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I think it is the faces - I need to see the faces of the ones I treat in order to help them.


Mack Ocktor is a nu mou from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He starts out as the local healer for Wood Village and asks Clan Gully to bring him Cactus Fruit to make a curative. Mack's advanced studies in medicine lead him to trade his "Ocktor Tome of Medicine" to Clan Gully in the hopes of increasing public knowledge of his works. It is put in the Clan Notes. Ocktor travels to various locations, including Rozarria, to further his studies.

After being betrayed by another clan for his breakthrough medicines, he decides to remain a simple healer. In thanks for Clan Gully's help, he takes back his Tome of Medicine and gives them the "Earrings of the Dead", which allow the character equipped with them to summon the Scion Zalera.


Mack Ocktor has two jobs: White Mage and Scholar.


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