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Bremondt doesn't have enough MP to cast the selected spell.

MP, which can stand for Magic Points, Magick Points, Mana Points, or Mist Points, is a stat in many games of the Final Fantasy series. MP is usually the measure of how many spells a unit can cast. Various items, such as Ether and resting with a Tent or at an Inn, will restore MP. Naturally, stronger spells tend to have higher MP costs. Some games have summon magic which uses MP, but not always.

Not every game has MP. Final Fantasy (the original version for the NES, WonderSwan remake, and Origins releases only) and Final Fantasy III feature a "Charge" system, in which characters equip spells purchased at a shop. There are eight "levels" of spells, and each level can only be used a certain number of times. Each character can only equip a certain amount of spells per level. Final Fantasy VIII uses a draw system, in which spells must be stocked. Casting a spell uses up one stock of that spell. A few games, including Final Fantasy XIII and Dissidia Final Fantasy, have no MP system, and as such magic spells can be cast at no cost. In Final Fantasy XV MP is used for moves other than traditional magic spells: warping and phasing.

Various abilities and equipment can alter how MP is consumed. The Gold Hairpin, for example, often halves the MP cost of spells. In Final Fantasy VII, the MP Turbo Support Materia boosts a spell or summon by increasing its MP cost in return. Abilities can be used to increase maximum MP by certain percentages as well. The One MP Cost ability cuts MP cost down to one, and the No MP Cost ability eradicates the need of MP altogether.

The traditional cap for MP is 999, but in some games it can be boosted to 9,999 with the Break MP Limit ability. MP is traditionally replenished with Ethers, of which stronger variants may exist depending on each game.

Magic costs also apply to magically-inclined enemies. When an enemy's magic reserves are depleted, they can no longer cast spells or use enemy abilities that require MP. Some enemies will automatically be defeated when they run out of MP or when the party depleted the enemy's MP by using magic-damaging skills. Magic Hammer, Rasp, and Osmose are spells that traditionally reduce only the unit's MP rather than HP.


Final Fantasy[]

In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions, the original "spell level"-based magic system was dropped in favor of the Magic Point-based system used in more recent Final Fantasy games. Although spells are still classified at certain levels for some purposes (characters can still only be equipped with three of the four available spells of any given level, for instance), as a new feature, every spell is assigned a point value. When cast, that value is subtracted from a total number of MP that applies to all spells known by a character.

How much MP a character has depends on their level and job. The mage-type jobs have the most MP.

Final Fantasy II[]

MP makes its debut in the series, where spells now require a specific number of MP to be cast that is equal to the spell level. Characters' actions in battle craft their skills.

The chance to boost maximum MP is based on how much MP is lowered from the start of the battle. How much MP is gained is equal to the character's Magic stat. The player can purposefully lower party members' MP by using Sap or Osmose, or by using Swap with another character with low MP. MP is capped at 999.

Final Fantasy III[]

Final Fantasy III returns to using the Charge system of the original Final Fantasy: this time, however, it is called MP.

Final Fantasy IV[]

Every character has a predetermined job and a unique stat growth. Mage type characters have more MP than physical attackers. Tellah's MP never exceeds 90 to prevent him from casting Meteor, which costs 99 MP, for storyline purposes (although it is possible to overcome this in the recent remakes by using a Soma Drop on him).

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

Every character has a predetermined job and a unique stat growth.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

Every character has a predetermined job and a unique stat growth. Bands attacks combine two or more characters' powers into one powerful attack using up a specific amount of MP on participants.

Final Fantasy V[]

The party member's MP depends on the job they are using and the character's level. Because the character's Magic Power affects their overall MP, mage type jobs have much more MP than melee type jobs. Upon mastering a job its MP boost is added to the Freelancer job. The White Mage and Black Mage can learn MP Plus % abilities to further boost the unit's max MP. Oracle (GBA and later versions only) has the best MP (the Summoner has the best MP of all the original jobs). Monk and Berserker have the least MP.


Bonuses to Magic Power due to equipment are not added to the MP formula.

