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Mad Rush as seen in Final Fantasy VIII.

Use Haste, Berserk, Protect on all

Description, Final Fantasy VIII.

Mad Rush (とつげき, Totsugeki?) is an ability in Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X-2.


Final Fantasy VIII[]

Mad Rush is a command ability learned by the Guardian Forces Ifrit and Eden that puts all party members into the Haste, Protect and Berserk statuses, even those with a 100% status defense against Berserk. It can be useful if the player intends to defeat high HP enemies using only physical attacks, but can be a risky move as the Haste and Protect statuses will eventually lapse, leaving the player with no control over their party.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

The original ability is renamed Assault in the English localization. It casts Berserk, Haste, Shell, and Protect on the party. It is learned by the Warrior dressphere for 100 AP after learning Sentinel first.

The Haste effect wears off quickly, and the other effects eventually follow. Wearing an accessory (like Faerie Earrings) to counteract the Berserk effect does not work, nor does queuing a Dispel ability beforehand.

The Berserker dressphere can learn an ability called Mad Rush as part of the Instinct skillset. Cripple must be learned first. Mad Rush takes 30 AP to master. The user inflicts a powerful critical hit on the enemy for the cost of 6 MP, but it has a low success rate.