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Single slot. MP Turbo is a Support Materia in Final Fantasy VII that can boost both the power and MP cost of a linked Magic or Summon Materia. It applies a damage increase to spells that use physical and magical formulas, and a healing increase to those using cure formulas. Additionally, spells with a chance to inflict status effects have their hit rate boosted by the same formula the damage is increased by. The increase of both power and MP cost depends on the level of the MP Turbo Materia.


MP Turbo is found at Whirlwind Maze. It appears yellow on the field, as if it were a Command Materia. If not picked up here, the Materia is permanently missed. More MP Turbo Materia can be obtained by mastering one. This requires 120,000 AP, and the best way to do this is to equip weapons and armor with Double or Triple AP.


Level AP required Effect
1 0 Linked Magic or Summon Materia does 10% more damage and costs 10% more MP.
2 10000 Linked Magic or Summon Materia does 20% more damage and costs 20% more MP.
3 30000 Linked Magic or Summon Materia does 30% more damage and costs 30% more MP.
4 60000 Linked Magic or Summon Materia does 40% more damage and costs 40% more MP.
5 120000 Linked Magic or Summon Materia does 50% more damage and costs 50% more MP.

The formula for the increased damage and MP cost is:


to a limit of 255 MP (this is best seen when paired with Knights of Round).


MP Turbo will boost the spell damage, healing, or hit rate of any Magic or Summon Materia, while increasing the MP cost. This can be used both offensively and defensively, though it is better when used for damaging spells overall. MP Turbo can be a great way to improve spellcasters' damage.

Linking MP Turbo more often than not means that the spell used will hit a single target, as MP Turbo takes up a Materia slot that All could have used. This will change when the player uses Mega All, applying its effect to all enemies. Summons naturally hit all enemies.

Comparing MP Turbo with Quadra Magic, the latter overall doubles the damage of a spell with no added MP cost, but has limited uses, whereas MP Turbo is always in effect. Quadra Magic can be upgraded to use a spell up to five times, meaning that later on it can be more powerful. If the player pairs two of the same Materia on the same character, one to Quadra Magic and one to MP Turbo, they can get both effects simultaneously. Another example is to use Master Magic or Master Summon as one of the pairs.