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MA Veles is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in imperial bases, randomly dropped from assault craft (Chapter 5 onwards), and during the main quests The Power of Kings, The Hexatheon's Blessing, and The Trial of Ramuh. It is a magitek armor.


A magitek armor developed by imperial engineers, commonly found at bases and on assault crafts. The most versatile of its kind, this unit is equipped with a varied arsenal, including a 37mm autocannon and missile launchers for long-range assaults and powerful claws for close-range combat.
Size: 16.79 ft. Weight: 17.20 t
Stationed in various locations around the imperial continent, this later magitek model is equipped with the latest guns and missiles. This unit never saw mass production, however: it was passed over in favor of the superior MA Hoplomachus and MA Veles-Bis, both of which went into development almost simultaneously.
Size: 16.79 ft. Weight: 17.86 t


Lvl 17 enemy

Lvl 35 enemy


MA Veles is weak to greatswords, daggers and lightning. It walks on two legs and shoots at the party with the weapon mounted in its body. The weapon can be broken off (easily done with Cerberus in scope mode, especially in Wait Mode). It explodes when it is defeated, dealing non-elemental magic damage.


Warp-striking it commonly topples it over and makes it vulnerable. The player can target the weapon appendages for warp-strike to hopefully break them. Daggers are especially good against it when it's toppled as they attack fast and MA Veles is weak to them. The player can also character-swap to Ignis and use his lightning daggers.


Veles (Cyrillic: Велес) is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, forests and the underworld.


Magitek Armor in KGFFXV.png

  • A magitek armor appearing in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV appears to be MA Veles or a variant.
  • The Lv.35 version of MA Veles is not in the official guide. It also yields less EXP than the guide indicates, as do most imperial enemies.