Maaya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto (坂本 真綾, Sakamoto Maaya?), born March 31, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She voices Aerith Gainsborough From Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and also Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels.


Title Character Release
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Aerith Gainsborough 2005
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Aerith Gainsborough 2007
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Aerith Gainsborough 2009
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning 2009
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Lightning, Aerith Gainsborough 2011
Final Fantasy Type-0 Diva 2011
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning 2011
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning 2013
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Lightning 2015
World of Final Fantasy Lightning 2016
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Lightning, Aerith Gainsborough 2017
Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith Gainsborough 2020

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She is best known for providing voices for Fujioka Haruhi in Ōran Kōkō Host Club series. and Lunamaria Hawke in Gundam Seed Destiny series. She also voiced Princess Elise from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


  • Maaya Sakamoto is married to fellow voice actor Kenichi Suzumura, who voiced Zack Fair and Jack. Both of them won the male and female character popularity polls respectively.

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