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Trophy: Night on the Town
Complete "Mad Dash". Bronze

Cloud agrees to help Jessie with a secret job topside in Sector 7. When they reach their rendezvous point, however, Biggs and Wedge are already waiting for them. After a chat, the four decide to all go together.


Mad Dash is the fourth chapter in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The chapter comprises the events after Jessie Rasberry asks Cloud Strife to help her investigate the properties behind the explosion in Mako Reactor 1. Jessie and Cloud, later joined by Biggs and Wedge, then travel to the Sector 7 plate via the Corkscrew Tunnel.

Completing the chapter will unlock the bronze trophy Night on the Town.


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Cloud and Jessie arrive at the Sector 7 slums station in nighttime, where they find Biggs and Wedge with two motorbikes. The train schedule has changed, so the last train has already left. Biggs and Wedge ask if Jessie wants to get a ride to the Sector 7 topside, Jessie wondering how they knew that's where she was going. Wedge thinks she wants to see her parents before their next big mission. Biggs suggests that himself, Jessie, Wedge and Cloud should be a little family, with Jessie finally agreeing to let Biggs and Wedge come along with her and Cloud. Cloud and Wedge will drive with Jessie sharing a bike with Cloud, checking everyone has their fake IDs.

The group drives through the corkscrew tunnel while being pursued by Shinra.
Jessie thanks Cloud for the ride.

The group drives through the corkscrew tunnel while being pursued by Shinra (top), Jessie commenting on Cloud's driving (bottom).

As they drive through the Corkscrew Tunnel, Jessie tells Cloud she did not want to go topside to see her parents, but to steal a new weaker blasting agent from a Shinra warehouse because the last bomb she made caused too much destruction. Cloud and Wedge drive through the ID scan and fight off Shinra drivers and robots when they fail the ID check. A blond-haired 3-C Soldier Operator sees them whiz past and chases after them, decimating his fellow soldiers in the process, who depart to leave the chase for the SOLDIER. Once caught up, the man introduces himself as Roche and challenges Cloud to a race. Cloud wins by damaging Roche's motorcycle, with Roche telling Cloud they will meet again.

If Cloud finished the chase without taking much damage, Jessie will say he passed the test and kisses him on the cheek. If he took some damage, Jessie says Cloud passed the test, and hugs him, feeling she almost fell off during the ride. If Cloud sustained a lot of damage, Jessie says Cloud failed the test and that she should have driven.

Jessie, Biggs and Wedge eat a late dinner at Jessie's parents' house.
Jessie's dad is comatose with mako poisoning.

Jessie, Biggs and Wedge keep Jessie's mother distracted while Cloud steals Jessie's comatose father's ID card.

Cloud, Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge get off their bikes at the end of the tunnel and arrive at the Upper Sector 7 Employee Housing Area where Shinra employees and their children live. At Jessie's parents' house she asks Cloud to wait by the corner while herself, Biggs, and Wedge head inside to enjoy her mom's cooking. She wants Cloud to sneak in and take something from her house once the outside light is on. Cloud enters the backdoor while Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge are distracting her mom. Cloud finds a bedroom with Jessie's dad on the bed unconscious. Cloud swipes the dad's ID card as he used to work in a mako reactor before a workplace incident that exposed him to too much mako and left him in a coma with permanent mako poisoning.

Cloud also finds a letter Jessie wrote to her parents about working as an actress in the Gold Saucer; Jessie is keeping her Avalanche affiliation a secret from her family. In the kitchen, Jessie's mom asks if Jessie will take a job at the Sector 8 theater instead of the Gold Saucer. Jessie's mom has made Jessie, Biggs and Wedge some pizza, Wedge calling them "The Midgar Special". Jessie says they need to go, though Wedge asks for seconds. Jessie, Biggs and Wedge meet up with Cloud outside.

Cloud procures Jessie's father's ID card.