Level Exp Base MP
1 0 2
2 10 5
3 33 8
4 74 11
5 140 14
6 241 17
7 389 20
8 599 23
9 888 26
10 1276 29
11 1786 32
12 2441 35
13 3269 38
14 4299 41
15 5564 44
16 7097 47
17 8936 50
18 11120 53
19 13691 56
20 16693 59
21 20173 62
22 24180 65
23 28765 68
24 33983 71
25 39890 74
26 46546 77
27 54012 80
28 62352 83
29 71632 86
30 81921 89
31 93291 92
32 105815 95
33 119569 98
34 134633 101
35 151087 104
36 169015 107
37 188503 110
38 209640 113
39 232517 116
40 257227 119
41 283867 122
42 312534 125
43 343330 128
44 376357 131
45 411722 134
46 449533 137
47 489900 140
48 532937 143
49 578759 146
50 627485 149
51 679235 152
52 734131 155
53 792300 158
54 853869 161
55 918969 164
56 987732 167
57 1060294 170
58 1136793 173
59 1217368 176
60 1302163 179
61 1391323 182
62 1484995 185
63 1583329 188
64 1686478 191
65 1794597 194
66 1907843 197
67 2026376 200
68 2150358 203
69 2279955 206
70 2415333 209
71 2556663 212
72 2704116 215
73 2857867 218
74 3018093 221
75 3184974 224
76 3358692 227
77 3539432 230
78 3727380 233
79 3922726 236
80 4125661 239
81 4336381 242
82 4555081 245
83 4781961 248
84 5017223 251
85 5261071 254
86 5513712 257
87 5775354 260
88 6046210 263
89 6326493 266
90 6616420 269
91 6916210 272
92 7226084 275
93 7546266 278
94 7876982 281
95 8218461 284
96 8570934 287
97 8934635 290
98 9309800 293
99 9696668 296


Final Fantasy VI[]

Characters' HP and MP stats are the only ones to increase by leveling up; to grow the other stats, the player must equip an esper that gives a bonus. Phantom (MP + 10%), Fenrir (MP +30%) and Crusader (MP +50%) boost MP on level up.

There are no significant differences between characters, although Relm has statistically the highest base MP and Sabin has the lowest base MP. Umaro has no MP as he cannot cast magic. The base MP growth increases until it peaks at around level 50, characters earning +17 MP per level up, and from there the base MP growth declines earning only +6 MP per level up on level 90, from where it picks up again for the last 9 levels, gaining +13 MP when leveling up from 98 to 99. However, it is easy to max MP out quickly with the esper abilities, which are especially potent on higher levels.

The Celestriad relic makes all magic spells, lores, and summons cost 1 MP.

Some monsters die when their MP hits 0. If Gau is using these monsters' Rages, he too can be KO'd through his MP.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Characters gain more MP upon leveling up. The amount gained per level up depends on the character. Aeris has the highest MP gain, and Barret has the lowest. MP is one of the few stats Vincent excels in, being surpassed only by Aeris. The exact amount of MP gain via leveling up is randomized at each gained level, but the game is programmed in a manner the characters never stray too far from the intended average.

List of characters' possible minimum and maximum MP on Level 99 from Final Fantasy VII FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve.

Character Minimum MP Maximum MP
Cloud 851 905
Tifa 800 850
Aeris 942 994
Barret 748 796
Red XIII 814 866
Cid 776 822
Yuffie 790 841
Vincent 859 915
Cait Sith 822 869

The game is programmed in such a manner it is impossible to attain both, the absolutely highest natural HP and absolutely highest natural MP on the same character simultaneously. (Guide on how to max out the characters' MP.)

MP can't be boosted by Sources like most other stats. Max MP can be boosted by equipping Magic and Summon Materia; depending on the Materia the boost is either MP +2%, +5%, +10%, +15% and the Knights of Round boosts max MP by +25%. The MP Plus Independent Materia can increase max MP to to +100% when stacked. There is also the HP↔MP Materia that switches the user's HP and MP, setting the max HP to 999 and MP to 9999. The most MP a spell can use is 255, a cap reached by pairing certain Materia with MP Turbo.

MP is recovered by MP recovery items like Ether, Turbo Ether, Elixir and Megalixir, and Red XIII can accumulate MP by some of his Limit Breaks. The player can also absorb MP from enemies with Magic Hammer or by the Ghost Hand item.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Vincent has 100 MP.

MP consumption/gain:

Limit Breaker -51 ±0
Fire Lv1 -8 -14
Fire Lv2 -11 -17
Fire Lv3 -14 -20
Thunder Lv1 -12 -17
Thunder Lv2 -15 -25
Thunder Lv3 -18 -33
Blizzard Lv1 -12 -16
Blizzard Lv2 -16 -20
Blizzard Lv3 -20 -23
Mako point +34 +34
Spirit Rations +20 +20
Ether +50 +50
Red Ether +5, +25, +50,
+70, or +100
+5, +25, +50,
+70, or +100
Elixir +100 +100
Elixor +100 +100

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Zack has a base MP he can increase by leveling up. His base stats are fixed by his level.

