MA-X Patria is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV, randomly dropped from imperial landing craft. Because they spawn randomly, the player may end up fighting one in an early chapter, but it is fairly rare and its appearance is random.

It is also faced as a mini-boss in the Adventurer from Another World collaboration quest with Final Fantasy XIV added in patch 1.27.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Originally designated as the MA-X Maniple-Bis, this mech was conceived as a successor to the MA-X Maniple. However, the design underwent significant changes during development, and engineers renamed the unit accordingly. Few units were ever produced; those that were have been placed aboard assault crafts.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 60.81 t

Stats[edit | edit source]

How to spawn[edit | edit source]

Spawn point.

One way to try to make it spawn deliberately is to fight in the spot north of Hammerhead near the Weaverwilds where assault craft keep spawning until one of them drops a MA-X Patria. The same spot can be used for spawning MA-X Angelus-0 in Chapter 15.

MA-X Patria can spawn in various areas however in Leide, Duscae and Cleigne, such as the craters in the Duscae area where the player also has new hunts in Chapter 15, near the Longwythe Peak, and outside Greyshire Glacial Grotto where the midgardsormr spawns.

Battle[edit | edit source]

MA-X Patria is weak to machinery and shields. It doesn't have elemental weaknesses. It is strong and vigilant. It uses homing missiles with the launcher attached onto the back of its cockpit. Its stream of missiles can be phased through with the defense button. It can also shoot them in the air where the missiles drop down one by one. Its missile launcher is typically invulnerable, but can be damaged when it opens (when it glows red). Destroying the launcher makes MA-X unable to use missiles.

Noctis counters MA-X Patria's taser attack with a fire spell.

MA-X Patria wields a taser on its left arm. It slams it into the ground to spread electrical sparks around to deal lightning-elemental damage capable of inflicting Shocked status. This attack can be blocked, parried and countered for good damage. It can also be cancelled by attacking the taser when MA-X Patria charges it (Cerberus in Wait Mode is good for this.) It shoots ballistic fire from the gun mounted under its cockpit. It can shoot a "curtain" of fire in a fan shape in front of itself with its right arm.

MA-X Patria explodes soon after being defeated, dealing non-elemental magic damage.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

MA-X Patria is one of the tougher enemies the player can encounter on the overworld. It easily damages those right under and in front of it. One may want to character-swap to Prompto and stay out of its way. Attacking its legs deals little damage, but the player can target its cockpit and appendages with Noctis with warp-strike+airdance and with Prompto's ranged attacks.

When playing as Noctis, one can warp-strike the rocket launcher when it opens to destroy it. The player can then target other appendages to break them. The block-parry-counter sequence does good damage, and the player can stay on the defense until the block opportunity arises. The player should use Armiger when it is available and aim for the cockpit.

MA-X Patria can be instantly defeated with Alterna.

Adventurer from Another World[edit | edit source]

MA-X Patria in Perpetouss Keep from FFXV.png

Warning: Enhanced Security Area
This area is protected by autonomous magitek armor. Keep out, or risk being targeted.

Sign in Perpetouss Keep

The party and Y'jhimei will encounter an MA-X Patria on their way to the teleporter, after having inspected the statue of the emissary of the winds. MA-X Patria cannot be analyzed with Libra, but is noted at being on Level 10. This variation does not appear in the bestiary. It is accompanied by an assortment of Mortar Systems, Attack Nodes and Defense Nodes. It fights identical to the other MA-X Patria fought in the game and has the same item drops. Y'jhimei accompanies the party as a guest, standing aside to heal should the player need it.

The MA-X Patria fought at the Perpetouss Keep as part of the Adventurer from Another World is noted to being pilotless on a warning sign and as per a log left by a researcher in a warehouse. Whether all such MA are pilotless is unknown. However, when the player fights it as a mini boss, they can hear the Ixal talk over the intercom, implying they are piloting it, saying things like "confusing these buttons are" (although this dialogue is not subtitled and thus can he hard to discern amid the heat of battle).

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