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Machanon is a location from the Soul of Rebirth dungeon in the Final Fantasy II Dawn of Souls remake. It is revealed to be a town in the afterlife.

The town is a mirror of Poft, and Minwu's party takes refuge in it after traveling through the Unknown Cave. There, they find some Knights of Fynn, Tobul the Smith, and Cid. The town has an Inn, a Sanctuary, three shops, and three teleporters: one that leads back to the Unknown Cave, one that leads to the Unknown Palace, and a final one that leads to the Chamber of the Seal, where the party can try to obtain the Ultima Tome a second time.


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After roaming though a mysterious cave, Minwu reaches a mysterious town. There, he meets Cid, Tobul and some Fynn Knights, discovering they have passed on as well. He also finds strange warp panels, one taking him to the place of his death, the Chamber of the Seal. There he meets the Ultima Weapon and is granted an Ultima Tome upon defeating it.

Returning to Machanon, he finds another warp panel, which takes him and his friends to a mysterious monster-ridden palace.

One of the NPCs in the city tells Minwu that the deceased had traveled in search of a location safe from monsters before constructing Machanon, and they suffered heavy casualties before doing so.

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Armor Shop[]

The armor shop of Machanon.

Item Cost
Buckler 50 gil
Leather Cap 50 gil
Clothes 20 gil
Leather Gloves 30 gil
Mythril Shield 300 gil
Mythril Helm 300 gil
Mythril Armor 700 gil
Mythril Gloves 500 gil
Ice Shield 5,000 gil
Knight's Armor 5,000 gil
Thief's Gloves 1,000 gil
Giant's Gloves 1,500 gil

Weapon Shop[]

The weapon shop of Machanon.

Item Cost
Knife 40 gil
Bow 20 gil
Mythril Knife 400 gil
Ice Bow 5,000 gil
Staff 50 gil
Javelin 80 gil
Power Staff 8,000 gil
Flame Lance 15,000 gil
Broadsword 100 gil
Axe 100 gil
Wing Sword 5,000 gil
Ogrekiller 15,000 gil

Magic Shop[]

The magic shop of Machanon.

Item Cost
Cure Tome 100 gil
Fire Tome 150 gil
Blizzard Tome 150 gil
Thunder Tome 150 gil
Blink Tome 300 gil
Protect Tome 300 gil
Shell Tome 300 gil
Basuna Tome 600 gil
Esuna Tome 600 gil
Life Tome 1,000 gil
Sap Tome 1,000 gil
Mini Tome 2,000 gil

Item Shop[]

The item shop of Machanon.

Item Cost
Potion 30 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 30 gil
Cross 50 gil
Mallet 60 gil
Maiden's Kiss 500 gil
Gold Needle 500 gil
Phoenix Down 500 gil
Ether 1,000 gil
Cottage 2,000 gil
Elixir 50,000 gil


The Background Music that plays in Machanon is the Final Fantasy II "Town" Theme.



In Jewish mythology, Machon is the name of the fifth of the seven Heavens, and is ruled by the Archangel Samael. Samael is the Angel of Death in Judaism and thus is sometimes seen as an evil being in spite of being an Archangel, roughly reflecting the Light Emperor ruling Arubboth yet still being evil.