Cloud gives Jessie the ID card that she needs to enter a Shinra Electric Power Company warehouse called the 7-6 Annex. Jessie wants to go alone as she knows where the blasting agent is held. Biggs and Wedge want to help, with Jessie telling them to work with Cloud to draw Shinra's attention while she goes in. She will cue them by firing a flare and another one once she succeeds, telling them to rendezvous at a vacant lot. Biggs asks how they will get back to the Sector 7 slums, but Jessie has a plan.

As Biggs, Wedge, and Cloud approach the 7-6 Annex warehouse, Biggs tells Cloud about Jessie and her dad. When Gold Saucer hired her to play the princess her parents were thrilled. Before the opening night, her dad collapsed in the mako storage during work, where he lay about half a day before someone found him. He has been unconscious since. Jessie studied planetology and sought out Avalanche, now believing her dad's spirit is stuck between his body and the heart of the planet. If they don't shut down the reactors soon, the spirit will be caught up in the flow the reactors suck up and be used up.

Once arriving at the entrance of the 7-6 Annex, Biggs tells Cloud the mako is the essence of the planet and not something to keep the lights on. He asks Cloud not to tell Jessie what he had said, since she gets "punchy" when angry. Wedge also begs Cloud to not tell her, or they will receive a beating. The group hides next to the gate, but the guard has been knocked out already. Biggs feels like someone beat them here, with Wedge thinking it can't be Jessie. Regardless, Cloud tells them to carry out the plan. Biggs tells Cloud to prepare and equip the Ifrit materia that Jessie gave him. With all preparations done, Biggs goes over the plan.

Cloud reminisces promising to save Tifa from trouble when they were young.

Cloud gazes into the night sky and remembers how he met Tifa as teenagers a the water tower of their village. Cloud had told Tifa he was going to Midgar and become a SOLDIER like Sephiroth. Tifa asked Cloud to come rescue her if she ever was in trouble, and Cloud promised to do it. He remembers talking to Tifa at Seventh Heaven about how she felt trapped about going to the next bombing mission with Avalanche.

A flare lights up the sky, the signal from Jessie. The trio heads inside the 7-6 Annex to cause a diversion, Cloud separating from Biggs and Wedge. Shinra soldiers find Cloud and attack, Biggs and Wedge supporting him from above with firearms. Biggs helps Cloud destroy two rocket launchers with Wedge drawing the attention of Shinra attack dogs, one of them biting him. Cloud summons Ifrit to take out the sweepers that arrive with help from Wedge and his mines.

Roche and Cloud duel.

More soldiers surround Cloud and Wedge when Roche arrives on a now fixed motorcycle and runs over some of his colleagues. Biggs joins Cloud and Wedge and Roche challenges Cloud to a duel. Cloud tells Biggs and Wedge to pull back and beats Roche once more, asking if he is satisfied. Roche says there are higher heights he and Cloud can soar. More sweepers show up but Roche saves Cloud, Biggs and Wedge by ramming the machines and tells Cloud he must live as they must do battle again. He drives off telling Cloud to meet him again one day.

More sweepers keep coming, one of them able to chain up Wedge, who protects Cloud from it. An unknown group of troopers saves them and Biggs quickly escorts Cloud out of the 7-6 Annex, leaving Wedge behind. Biggs explains that the soldiers are from Avalanche HQ and assure Cloud that Wedge will be fine. Another flare lights up the sky signifying the mission is complete.

Cloud and Biggs use an alternative route, seeing that Shinra security and vans crowd the road and block the gate. They meet up with Jessie when yet more Shinra vehicles arrive. As Avalanche HQ pulls out Wedge reunites with his friends, but seems injured. Jessie realizes his injury is just a minor bruise, and notices Cloud was smiling, with Cloud brushing it off. The group sneaks past the Shinra forces who are too busy herding the Sector 7 residents, telling them to stay indoors. Jessie shows Cloud, Biggs and Wedge a secret door that leads to a trail. She confirms she procured the blasting agent for the next mission, with Cloud hoping the mission will succeed for her dad's sake. Biggs tells Cloud to not mention her dad, with Wedge lying to Jessie that Cloud was saying that he wants to try the Midgar Special next time.

