MAX attacks (MAX攻撃, MAX Kōgeki?) is a special type of attack in Final Fantasy Adventure. They vary depending on the current equipped weapon. When the Attack Gauge (ゲージ, Gēji?, lit. Gauge) at the bottom of the screen is full, Sumo can unleash a MAX attack of the current equipped weapon. The MAX attack differs with each type of weapons: the character spins or charges with the sword, throws the axe or the spear, and gains capacity to attack in a wider range with chain-type weapons.

MAX attack for physical attacks is twice the normal damage while for magic spells, the amount of damage is 4 times to normal damage.

Type Effect Image
Swords There are two types of MAX attack for the sword:
  • Charge Attack: Pressing the A button and any of the four directional pads. Sumo will charge in the direction the player pushed the directional pad in.
  • Spin Attack: By keeping the A button pressed, the sword will be swung in a whirlwind motion. While spinning, Sumo can be moved with the directional pad while he swings his sword.
FFA MAX Attack Sword Type 1.png
FFA MAX Attack Sword Type 2.png
Axes Axe is thrown in the direction Sumo is facing, the thrown axe will still cut down trees. FFA MAX Attack Axe.png
Sickles Chain stretches out farther than normal, this will still cut the grass. FFA MAX Attack Sickle.png
Chain-Flails The chain stretches out farther than usual. FFA MAX Attack Chain-Flail.png
Spears Spear is thrown in the direction Sumo is facing. FFA MAX Attack Spear.png
Star Chain stretches out farther than normal. FFA MAX Attack Morning Star.png

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[edit | edit source]

Heavenstrike Rivals[edit | edit source]

Will Gauge is Hero and Gemma Knight Hero's ability. After 3 enemy turns, on attack will defeat 1 random enemy unit in this unit's lane. 40% chance to gain 1 HP.

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