MA-X Angelus-0 is a superboss in Final Fantasy XV fought randomly from dropships during chapter 15. Though often said it should spawn after the MA-X Patria has appeared, this doesn't appear to be a prerequisite. It is the final magitek armor Niflheim Empire produced. It rarely drops the Magitek Suit V2, a top-tier accessory.

As of patch 1.23 the MA-X Angelus-0 can be fought in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades and is one of the most powerful enemies there. The player must fight the magitek armor alone.

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

The last suit of magitek armor ever produced. Imperial scientists leveraged all the technology at their disposal to create a weapon strong enough to best Noctis and even the gods themselves. Internal records allege development did not finish before the fall of the empire, but some claim to have witnessed fully functioning units on the field of battle.
Size: 33.30 ft. Weight: 58.13 t

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How to spawn[edit | edit source]

Spawn point.

MA-X Angelus-0 spawns randomly from dropships in chapter 15. Though it can appear in various locations, a common location players use to try and deliberately spawn it is north of Hammerhead, between the camp and the Weaverwilds, near to a tower and a shack; the player can fight assault craft drops here until one appears. MA-X Angelus-0 can spawn in various areas however, in Leide, Duscae and Cleigne, such as the craters in the Duscae area where the player also has new hunts in Chapter 15.

If the player wants to farm Magitek V2 Suits from the MA-X Angelus-0, the player can save just after every MA-X Angelus-0 fight as the "Report Card" appears, and let one more aircraft spawn to see if Angelus-0 is there as well. If not, the player can keep reloading that save until Angelus-0 respawns.

Battle[edit | edit source]

MA-X Angelus-0 mitigates all damage against it to minuscule numbers, making for a long battle, although it still takes slightly more damage from shields and machinery. Not even summons hurt it. 999 potency Limit Break elemancy spells can, however, hit the damage cap of 99,999 against it if Noctis is given all possible Magic boosts.[1]

MA-X Angelus-0's attacks deal such high damage they will one-shot any party member without high health and resistances. MA-X Angelus-0's forward and backward turrets, and both left and right side arm cannons, can be fully blocked for free using any royal arm. The lightning lance attack can be blocked, parried and countered, but the damage from doing this is insignificant. The rocket launcher and lightning lance can only be broken when in use or vulnerable. The shoulder decoration and side arm weapons can always be broken. Breaking any piece will result in only a few seconds of vulnerable state, and the pieces are extremely hard to break.

Since MA-X Angelus-0 is not a daemon, it will not reduce maximum life as long as party members are not in Danger state, and since it is fought outside, maximum life auto-recovers over time. All of its attacks can be dodged with royal arms and possibly shields. Normal weapons can fail to dodge due to the excessively high hit rate on some of its bullet-based attacks, and in any case, it will hinder the player's mobility.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A common strategy is to lower game difficulty to Easy and exploit Carbuncle and the reduced health of Easy mode enemies. Between the reduced health of Easy mode and the extra damage buffs, MA-X Angelus-0 should fall quickly. However, lowering difficulty to defeat a tough boss could be seen as defeating the purpose of the boss being tough.

There is an exploit one can perform before infiltrating Formouth Garrison. As long as the mission is active and not completed, the MA-X Angelus-0 will spawn without its damage reduction, allowing all attacks to deal full damage. Although it deals a lot of damage, it does not have that much health, and without its damage reduction it can die in a single Armiger.

MA-X Angelus-0 is one of the most difficult enemies. Defeating it on normal difficulty without exploits, or extremely optimized strategies, is a monumental task that requires planning, grinding, and a long battle. It is recommended to be at least level 99, to have finished most endgame dungeons, and finished most of the Ascension grid. For Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto to survive, they will need maxed-out bullet resistance and high lighting resistance, and even then, Angelus will gradually wear down their health.

The player can eat food that gives elemental immunity, or one that gives all critical hits, but since Angelus spawns randomly it can be hard to plan for it. The Adventurer from Another World quest also yields weapons that always do critical damage, which coupled with all best Strength boosts helps the player do decent damage.

The player will need the royal arms. Star of the Rogue is effective against the missile launcher and will eventually break it, however, that is the only weapon it can reliably hit. The player can activate Wait Mode to freely target the desired part of the enemy's body while the action is paused. The player should use heavy-hitting weapons, like the Sword of the Father, or Apocalypse two-handed sword, to break the rest. Armiger prevents one from entering Danger by limiting current life to 1, and can thus be used as a form of invulnerability to deal significant damage. Black Hood gives pretty good invulnerability to Angelus's attacks at a distance as long as a royal arm is equipped. Ignis's Enhancement helps deal more damage, and the effect stacks if used multiple times.

Using Death against MA-X Angelus-0.

As of the 1.06 patch, MA-X Angelus-0 is vulnerable to Death as well as Alterna, which can kill it instantly. Damage from Death is minuscule but rapid and constant, and thus can be used to whittle down the boss's health, especially with the buff that gives infinite MP for a time. The player can also do good damage against it with elemancy if they have grinded for very high potency spells and boost Noctis's Magic power to the max (Scepter of the Pious [+150], Sword of the Father [+100], Wizard Shield [+99], 999 Potency Limit Break spell, Hypno Crown [+300], Mystic Circlet [+250], Royal Raiment (No Jacket) [+30%]/Ardyn's Ensemble [+50%], Royal Banquet Canape ["greatly improves" stats]/Memory Lane Pastry [+500], Verve WX, Ignis's Enhancement).

The Magitek Exosuit makes one invincible for the battle.

In the Windows and Royal Editions, the player can use Armiger Unleashed against MA-X Angelus-0. The player can use Power EX and activate Unleashed and do the second aerial combo where Noctis uses the Sword of the Tall. Once Angelus is vulnerable, the player can aim for the glowing part on its left arm or the rocket when exposed. The first aerial combo where Noctis sends out the royal arms can deal ~13k damage per hit. If skillful, one can attempt to do this without Angelus being in vulnerable status.

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