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A young fighter of surpassing skill, Lyse yearns to bring freedom to her homeland of Ala Mhigo, which fell to the Empire when she was but a child. Her brash, impulsive ways often result in her biting off more than she can chew. Yet the time may come when she must rise to the occasion and become a leader of men...

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Lyse Hext is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV, being the narrator and one of the main characters from the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion. A refugee of the fallen Ala Mhigo, Lyse fled to Sharlayan with her older sister, Yda, where the latter joined the Circle of Knowing with her partner Papalymo Totolymo. When Yda tragically died on a mission to smuggle refugees out of Ala Mhigo, a grieving Lyse spent years pretending to be Yda with Papalymo's assistance. She would work alongside Papalymo in the Circle and its successor organization, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, as their representative in the Twelveswood.

After Papalymo passed, his final words for Lyse to walk her own path inspired her to shed her sister's guise and reveal her true identity to her compatriots. She would return to Ala Mhigo under her own name to liberate it from the Garlean Empire.


Before Final Fantasy XIV[]

Lyse was born in the village of Ala Gannha in the Peaks of Gyr Abania,[1][2] where she grew up with her father, Curtis, and older sister, Yda. Curtis served as a guard in the employ of the royal house of King Theodoric. When the Mad King's rule became too oppressive for him to bear, Curtis fled with his daughters to live off the land as a hunter. Curtis and Yda joined the Ala Mhigan Resistance in fighting against the Mad King's rule.[4] Curtis's natural charisma saw him rise to a position of leadership in the Resistance, and in the year 1557 of the Sixth Astral Era[5], he led the charge that toppled the tyrant.[6]

The victory was short-lived as the Garlean Empire invaded in the chaos following the revolution. Curtis was slain in the ensuing violence,[6] and Yda spirited Lyse away.[4] They initially sought asylum in the Black Shroud, but were forced to leave after being denied the elementals' blessing. After months of wandering and foraging off the land to survive, they found themselves in the Dravanian Hinterlands.[7] They met Archons Louisoix Leveilleur and Papalymo Totolymo, and with their aid were granted sanctuary in the city-state of Sharlayan.[8]. Yda and Papalymo became fast friends, and she became an Archon of Sharlayan herself,[4] and alongside Papalymo a founding member of Louisoix's Circle of Knowing,[8] an organization dedicated to Eorzea's salvation.

Several years later, around the year 1571,[note 1] Yda and Papalymo found themselves spending time in Gyr Abania on a mission to smuggle refugees out of the war-torn region. The mission went awry when Yda stayed behind to save a young girl named Fordola and was ambushed by imperial soldiers, and slain in the ensuing battle.[4][9]

Papalymo recovered Yda's mask in the aftermath and gave it to Lyse as a keepsake, but in her grief Lyse began wearing the mask and pretending to be Yda as a coping mechanism. Papalymo agreed to uphold the charade and invoked a glamour of Yda's Archon tattoos for Lyse. Under this guise, she began serving as Papalymo's partner in the Circle in Yda's stead. The other members saw through Lyse's deception, but agreed to remain silent at Papalymo's behest.[4]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Papalymo and "Yda" pray to the Twelve for salvation.

The adventurer met "Yda" in the year 1572. While they had encountered the real Yda before via Echo visions of the year 1562,[note 2] they were unaware that the Yda in their vision had passed in the intervening years.[note 3]

When the adventurer set out to assist members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, they found the Resistance massacred by imperial Legatus Gaius van Baelsar. Before he could do the same to the adventurer, "Yda" and Papalymo intervened, along with fellow Circle members Thancred Waters and Y'shtola Rhul. After forcing the legatus to retreat, they warned the adventurer that they were not yet ready to fight the Empire.[10] They would sporadically run into "Yda" afterwards in the days before the Seventh Umbral Calamity. As the Calamity was unfolding, "Yda" and Papalymo prayed at the mark of Nophica in Gridania as part of an effort throughout Eorzea to summon the Twelve to stave off the disaster.[11]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

"Yda" and Papalymo meet the adventurer in the Central Shroud.