The below values are from Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- FAQ/Walkthrough by Absolute Steve.

Level Max MP Level Max MP
6 87 53 255
7 93 54 258
8 99 55 261
9 104 56 264
10 109 57 267
11 114 58 270
12 119 59 273
13 123 60 276
14 127 61 279
15 131 62 282
16 135 63 285
17 139 64 288
18 143 65 291
19 147 66 294
20 151 67 297
21 155 68 300
22 159 69 303
23 163 70 306
24 167 71 309
25 171 72 312
26 174 73 315
27 177 74 318
28 180 75 321
29 183 76 324
30 186 77 327
31 189 78 330
32 192 79 333
33 195 80 336
34 198 81 339
35 201 82 342
36 204 83 345
37 207 84 348
38 210 85 351
39 213 86 354
40 216 87 357
41 219 88 360
42 222 89 363
43 225 90 366
44 228 91 369
45 231 92 372
46 234 93 375
47 237 94 378
48 240 95 381
49 243 96 384
50 246 97 387
51 249 98 390
52 252 99 393

Zack can break his MP limit even without equipping the Break MP Limit ability to twice his maximum MP if he gets a power surge from the Digital Mind Wave during Modulating Phase. With a Feathered Cap he can set the natural break limit to triple his maximum MP. The break is nullified and Zack's MP set back to the base maximum if he drinks the promotional Potion at the Shinra Building lobby.

Zack can increase his base MP by equipping accessories that grant MP boosts. Materia is the game's primary means of stat enhancement, especially through the Materia Fusion system. By adding certain items into the Fusion process, the player can boost the Materia's statsalthough it takes a lot of SP for the highest stat boosts. MP+999% is the highest MP stat boost a Materia can have.

Zack can set his MP limit to 9,999 with certain equipment. 9,999 is the absolute maximum, and the DMW power surges can't bring it above that point either.

MP is rendered obsolete by the game's end as Zack gains the ability to permanently equip the No MP Cost effect.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Aerith regains some MP from using Soul Drain.

MP is a unit's magic reserve stat, determining how many spells they can cast. MP is depleted by using spells, and is gained by using MP-restoring items, from mako stones found randomly from breaking the boxes littered on the field, from Aerith's Soul Drain ability, and from sitting on the benches around the field. In hard mode, sitting on benches only restores HP, but MP is filled during chapter changes. Pairing a Magic Materia Magic Materia with a MP Absorption Materia MP Absorption Materia allows the wearer to gain MP for a percentage of damage the paired ability dealt to an enemy. Some weapons also have passive abilities that restore MP passively faster by simply attacking enemies.

MP is a scarce resource in hard mode games, but the player can grind for it by repeatedly breaking the boxes that respawn in hopes for finding mako stones.

Final Fantasy IX[]

The characters' max MP is calculated by the following formula:[3]

The MPMod used in the formula depends on the character's level. Characters with high Magic Power like Vivi have the best MP.

Level MPMod Level MPMod
1 200 51 584
2 206 52 586
3 212 53 587
4 219 54 588
5 226 55 589
6 234 56 590
7 242 57 591
8 250 58 592
9 259 59 593
10 268 60 594
11 277 61 595
12 285 62 596
13 293 63 597
14 301 64 598
15 308 65 599
16 315 66 600
17 321 67 601
18 327 68 602
19 333 69 603
20 340 70 604
21 347 71 605
22 355 72 606
23 363 73 607
24 371 74 608
25 380 75 609
26 389 76 610
27 399 77 611
28 409 78 612
29 419 79 613
30 430 80 614
31 441 81 615
32 453 82 616
33 465 83 617
34 477 84 618
35 489 85 619
36 500 86 620
37 510 87 621
38 519 88 622
39 527 89 623
40 535 90 624
41 542 91 625
42 548 92 626
43 554 93 627
44 559 94 628
45 564 95 629
46 568 96 630
47 572 97 631
48 576 98 632
49 579 99 642
50 582


The only way for a character to improve their MP is to level up, or equip the MP+10% and MP+20% support abilities, which are not available for every character. Every character has abilities that use MP, and melee fighters can equip the MP Attack support ability to expend MP on physical attacks to deal increased damage. The Half MP ability halves MP cost. In the beginning of the game Garnet/Dagger is unable to summon her eidolons due to not having enough MP unless one level-grinds excessively.

