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MA-X Maniple is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV. It is fought as a boss during the main quest Engaging the Empire, and can be randomly dropped from assault craft. It also appears in Formouth Garrison. It is a large bipedal magitek armor. The first time the player is likely to encounter is during the Pilgrimage sidequest to visit the Disc of Cauthess in Chapter 3.

An old and rusted variant of MA-X Maniple is fought as an optional boss in the Insomnian ruins in the Windows and Royal Editions that has a different bestiary entry.


Playing a pivotal role during the invasion of Insomnia, this mass-produced magitek armor boasts missiles for long-range attacks and claw-like feet for close-quarters combat. It is also equipped with automatic rifles and an electroshock spear, making it an all-around threat to all who dare challenge it.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 55.48 t
Developed alongside the magitek assassins, this late model was deployed to only a fraction of the empire's strongholds. Although its basic equipment is identical to earlier models, its offensive power is significantly higher thanks to an artillery upgrade.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 55.52 t
Mass-produced magitek armor outfitted with heavy artillery. Years of wear and tear have left its exterior covered in rust, but the oxidization has ostensibly had no effect on its mobility. Likewise, its expansive arsenal remains wholly intact, allowing it to go toe-to-mechanical-toe with any foe standing in its way.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 55.48 t


Level 23 enemy

Level 55 enemy

Level 45 enemy


MA-X Maniple is weak to shields and machinery and immune to light. It employs lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting Shocked status by sticking its "lightning javelin" into the ground after charging it. It shoots homing missiles at the player, which can be dodged by holding the defense button. The player can anticipate the missile attack when MA-X Maniple stops and the compartment on its back glows orange. It has a machine gun in its left arm that shoots are a wide area, but it can again be dodged. It stomps targets under itself.

Its weapons can be targeted and destroyed (warp-striking and the Cerberus firearm are good for this). Parrying its attacks can trigger a unique parry sequence where Noctis leaps into the air and casts fire magic on it. When MA-X Maniple becomes vulnerable, it kneels and the player can reach to attack all of its appendages easily. Cross chain sometimes triggers in this state. When it becomes vulnerable it may spill oil all around itself, which can be ignited with fire-elemental elemancy. Warp-striking it sometimes topples it and makes it vulnerable. When it runs out of HP, it explodes, dealing non-elemental magic damage.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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