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Increases MP by 20%.


MP+20% is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Vivi, Dagger, and Eiko. It raises their maximum MP by 20% for the cost of 8 Magic Stones, and stacks multiplicatively with MP+10%, though only Eiko learns both.


MP+20% is learned from Black Robe and Angel Earrings for variable amounts of AP; Vivi learns it the fastest at 30 AP, where Eiko takes the longest at 50 AP.

The first chance to learn MP+20% is from the Angel Earrings rewarded for delegating the Knights of Pluto correctly during the Battle of Alexandria. The earrings can also be found in Desert Palace and synthesized later.

Black Robe is synthesized in Daguerreo, found using a Dead Pepper on foaming Water near southern tip of Forgotten Continent while riding Choco South of forgotten continent, and stolen from Lich in the final dungeon.


MP+20% raises the party member's maximum MP by that amount. It stacks with MP+10%, in that when both are equipped, MP+20% adds 20% to the already-raised MP, resulting in 32% increase over the original MP. Eiko is the only party member who can do this.


MP+20% is helpful to equip to allow spellcasters go longer with their resources before needing a top up. Though Half MP is overall more useful, the player can equip both. Summoning eidolons is especially expensive on the MP, so MP+20% is good on Dagger and Eiko especially; Vivi learns Osmose so he can sustain himself somewhat.