Madain Sari because he feared the tribe's power of summoning eidolons could come between him and his plans. During the village's destruction, Garnet and her biological mother escaped, but her mother died upon reaching Alexandria and Garnet was raised a princess never knowing of her roots as a summoner.

Madain Sari and its civilization were largely destroyed and only a few survivors remained. Eiko was the last child to be born but, as her parents died soon afterwards, she was raised by her grandfather who died one year before the game's start. Since then, Eiko has been living in Madain Sari with only her moogle friends to keep her company.

Concept art of the entrance to Madain Sari.

The party arrives at Madain Sari after passing through the Conde Petie Mountain Path. After revealing that Madain Sari is the village of the summoner tribe, Eiko becomes interested in knowing more about Zidane and assaults him with personal questions. She is going to cook dinner and the party is invited. Zidane, curious about Eiko being a summoner, tells Garnet they should accept Eiko's invitation and she unenthusiastically agrees. Eiko leaves the party and they all go their own way to explore the village.

While waiting for Eiko, Zidane and Garnet are taken by the moogle Morrison to see the Eidolon Wall. This upsets the moogle Moco, who up until then had been the Wall's guardian. Within the Eidolon Wall, Morrison explains what they see is a collection of paintings of the eidolons the summoner tribe found during their research. Garnet becomes depressed, thinking about having had her eidolons extracted from her, but Zidane reassures her she will get them back. She tells him she wants to look at the murals for a while longer and he leaves her to it.

Concept art for the different versions of Eiko's dinner from The Art of Final Fantasy IX book.

Eiko finishes cooking dinner (which can be seen in a series of ATEs) and everyone gathers to share the meal. During dinner, Zidane asks Eiko where the other summoners are and she reveals she is the only survivor. After the meal, Eiko asks for Zidane's help in the kitchen. He tells her they want to go to the Iifa Tree, to which Eiko replies that it's impossible due to it being sealed with an eidolon. Zidane requests she break the seal but she refuses.

That night, seeing that Vivi is troubled with his thoughts, Zidane consoles him and they engage in "an age-old ritual between male friends", which consists of urinating together outside. Eiko, who had been listening in from her kitchen, decides Zidane is "the right man" for her and that she will accompany him on his journey.

The next morning Garnet wishes to return to Madain Sari, as she is no longer scared of the Eidolon Wall. Before they leave, Eiko joins the party stating that they need a summoner, such as herself, to break the seal.

Once the party defeats SoulCage at the center of the Iifa Tree clearing the Mist, Moco arrives to alert Eiko of a precious jewel stolen from Madain Sari. The party follows Eiko and discovers the bounty hunter Lani has entered the village and taken the stone. Eiko attempts to take it back but is taken hostage. Zidane attempts to save Eiko, but another bounty hunter, Red, dispatches Lani. Red challenges Zidane to a duel, and Zidane defeats Red but spares his life, inviting him to help in their quest instead. Red reintroduces himself as the Flaming Amarant.

Eiko resolves to follow the party, breaking her promise to her grandfather not to leave the village before her sixteenth birthday. Garnet sings her song when memories of Madain Sari flash by her eyes and recovers memories of her life in Madain Sari. She decides to continue the heritage of the summoner tribe along with Eiko. The party continues their quest towards Iifa Tree to find Kuja.

After Eiko leaves the village only the moogles stay. Bounty hunter Lani returns to the village to live with the moogles, but avoids any encounters with Garnet or Amarant.

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After being defeated by Zidane, Amarant will join the party here. Later, the moogle Morrison can be found selling items.

Open Area[]

The Libra Stellazio can be found by the fountain. Later, the moogle Moco can be found here.


Right before Zidane's fight with Amarant, one of the moogles will offer to heal Zidane's HP and MP.

Eidolon Wall[]

Eidolon Wall.

A circular chamber filled with paintings of the eidolons, being a sacred place where the summoners realized many rituals. Zidane fights Amarant here.

The eidolons seen are: Alexander, Atomos, Bahamut, Carbuncle, Fenrir, Ifrit, Leviathan, Odin, Ramuh, Shiva, and Phoenix.

After the summoning of Alexander in Alexandria, the party can visit Madain Sari and read the scriptures in the wall, telling part of the story about the summoners tribe demise.

We repeated the mistake our ancestors made 500 years ago. We failed an attempted summon at the foot of the Iifa Tree. The area surrounding the tree was unaffected, but we sealed the area as they would have done 500 years ago.
When the arrogant one summoned a power that could not be controlled, holy judgement was passed. The Jewel of this village must serve as a reminder of the day we had to leave our country.

After going back-and-forth nine times, new inscriptions can be inspected.

This information is yet to be confirmed, but there was an eyewitness account of a previously-undiscovered eidolon. It was witnessed in Esto Gaza. If there is an eidolon that can exist outside of our legends, our theory would no longer hold true. But maybe there are other tribes that have legends of their own.