Cloud, Wedge, Biggs, and Jessie parachuting.

Jessie pulls out some parachutes from a crate to get back to the slums. Biggs straps in with Jessie while Cloud straps in with Wedge. Jessie thanks them for helping her and asks them to keep it a secret until after the bombing mission. Jessie tells Cloud to meet at her place after so she can pay him in full. They jump off the ledge of the plate and parachute back to the Sector 7 slums.

Cloud and Wedge land in the Scrap Boulevard. Cloud escorts Wedge home and along the way Wedge shows Cloud where is Biggs and Jessie live. Back at his place, Wedge introduces Cloud to his cats named Biggums, Reggie, and Smalls. Cloud pays Jessie a visit and she gives him a barrier materia and hugs him. She wants Cloud to return the next day. If Cloud does not want to promise anything, he will tell Jessie he will think it over, with Jessie promising to make a pizza and calls Cloud adorable. If Cloud outright rejects the offer, Jessie thinks she will have to try a less in-your-face approach. Regardless, she says good night to Cloud.

Tifa comes to talk to Cloud in his room.

Cloud is about to go to sleep in his apartment when Tifa visits him, telling she ran into Johnny who was leaving town. Tifa asks if Cloud is also planning on leaving Midgar. Cloud says a friend is in a tight spot and needs help, so he isn't leaving anytime soon. Tifa wonders what is up with him, thinking he is losing the hard edge and that Marlene won't be scared of him next time. She is glad Cloud is back and says they should get some sleep for tomorrow.

As Cloud sleeps two black ghosts show up, with one of them telling Cloud to keep dreaming in Sephiroth's voice. The ghosts disappear when Cloud awakes. Tifa bursts into Cloud's room as the ghosts are attacking Avalanche with Barret and Jessie protecting Seventh Heaven. Cloud and Tifa make their way through the swarming ghosts to the bar and fight the enigmatic spectre with Barret and Jessie, but Jessie injures her leg as the specters scatter. Barret thinks these specters come from the reactors, as Cloud carries Jessie inside Seventh Heaven.

Because of Jessie's injury, she can't join the bombing mission. Jessie worries Barret is calling off the mission despite sending Biggs in already. Barret asks Cloud to replace Jessie who agrees for a pay rise. Barret says the mission is back on and asks Wedge to stay and look after Marlene and Jessie. Barret tells Cloud and Tifa to meet him at the station once they are prepared. He pays Cloud 500 gil, saying he is counting on him. Wedge gives Cloud a luck up materia if Cloud beat his darts record previously. Wedge wants to play a round with Cloud after the bombing mission is over, while Jessie wishes Cloud good luck on the mission.


Cloud finds Tifa outside and tells her to take deep breaths, knowing she is nervous. They head to the station and find Chadley who tells Cloud he exceeded his expectations. After meeting up with Barret, he tells them the mission starts when they board the train. Tifa asks if Biggs is on schedule, with Barret hoping he is. Cloud asks if the mission must be done today and Barret says there is no stopping the train that they are on. Before they board the train, they witness two Shinra security guards exit the train. Barret tells Cloud and Tifa to play it cool.

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"Motor Chase" is a bike minigame quest as Cloud and Avalanche travel through the Corkscrew Tunnel to reach Upper Sector 7. After this, all quests take place in Upper Sector 7 until "To Wedge's Place". Most of these are interactive quests with little combat, though in a "A Little Diversion", a major battle takes place in the Sector 7-6 Annex warehouse.

The party return to the Sector 7 Slums for the final quests. Other than "Sudden Attack", these are non-combat quests, while "Sudden Attack" features combat with a party of Cloud and Tifa. Finally, "A New Operation" leads directly into the next chapter.