MA Veles-Bis is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Formouth Garrison and randomly dropped from landing craft.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

The most advanced cybersuit in the MA Veles line, this unit integrates parts employed in second-issue models. Its warheads are also laced with an experimental substance said to completely transform a target's genetic composition.
Size: 20.27 ft. Weight: 23.35 t
Although originally conceived as a complete redesign to the MA Veles-Bis, the only mechanical difference from the standard model is the substance inside its warheads. The compound contained therein induces hallucinatory effects upon inhalation, causing confusion among enemy ranks.
Size: 20.27 ft. Weight: 23.35 t
This particular model is mounted with missiles containing a muscle stiffening substance that renders targets totally immobile. That said, structurally speaking this unit is no different than its Veles-Bis brethren.
Size: 20.27 ft. Weight: 23.35 t

Stats[edit | edit source]




Battle[edit | edit source]

Different versions of the mech inflict different status ailments in their missile attacks, either Toad, Confusion or Stone. They are all weak to lightning and immune to light and take more damage from daggers and greatswords.

They explode soon after being defeated, dealing non-elemental magic damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The player can destroy their weapons in one hit with Cerberus (if available). This is especially easy in Wait Mode where the player can aim while the action is paused. The player can character-swap to Ignis and use his lightning daggers.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Veles (Cyrillic: Велес) is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, forests and the underworld.

Bis is a Latin prefix or suffix designating the second instance of a thing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

MA Veles-Bis stats in FFXV.png

  • According to both the official guide's weapon list and the in-game bestiary, MA Veles-Bis can drop the Cerberus sniper rifle for Noctis. In the in-game bestiary it is listed only for the version whose warheads inflict Stone. The guide lists it as a 10% chance for appendage break, and the in-game bestiary simply as another drop for defeating it.
  • Like most imperial enemies, MA Veles-Bis yields less EXP than the official guide indicates.

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