This may refer to the mole people who used to live at the volcano near Esto Gaza, whose dilapidated village has an eidolon extraction circle and where Kuja went looking for new eidolons.

Eiko, You are a treasure born to a dying village. We are dying, and there is little we can do for you. We shall return to the stars with one wish in mind. If legends are not born of eidolons, and eidolons but born out of legends, let us leave this place with one wish: If we can give birth to a legend, it shall create an eidolon that is friend and protector of humans.

This may refer to Madeen.

Eiko, my lovely child. Until you turn 16 and have your own eidolon to your control, stay in this village. Then build strong friendships with others. I wish for your happiness from far away.
The First Eidolon Discovered, Shiva. Shiva took the form of a young girl when she was first discovered. She now appears as a grown woman. Eidolons adapt their forms to the time and culture in which they appear. Shiva illustrates this theory. In certain areas, Shiva is depicted as a snow fairy. This cannot be verified, since the only written document that remains is in the summoner village. People associate Shiva with the snow fairy. Why she changes forms remains a mystery.
The Legend of Eidolons: We discovered eidolons by researching legends documented from around the world. The Thunder God, Ramuh is one of those legends. Some theorize that the eidolons were created from the legends, and not the other way around.
This is where the fault lines collide. Listen to the planet's heartbeat. Breathe slowly, and calm your mind. Let memories return to you. Memories shape time. Time overlaps. The overlap becomes our memory. Memories construct time. History repeats itself. We must stand in its flow and understand the world. Such is the goal of our tribe.
Fear not the power of summon magic, but the ones who use it. Greed and instability endlessly repeat old mistakes. Will omniscience set us free?

If Dagger is in the party, they can unveil one last message:

I survived the storm. I wonder if you two are okay? I see the two of you smile every time I close my eyes. I imagine I see you when I open my eyes. I have a mortal wound. I won't be able to wait for you very long. I regret being so unemotional all these years. I'm writing down everything here in the hope that you'll read it someday. To my dearest wife, Jane, Although we fought many times, and I may not have shown my affection enough, I love you very much. To my beloved daughter, Sarah, My life changed when you were born. You made me happy. These are the things I want you to know.

Resting Room[]

Also a dining room, it is where Zidane and the party eat Eiko's special meal. Later, the moogle Momatose can be found here, and will offer the party a rest.


Eiko and her moogles will prepare a meal for Zidane and the party. If the player watches all the ATEs and pick the right choices, Quina will help Eiko out and the meal will be a success. Later, the moogle Chimomo and Lani (who was rescued by the moogles) will be found here. If the party does not include Garnet or Amarant, Lani will not run away when Zidane approaches her, and he can play Tetra Master with her.

Secret Room[]

The storage room where Eiko's jewel was hidden, by order of her grandfather. Later, the moogle Mocha will stay here.



Morrid's coffee[]

Kirman Coffee in Eiko's kitchen.

One of the rare coffees, the Kirman Coffee, is found in Eiko's kitchen.

Eiko's cooking[]

The kitchen.

During the party's first visit to Madain Sari, Eiko prepares a meal of rock-fisted potato stew and barbecued fish. She should cook for more people than are currently present, and assign the tasks of fishing, digging for potatoes, and helping her in the kitchen to three of her moogle friends. While fishing, one of the moogles catches Quina, who had taken the bait instead. Quina offers to help Eiko with her cooking and, depending on the player's choices, the dinner will either be a success or a disaster.

The correct choices for the successful dinner are:

  • Fishing - Chimomo
  • Dig up potatoes - Mocha
  • Help in the kitchen - Momatose
  • Eiko must cook enough food for 11 people.
  • The oglop should not go into the food.
  • Eiko should ask for Quina's help.

The better the food is, the longer the dinnertime conversation will be. If the meal turns out excellently, Eiko will explain how summoners communicate with eidolons through their horns.

Garnet's true name[]

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The message left to Garnet from her father

Princess Garnet's true name is engraved on the Eidolon Wall at Madain Sari. There is a way to reveal the truth after the party has the Invincible airship in endgame.

The player must form a party with Garnet and visit Lani, who is standing on Eiko's back porch. Upon arriving, Lani will run away. The player should exit the village and return with anyone except Garnet or Amarant, then talk to Lani twice. A message will lead the player to the Eidolon Wall where the player should walk clockwise from the entrance (heading to the right) until they complete a full circuit of the wall.

The player should move just past the "!" until a sound plays. Then they must walk counter-clockwise back to the entrance, just past the "!" again. The player should repeat this nine times and hear a sound each time. On the ninth round, HP/MP will be recovered and all status abnormalities removed.

