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MA-X Dux is a boss in Final Fantasy XV. A magitek armor piloted by Caligo Ulldor, it is fought during the sidequest Formouth Garrison.

Ulldor uses a different MA, the MA-X Aureus, in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis.


While the mech began development at the same time as MA-X Cuirass, production halted once engineers realized this unit was all but identical to its cousin. Its design underwent a series of alternations, and this model was ultimately reenvisioned as the exclusive magitek armor of Commander Caligo Ulldor.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 60.11 t



Following several waves of soldiers, Caligo Ulldor fights the party at Formouth Garrison in an MA-X Dux alongside Loqi Tummelt in an MA-X Cuirass, both level 51.

Astrals cannot be summoned during this battle.


Successfully infiltrating the garrison stealthily and taking down the generator will prevent the sleeping magitek infantry from waking up, leaving the party slightly more prepared to fight the ensuing waves of the soldiers prior to MA-X Dux and MA-X Cuirass; to do this the player will need to pick off enemies around the edges of the garrison and switch off the searchlights first.

The player should focus on one mech at a time. Noctis should be equipped with a shield to inflict the most damage. Repeatedly warp-striking from a distance against the missile launchers located on the right shoulders of the mechs can break them off, leaving the MA-X Dux and MA-X Cuirass in a "vulnerable" state, allowing the player to get in close and inflict high damage. Gladiolus's Dawnhammer can inflict high damage, although there is a possibility it won't connect if the mechs move. Noctis's Armiger is recommended, although charging it more than once is unlikely.

Turrets, which do 150 damage per shot, and artillery cannons, which do 1,500 damage per shot, can be found on the edges of the combat zone. They are effective, as engaging the mechs in close combat will incur large damage on the party; while manning a turret, the two mechs will focus on either Noctis or the rest of the party, drawing attacks from the others.

A moderate stockpile of Potions is recommended and can help quickly revive the party when they go into the Danger state—particularly Noctis, who is otherwise vulnerable while manning the turrets.

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