MP is restored via Ethers. Vivi can drain MP from opponents with Osmose. Quina can attack an opponent's MP with Magic Hammer and absorb MP with Absorb MP when they are targeted by opponents' spells.

Enemies mostly use abilities for "free" and only the White/Black/Blue magics (as well as Aero and Aera) use MP. Enemies' MP costs are not the same as when a party member uses the same ability (enemies use less MP). Enemies also tend to have a lot of MP, making MP-removing strategies cumbersome of not inefficient.

Final Fantasy X[]

MP is gained by activating MP nodes on the Sphere Grid. Characters like Yuna and Lulu have the fastest MP growth on their grid paths, although eventually every character can traverse any path. MP can be boosted further with MP Spheres, notably from Vidatu in the Monster Arena, and the MP limit can be boosted up to 9,999 with the Break MP Limit ability.

By the game's end, MP becomes more obsolete, as weapons with One MP Cost become available and characters can use items to get the No MP Cost effect. The player can restore MP by touching a Save Sphere or via MP recovery items, the Osmose spell and via Rikku's mixes. The No MP Cost effect can also be achieved with Rikku's mixes. Although enemies have MP, they do not require it for abilities.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

Every dressphere has its own stats, and the stats are fixed on the girl's level. Mascot has the best MP, followed by Black Mage. The Alchemist has the lowest MP.

The player can boost the girls' MP by equipping accessories. The best accessories boost MP as much as +100%. The Gold Hairpin accessory and Font of Power Garment Grid grant the wearer Half MP Cost. One MP Cost is only available on the Font of Power Garment Grid after going through all the gates. No MP Cost is achieved via the Three Stars item or Ragnarok accessory.

MP is recovered via items and dresspheres have some abilities that can replenish MP. The MP Stroll ability recovers MP as the party walks around the field.

It is possible to disable an enemy's magic-casting abilities without the use of Silence by draining the enemy from MP: this method is particularly useful against Trema in the Via Infinito in the original version.

The color for the MP gauge in the menu is green.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission[]

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Final Fantasy XII[]

In the original version, the MP base value goes up as the character levels up. The characters' MP growth on leveling up is randomized. The Max MP is determined by the following formula:

MAX MP = (Base MP + Sum of MP Bonus up to this level) x MP Modifier[4]
  • Base = Base value. Different characters have different Base values.
  • Bonus = Each level comes with its own Min and Max Bonus. The game randomly picks a Bonus within the Min and Max range when the character levels up. All characters share the same bonus table.
  • Modifier = Different characters have different modifiers. The modifier represents the "growth rate".
Character Base Modifier
Vaan 45 0.54
Balthier 37 0.48
Fran 40 0.55
Basch 35 0.44
Ashe 46 0.57
Penelo 63 0.55
Reks 43 0.62
Larsa 63 0.55
Vossler 25 0.66
Reddas 43 0.62


The sum of each characters' MP bonus on leveling up is randomized. On levels 1-10 the characters receive between 3-5 MP when they advance a level. Between levels 11-29 the MP gain is between 4-7, between levels 30-43 the MP gain is between 5-9, which is the peak. After level 43 the MP gain begins to dwindle, gaining 4-7 MP on level up between levels 44-60, 3-5 between levels 61-80, 2-3 MP between levels 81-90, and only 1 MP on level up above level 90. The MP bonuses have equal chances to be picked at random within its pool when the character levels up.

The MP bonus growth can be described with the following equation:

MP Bonus Growth = Min MP Bonus + Random[0 ~ (Min MP Bonus-1)][4]

In the original version, MP is not capped at 999, despite 999 being the highest number displayed on screen. Upon acquiring two Quickenings or a tier two Esper on the License Board, the MP pool is doubled and split into two fragments. It is then tripled and split into three fragments after having learned all three of their Quickenings or a tier three Esper. Using Quickenings and Espers expends entire MP fragments rather than individual points. In the Zodiac versions, they no longer drain the user's MP and instead have their own separate fragmented bar that fills up with MP-recovering abilities. Characters gain significantly more MP from leveling up to compensate the lack of MP being doubled or tripled, but a hard cap is set at 999.

Enemies also use MP, while some have Half MP and 0 MP augments to cut down on their MP use. All summoned Espers share the same base and modifier values, but they do not naturally consume MP, except in the Zodiac versions.

