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EoT MP Boost Icon.png MP+ is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is a support ability that increases a party member's MP. Usually the boost is a set percentage of the character's base MP, though not always.


Final Fantasy IV[]

In the DS release, MP+50% is an Augment received from a house in Mist after exploring the Underworld.

Final Fantasy V[]

The White Mage learns MP+10% as it's level seven job ability, while the Black Mage learns MP+30%.

Final Fantasy VI[]

The Bard's Hat increases the equipped party member's max MP by 12.5%, while the Minerva Bustier increases it by 25%. Crystal Orb relic raises max MP by 50%. Phantom has MP+10% as a level up bonus while Fenrir has MP+30%, increasing the MP the user gains when they level up while equipped with their Magicite.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The MP Plus Independent Materia increases the equipped party member's MP according to its level, increasing MP by 10% at level one up to 50% at level five. MP Plus is bought at Cosmo Canyon and Mideel.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Materia can be granted MP+ as a support ability through Materia Fusion. The potency of the boost ranges from 10% to 999%. The MP Up Independent Materia purely boosts Zack's MP.

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

The MP UP materia increases the user's MP. It can be especially useful in Hard Mode where MP cannot be recovered with items or benches.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Eiko, Quina, and Freya can learn MP+10%. Dagger, Vivi and Eiko can learn MP+20%. Eiko is the only one to get both, which also stack multiplicatively.

Final Fantasy X[]

MP +5%, MP +10%, MP +20%, and MP +30% can be customized as support abilities onto armor.

Final Fantasy X-2[]

MP +10%, 20%, +40%, +60%, and +100% can be accessed by equipping various accessories. MP +10% can be accessed via equipping Black Ring, Arcane Tome, Black Tome, and White Tome, MP +20% by equipping Heady Perfume and Wizard Bracelet, MP +40% by equipping Silver Bracer, MP +60% by equipping Gold Bracer, and MP +100% by equipping Rune Bracer, Iron Duke, Minerva's Plate, and Key to Success.

Final Fantasy XI[]

MP+% is a bonus on various food and equipment, though food tends to have a soft cap. Summoners and Scholars (and Blue Mages, with the right spells set) have the Max MP bonus trait, granting them a bonus of +10 MP per rank.

Final Fantasy XV[]

The Soul of Thamasa accessory for Noctis raises his MP by 50. It is a rare and valuable accessory, only found in the Costlemark Tower menace dungeon. The new character-specific accessories added in the Royal and Windows Editions, The Wanderer's Talisman, The Clever's Talisman, and The Tall's Talisman, also add 10 MP each, however, Prompto does not use MP for anything.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time[]

MP Boost increases the user's Max MP depending on the level of the MP Boost ability, while MP Grow increases the amount of MP the user gains upon leveling up, once again depending on the level of MP Grow. MP Boost can be customized onto equipment from Spirit Stones, while MP Grow can be customized through Small Morion and Morion.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

MP +20% is the level 5 ability of the Summoner class, requiring 130 AP to learn. It requires 1 slot in order to equip and use.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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