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It's a pleasure to meet you, Cloud. I am your personal Monster Assessment Instrument. But since that's a mouthful, you can call me "MAI"! Chadley programmed me to assist you by providing detailed analyses of the fiends you encounter. I hope I can be of service to you in the many battles ahead!

MAI introduces herself.

MAI (Monster Assessment Instrument; pronounced as English "my") is a character in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Developed by Chadley, she operates behind the camera to serve as the party's AI and record keeper, as Chadley himself cannot go with them into the broader world.

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Designed by Chadley to help with the identification of fiends and monsters, she announces when rare monsters are in the area, and relays a number of facts regarding them during battle.

MAI is overly cheery, informative, and attempts to be constantly helpful to Cloud, though her loud voice and over-enthusiasm tends to annoy her creator Chadley. Likewise Chadley's attempts to limit her input outside fiend identification annoys her, and she will often disparage her own creator. She displays endless faith in Cloud in his ability to hunt monsters and complete optional objectives, but also often interjects on topics outside her purview. Even when being argumentative she never drops her cheery persona.


Most likely based on the given name and surname of varied Asian origins, Mai, when used as a Japanese name, translates as "dance" or "brightness". In other Asian languages, it is a word related to plants, meaning "wheat" or "grass" in Chinese, and "plum blossom" in Vietnamese.

Likely a pun on My A.I. (my artificial intelligence), being that Chadley created this AI.

In western languages, such as French and Norwegian, Mai with or without an uppercase M is the month of May, which can also be used as a feminine given name and unisex surname.

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