All spells have a base MP cost, which can be reduced by purchasing augments on the License Board. The characters continually recover MP as they walk on the field, and in places thick in Mist, the MP recovery rate is boosted. MP can also be replenished with items, the Charge technick, the Syphon spell, or by touching a Save Crystal. The Martyr, Inquisitor and Warmage augments also restore MP when the user deals or receives damage, and the Headman restores MP when the user kills an enemy.

During a Quickening chain the player can activate a Mist Charge that restores MP to full, but only for the duration of the chain—MP is reduced to 0 at the end of the Quickening.

Equipping the Dawn Shard as an accessory drops the character's MP to zero, and in the Zodiac versions, prevents the player's Mist Gauge from rising. The Turtleshell Choker accessory makes the wearer expend gil instead of MP for spell-casting.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

MP is expended to cast spells. The player's MP is initially set at 10,000 points and cannot be increased by any means. The Piety stat determines the rate at which MP regenerates during battle while in the Healer role.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae[]

MP is expended when performing several actions, such as defending, warping, casting magics and using abilities from weapons and Armiger. When Noctis runs out of MP, he enters Stasis and won't be able to move until he gets his MP up.

MP refills automatically or through the use of items. If Noctis warps to a safe location, the rate his HP and MP restores is augmented.

Noctis can use Armiger Arsenal when at full MP. The state continuously drains MP but greatly enhances Noctis's battle capabilities.

Final Fantasy XV[]

MP is a stat only used by the lead character—characters under control of AI do not use it.

MP is expended when defending or warping (Noctis or Comrades only). In Comrades, MP is also expended when using magic. Using a special attack of a machinery weapon as Noctis also uses MP.

MP refills automatically over time. The MP recovery rate can be boosted with certain accessories, or by being in cover. It can also be restored by using items or by point-warping (full MP for Noctis, half MP for the Comrades player character).

When the lead character runs out of MP, they enter a state called Stasis, becoming incapable of doing anything that uses MP, and being staggered if they attempt. Stasis heals naturally after several seconds, or by recovering MP in any way.

Inspired is a status exclusive to the party that negates all MP costs.

Prompto is the only character who does not use MP when directly controlled (except in Comrades quest Departure, and even then he only uses it to cast curative magic).

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

MP is used to cast magic.

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Final Fantasy Tactics[]

These points are used to cast magicks. If a unit's MP is reduced to zero, it will not be able to use any more magicks.

Description (PSP)

MP stands for Magick Points. A character's MP depends on which job they are currently using and which jobs they have used in the past, as the stat growth depends on the jobs in use at the time of the level up. As usual, mage type jobs have a much greater MP gain than melee jobs.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[]

At the start of battle, the MP of every unit is zero. Each turn, a unit gains 10 MP, which can be boosted to 20 by using "MP Channeling". Viera units (as well as some enemies) can use their HP instead of MP with the passive ability "Blood Price", gained from the Spellblade job.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates[]

RoF SP Bar Icon.png

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

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Final Fantasy Adventure[]

MP maxes out at 99 and even if Sumo is under the maximum level and still continues to increase Wisdom, it will never increase beyond 99. MP increases solely based on Wisdom, and will remain at its base value of 6 regardless of Sumo's level if Wisdom is never increased.

Final Fantasy Legend III[]

M is required if the player wishes to cast spells. Upon hitting 999 in M, a character will still gain more M upon level up. Exceeding the limit of 999 M, making the Mutant and Human class the more powerful classes in the game at higher levels. The only drawback is that the player will need to be at a higher level to take advantage of this, which means that it will take lots of grinding.

Bravely Default[]

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Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

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World of Final Fantasy[]

Action Points (AP) is used for physical and magical abilities. All individual playable characters have a maximum of 4 AP regardless of their level. In battle, the player's stacks can have up to three characters, and since the stats for all characters combine, a stack can have a maximum of up to 12 AP.

In battle, AP is automatically replenished by 1 when a character or stack's turn comes up. Hitting an enemy with elements they are weak to automatically replenishes 2 AP for the character or stack that attacked them. Summoning Mega Mirages requires AP from both the player's stacks, and the Mega Mirages themselves do not gain AP on their turns.

The player uses MP healing-items to replenish AP, but they can also touch Save Crystals, examine regular Gates (as of Version 1.03), or sleep in The Twins' Room in Nine Wood Hills to fully replenish AP for all characters. A variety of abilities can be used to restore AP.


Mana is an indigenous Pacific Islander concept of an impersonal force (false ego) or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects.