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At this point, I think you're the only person Mother will listen to... When I heard that Lindblum's theater ship was coming to Alexandria, I decided to sneak on board and come here no matter what. I just never expected the crew to kidnap me.

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

The M.S. Prima Vista is a luxury liner with theater used by the Tantalus Theater Troupe in Final Fantasy IX. It runs off a veil energy propulsion system and was built in Zebolt Shipyards in Lindblum. The Prima Vista is registered in Lindblum and acts as Tantalus's mobile base of operations. The troupe uses the theater ship's stage to perform I Want to Be Your Canary. Baku, the founder and leader of Tantalus, acquired the ship in 1790.[1]


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Zidane meets up with Marcus, Cinna, and Blank in the Prima Vista cargo room. Baku attacks them, wearing a dragon mask. After the sparring match the thieves gather in the meeting hall and review their plan to kidnap Princess Garnet of Alexandria. After the ship docks the play begins, with Baku playing the role of King Leo, Marcus playing the lead, and Cinna, Blank, and Zidane playing the roles of supporting characters, the latter two slipping into Alexandria Castle as part of the play to kidnap the princess.

Despite events not going as planned, Zidane brings the princess onto the theater ship, where she requests that he kidnap her. Accepting, Zidane, Cinna, and a disguised Blank evade a persistent Steiner making their way onto the stage, where Garnet improvises the role of Princess Cornelia, and a clueless Steiner inadvertently plays Prince Schneider. When guards chase Vivi onto the stage and he accidentally burns Garnet's cloak in an attempt to ward them off, the ruse is revealed, and Queen Brahne reacts furiously.

Prima Vista crashed.

When Steiner's assault fails, the ship pulls out of dock as Alexandria Castle fires weapons to keep it from leaving. A bomb explodes onboard, and the ship pulls out while taking significant damage. Unable to stay airborne, it crash-lands in the Evil Forest nearby.

Tantalus puts out the fire and removes anything they can use from the ship. After being sprayed by the seeds of the Prison Cage, Steiner and Vivi rest and recover in the crashed ship before attempting to rescue Princess Garnet, whom the forest's sentient plants are holding hostage. When the Plant Brain is defeated, the ship is presumably petrified along with the rest of the forest.

Sometime later, Tantalus returns to Alexandria to perform I Want to be Your Canary. The ship interior and the stage are identical to the airship from the year before, but whether the Prima Vista was salvaged and repaired, or if Tantalus has a new airship, is unknown. When Eiko and her new family are heading for Alexandria, it is implied that Cid either had the Prima Vista repaired, or had a new ship built for Tantalus.

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The Prima Vista has a number of in-game locations; some are only explored before the crash, some are only explored after the crash, and some cannot be explored, only appearing in cutscenes.

Before Crash[]

  • Cargo Room
  • Music Room
  • Hallway
  • Engine Room

After Crash[]

  • Crash Site
  • Bridge
  • Hallway
  • Cabin
  • Cargo Room
  • Meeting Room
  • Storage


Before Crash[]

Item Location
Potion Cargo Room
47 gil Cargo Room

After Crash[]

Item Location
Phoenix Down Crash Site
Bronze Gloves Bridge Bronze Gloves in Theater Ship crash site from FFIX Remastered
Wrist Hallway
Ether Cabin
116 gil Cabin
Ether Hallway
Rubber Helm Cargo Room Rubber Helm location in Prima Vista from FFIX Remastered
Leather Hat Hallway
Potion Meeting Room
Ether Storage


Cinna's Item Shop[]

Name Cost
Potion 50 gil
Phoenix Down 150 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Tent 800 gil


I Want to be Your Canary scenes[]

The player can partake in a sword fight minigame as part of the play near the beginning of the game. The better the p;ayer performs, the better reward they can procure. The minigame can be repeated an unlimited time. There is also a short extra ending scene related to the play.

Mini Prima Vista[]

If the player visits Morrid's Tower when the party first visits Dali, they can spot a miniature Prima Vista in the room. Morrid offers to give the player the model if they can retrieve a set of three rare coffee beans for him: Moccha Coffee, Kirman Coffee and Burman Coffee. The beans are scattered across Gaia, but if the player can give them to Morrid before entering the Shimmering Island portal late in the game, Morrid will send the Mini-Prima Vista to the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum. Doing this in the latest versions of Final Fantasy IX earns the My Little Airship achievement/trophy.


A battle background on the Prima Vista.

Tetra Master[]

Tetra Master
Theater Ship
Location: Prize when Vivi wins the Festival of the Hunt
Chocograph 6, Cold Field
Won from the Four-armed Man at Daguerreo/Right Hall

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Prima Vista flying near the Capital of Rabanastre.

The Prima Vista is the airship of Ramza bas Lexentale and his sister Alma bas Lexentale used to travel the Garlean Empire to perform their stage plays. Later, his family was exiled from the empire so they traveled to Kugane via the same airship.

In Aleport, Western La Noscea, there is a winged mermaid statue nearly identical to the one serving as the figurehead of the Prima Vista.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Prima Vista in Dissidia 012.

The central stage of the Prima Vista is one of several new arenas. Cloud speaks here to Kuja about keeping his memories safe and their mutual reluctance to fight, and in another scene, Firion speaks to Lightning about his rose, which holds significance to her as well.

The arena consists of a main stage area with a flat castle prop in the background. The trap doors used to ascend to the stage in Final Fantasy IX appear on the floor, but are cosmetic. Fighters can climb the walls and battle on and behind the prop as well as on the stage. The edge marks the arena's borders, an invisible wall keeping characters over the ground. The North Gate and Alexandria Castle look over the stage, indicating the Prima Vista is floating somewhere near the village of Dali.

The Mallet, a reference to Cinna's hammer, is the battlegen item obtained through stage destruction in this area. It was previously the second battlegen item in Ultimecia's Castle in Dissidia.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT[]

The Prima Vista hovering over the Alexandria stage

The Prima Vista flies around the Alexandria stage.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

The Prima Vista.

The Prima Vista appears as the Battle Music Sequence for "Swords of Fury" and "Battle 1" arrange from Dissidia Final Fantasy.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK M.S. Prima Vista FFIX.png

Our story begins with a performance in celebration of Princess Garnet's birthday that brings Zidane, Vivi, and the princess together.

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Behind the scenes[]


-Final Fantasy IX- Hidden Scenes

The dummied scene is from 0:37 onwards.

A dummied scene in the crashed Prima Vista gives the option to obey Baku and neglect looking for Garnet, but this decision haunts Zidane overnight.

The Prima Vista stage has "trap doors" used to raise or lower actors on the stage. In Japanese kabuki theater stage "traps", known as seri, have been employed since the middle of the 18th century.


Model and backgrounds


In English ship-naming conventions, the prefix "M.S." stands for "Motor Ship", referring to a vessel powered by an internal combustion engine. Given that Prima Vista uses Mist as its fuel source, it could also stand for "Mist Ship". Its Japanese prefix, Gekijō-tei, means "Theater Ship".

Prima vista is Italian for "first sight". In musical notation, to perform a piece a prima vista means to read and play written music the performer has not seen before, literally "at first sight". The airship Prima Vista appears at the game's opening, perhaps having inspired the name.

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