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Stay right where you are. Well, well, if it isn't Cor the Immortal. So you survived the Citadel. But you won't survive what I have in store for you. It's past time your legend came to an end.

Loqi Tummelt

MA-X Cuirass is a boss in Final Fantasy XV. A magitek armor piloted by Loqi Tummelt, it is fought during the main quest Declaration of War and the sidequest Formouth Garrison.

Loqi used a different MA during Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival.


Lv 22
A formidable magitek armor fit for a commander. This unit was designed with the MA-X Maniple as a base but equipped with a sturdier cockpit and superior communication functions. Despite these advancements, however, Commander Loqi Tummelt still suffered defeat at the hands of Noctis and company at the Norduscaen Blockade.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 58.57 t
Lv 51
Developed specifically for Commander Loqi Tummelt, this newer MA-X Cuirass model incorporates a wide range of improvements. Although one of the commander's mechs was destroyed during the battle at Formouth Garrison, several reserve units remain in storage, ready for battle.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 59.45 t


Level 22 Boss

Level 51 Boss


First battle[]

The gloves are off. No more fun and games.

Loqi Tummelt


When fought at the end of Chapter 2, Cor assists the party as a guest. Loqi is accompanied by Lv.6 magitek axemen (on the ground level) and Lv. 4 imperial snipers (on the elevated sidelines), which are easily defeated by warp-striking with Noctis.

Loqi rides in a magitek armor whose cockpit is too high up to reach with normal attacks, and thus Noctis's warp-striking comes in handy, though the player can also attack the legs. Loqi can stab the MA's taser into the ground to deal lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting Shocked status. The player can tell Loqi is about to use this move when he begins charging the taser with its glowing red core. If the player targets the weapon when Loqi is charging for the lightning attack, they may cancel it, and Loqi will fall into vulnerable state.

Loqi shoots the party with missiles, which can be phased through. The missile launcher at the back of the MA can be destroyed, stopping Loqi from launching more missiles. The player can lock onto it and warp-strike it from a distance to hopefully break it off. MA-X Cuirass stomps on those near its feet, and after losing some of its health, reveals a chainsaw on one of its arms and uses it to strike those within its reach. It uses its machine guns to deal ballistic damage.

There are structures on the battlefield behind which the player can grouch to replenish health.

The player can use Techniques for damage and to hopefully render MA-X Cuirass momentarily vulnerable. If the player has unlocked character-swap for Prompto, the battle can be very easy as he can destroy the MA's weapons from afar and then finish with Crackshots when it becomes vulnerable.

Second battle[]

Impossible! How can they be so strong?

Loqi Tummelt


Loqi and Caligo Ulldor team up to take on Noctis and his retinue in an optional imperial base invasion from Chapter 8 onwards. Loqi fights the same way as before, but has higher stats and the player has more weapons available to take him on. The player can now use the Cerberus (if available) to specifically target target the MAs' weapons (easily dome in Wait Mode). Royal arms are competent as always as the MAs do not resist them.


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