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MP Attack (MP消費攻撃, MP Shōhi Kōgeki?, lit. MP Consumption Attack), or Charged Attacks, is a recurring ability that is found mostly on pieces of equipment throughout the Final Fantasy series. It involves using MP to increase the user's physical damage output when attacking physically.


Final Fantasy V[]

Attacking with Rune Blade, Rune Chime, and Rune Axe consumes the wielder's MP. The Rune Edge can be found in Istory Falls, or stolen from Stingrays. Rune Axe is one of the 12 sealed weapons. The Rune Chime must be won from Baldanders in the Ruins section of the Interdimensional Rift.

Final Fantasy VI[]

MP Attack uses anywhere from 10 to 20 MP to deal a critical hit. When no MP can be used, no critical hit will be dealt upon attacks. It is found on the Rune Blade, Organyx, Ragnarok, Lightbringer, Final Trump, Apocalypse, Save the Queen, and Punisher. The Punisher is also Banon's weapon, but it can't be unequipped and he cannot perform critical hits with it due to not having MP.

Final Fantasy IX[]

MP Attack is a support ability learned by Zidane, Steiner, Freya, and Amarant. With it, each attack will use 1/8 of a character's max MP to deal 1.5 times the normal damage. It does not increase damage when the user has 0 MP, but keeps working as long as the character has at least 1 MP.

MP Attack is learned from Red Hat, Cross Helm, Battle Boots, and Power Belt. Mastering this ability requires 45 AP for Zidane, 50 AP for Steiner, 20 AP for Freya, and 60 AP for Amarant. Five Magic Stones are required to equip the ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

Charged Attacks is a passive ability that increases the attack power of regular attacks by 10% at the cost of 10 MP. It can be learned by the Flintlock from the Supernal Ray.