The inscriptions on the murals must be read and it is possible to do it in any order. Extra messages will appear this time. Returning to the Ifrit drawing, an emotional message from Garnet's father to his daughter and his wife Jane is revealed. The message indicates that Garnet's true name is Sarah. In the latest versions, uncovering this secret earns the achievement/trophy Cracking the Code.

Spoilers end here.


Items are purchased from Morrison's Mogshop.

Item Price
Dagger 320 gil
Mage Masher 500 gil
Mythril Dagger 950 gil
Gladius 2,300 gil
Poison Knuckles 5,000 gil
Multina Racket 750 gil
Golem's Flute 2,700 gil
Pinwheel 200 gil
Magic Armlet 1,000 gil
Lamia's Tiara 800 gil
Ritual Hat 1,000 gil
Adaman Vest 1,600 gil
Magician Cloak 1,850 gil
Survival Vest 2,900 gil
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 150 gil
Echo Screen 50 gil
Soft 100 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Magic Tag 100 gil
Annoyntment 150 gil
Tent 800 gil


Friendly Yeti from FFIX Remastered.png

There are no enemy encounters within the town besides the one story encounter against Scarlet Hair. The world map areas outside consist of Lucid Plains and Banyanno Shores. Ragtime Mouse may appear in forests, and Friendly Yeti may appear as part of the friendly monsters sidequest. The chart below includes "disc 1" encounters though the player can't yet access this area then in a normal playthrough.

Enemies Frequency AP
Grassland Disc 1–3: (After Friendly)
Goblin Mage 15% 1
Goblin Mage x2 22.5% 2
Blazer Beetle 12.5% (15.625%) 1
Blazer Beetle x2 12.5% (15.625%) 2
Troll 12.5% (15.625%) 1
Troll x2 12.5% (15.625%) 2
Friendly Yeti 12.5% (0%) 20
Disc 4: (After Friendly)
Goblin Mage 8.8% (13.8%) 1
Goblin Mage x2 13.2% (20.7%) 2
Hecteyes 37.5% 3
Dracozombie 28% 3
Friendly Yeti 12.5% (0%) 20
Dirt Disc 1–3:
Goblin Mage 14% 1
Goblin Mage x2 21% 2
Blazer Beetle 11.05% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 11.7% 2
Blazer Beetle, Troll 19.5% 2
Troll 11.05% 1
Troll x2 11.7% 2
Disc 4:
Blazer Beetle 6.25% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 6.25% 2
Troll 6.25% 1
Troll x2 6.25% 2
Mistodon 10% 2
Mistodon x2 15% 3
Dracozombie 25% 3
Hecteyes 25% 3
Disc 4 Chocobo Tracks:
Goblin Mage 10% 1
Goblin Mage x2 15% 2
Blazer Beetle 6.25% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 6.25% 2
Troll 6.25% 1
Troll x2 6.25% 2
Mistodon 10% 2
Mistodon x2 15% 3
Dracozombie 25% 3

Beach Disc 1–3:
Blazer Beetle 25% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 25% 2
Troll 25% 1
Troll x2 25% 2
Disc 4:
Blazer Beetle 12.5% 1
Blazer Beetle x2 12.5% 2
Troll 12.5% 1
Troll x2 12.5% 2
Dracozombie 50% 3
Forest Disc 1–3: (After Friendly)
Blazer Beetle 18.75% (25%) 1
Blazer Beetle x2 18.75% (25%) 2
Troll 18.75% (25%) 1
Troll x2 18.75% (25%) 2
Friendly Yeti 25% (0%) 20
Disc 4: (After Friendly)
Malboro 37.5% 3
Hecteyes 28% 3
Dracozombie 22% (34.5%) 3
Friendly Yeti 12.5% (0%) 20

Musical themes[]

The theme of Madain Sari is called "Ruins of Madain Sari". The music at the Eidolon Wall is simply called "Eidolon Wall".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The historical figure Sari, who was a Summoner of the Allagan Empire, is named after Madain Sari. Encyclopædia Eorzea: The World of Final Fantasy XIV Volume II states that his home city was named Madain.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Madain Sari FFIX.png
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Behind the scenes[]

Eiko's kitchen with the moogle and the pot of food.

The conversation with Amarant changes slightly when he is confronting Zidane at the Eidolon Wall, based on whether the player read his wanted poster in Treno earlier. It doesn't matter if it was read as Steiner or as Dagger.



Madain Sari is likely adapted from "Mada'in Saleh". Mada'in Saleh is an ancient city located in the north of Saudi Arabia said to have been cursed and destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake as a punishment by Allah for the Thamudis' idol worship. Madain Sari's remaining architecture is also reminiscent of that of Mada'in Saleh.

In the localized versions, the summons are named "eidolons", which relates to the term "idol" as well. Eidolon means "unsubstantial image", "reflection", or "phantom" in Greek. It can also mean "idol" and is the source of the Latin word "Idolum".


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