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MVP Chart
Mvp Award

MVP being awarded to a unit.

MVP (Most Valuable Player) is a character attribute seen in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is awarded after a battle to any clan member who has made a particularly notable contribution to the battle. Once the character's MVP tower, which is shown on their status screen, is complete (shown by two trailing ribbons), the character gets no further benefit from any subsequent times that they are designated MVP. The maximum MVP for a character is 20. The requirement for MVP to be awarded seems to be based on the number of successful actions performed by the unit, but this has yet to be investigated in any detail.

According to the instruction booklet, higher MVP improves performance in Dispatch quests. As a result, non-generic characters (Luso, Cid, Adelle, Hurdy, Vaan, Penelo, Al-Cid, Montblanc, and Frimelda) have no apparent use for MVP because they cannot be Dispatched. If the player uses an Action Replay (or other cheat device) to obtain Illua as a clan member, she also has no use for MVP for the same reason.

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