MA Hoplomachus is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV found in Formouth Garrison and randomly dropped from assault craft.

During the events of Assassin's Festival, Loqi Tummelt fought the party piloting this type of magitek armor.

A corroded version of the Hoplomachus appears in Insomnia in the Windows and Royal Editions.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

A fortified remodel of the MA Veles. Its comparatively compact size prevents it from generating enough electricity to unleash a shock wave like the MA-X Maniple, so engineers equipped the Hoplomachus with a flamethrower instead.
Size: 20.27 ft. Weight: 23.15 t
A fortified remodel of the MA Veles. The wide array of armaments attached to nearly every surface of its body allows the Hoplomachus to fend off foes from virtually any angle. Though a decade of exposure to the elements has left the mech's appearance less than perfect, its mobility was seemingly unaffected.
Size: 20.27 ft. Weight: 23.15 t

Stats[edit | edit source]

Like most imperial enemies, the MA Hoplomachus yields less EXP than what the official guide indicates.



Battle[edit | edit source]


MA Hoplomachus uses both magical and physical attacks. Its flamethrower and explosive mines deal fire-elemental damage and inflict Burnt status. It is weak to lightning, daggers, and greatswords. It explodes soon after being defeated, dealing non-elemental magic damage. When vulnerable, cross chain can trigger against it. Its weapons can be destroyed. It can drop the rare Magnetron item.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Character-swapping to Ignis and using lightning-elemental dagger attacks can be good against them. He also has a Technique to bestow lightning to Noctis's weapon. Lightning magic is also good. MA Hoplomachus's fire-attacks can be nullified with Thermal Suits, but that is only available in Chapter 15 or New Game Plus. The player can use Cerberus in scope mode to destroy its weapons in one hit (especially easy in Wait Mode).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

A hoplomachus was a type of gladiator in ancient Rome, armed to resemble a Greek hoplite.

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