In the five years following the Calamity, the Circle of Knowing and the Path of the Twelve merged to form a new organization under Minfilia Warde's leadership, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. "Yda" and Papalymo continued their work in the Twelveswood as members of the Scions, and it was in this capacity that they traveled to Lifemend Stump to investigate a disturbance in the Shroud's aetheric flow. They were reintroduced to the adventurer, though neither recognized them as the savior of the realm beyond a vague sense of familiarity[12]. After a handful more run-ins, they began to recognize signs of the Echo in the adventurer, and invited them to meet with Minfilia at their headquarters in the Waking Sands and join the Scions.[13]

With the threat posed by primals growing in Eorzea, preventing their summoning became the Scions' main mission, and on one such assignment "Yda" and Papalymo worked with the adventurer in a successful bid to dissuade the Sylphs from summoning their primal Ramuh.[14] While the adventurer was away on a separate assignment to stop the primal Titan, imperials attacked the Waking Sands under the command of Livia sas Junius,[15] with "Yda" and Y'shtola being the only Scions to evade capture or death.

"Yda" and Livia duel in Castrum Centri.

After some time, "Yda" and Y'shtola returned to the Waking Sands where they were reunited with the adventurer, along with Cid Garlond and Alphinaud Leveilleur.[16] Together the group began investigating the disappearances of the Scions who weren't among the dead, leading them to Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona. They staged a rescue wherein "Yda" briefly dueled with Livia before being forced to retreat.[17]

After the success of Operation Archon and the defeat of the Ultima Weapon and Gaius van Baelsar, she continued her duties with the Scions as they moved their headquarters to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona. She was briefly reunited with Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn, a friend of hers from Sharlayan. When the Ascian Nabriales killed Moenbryda, "Yda" was devastated, and while visiting a memorial to her friend with the adventurer, now known as the "Warrior of Light", they witnessed the Dravanian Horde gather for an assault on Ishgard.[18]

After a successful defense of Ishgard, the Scions were invited to a banquet in Ul'dah to celebrate along with the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance. During the banquet, the Crystal Braves betrayed the Scions who were framed for Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo's assassination. In the ensuing chaos, "Yda" stayed behind with Papalymo in the Royal Promenade to buy enough time for the other Scions to escape.[19]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

"Yda" and Papalymo working with the Resistance.

"Yda" and Papalymo escaped from Ul'dah with the aid of members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance, who helped smuggle them to Little Ala Mhigo.[20] The pair began working with the Resistance to repay the debt, and crossed Baelsar's Wall into Gyr Abania via a network of hidden tunnels. Knowing Yda to be the daughter of Curtis Hext, Commander Conrad Kemp of the Resistance devoted significant resources to safely transport the pair, leading some in his command to believe he had a mind to groom her for a leadership position in the Resistance. During this time "Yda" befriended M'naago Rahz, and on one assignment together, M'naago witnessed her single-handedly defeat an entire imperial unit.[21]

Though "Yda" and Papalymo would later learn that the Scions had been exonerated, they had disposed their linkpearls during their escape from Ul'dah, and their subsequent efforts to reestablish contact failed. Continuing their work with the Resistance, they crossed back over the Wall to Southern Thanalan to investigate the Masks, an extremist Resistance faction forming under the leadership of the mysterious Griffin. At a rally held by the Masks they were reunited with their fellow Scions, who had come to conduct their own investigation into a horde of crystals that had been shipped to the Masks, leading to fears that they were planning to summon a primal.[20]

Assisting the Scions with their investigation, "Yda" and Papalymo used their Resistance contacts to arrange a meeting between the order and the Griffin's double, and Papalymo expressed concerns at "Yda's" growing frustrations with the situation in Ala Mhigo.[22] When the pair rejoined the Scions, they were approached by Gundobald who had fought alongside Curtis and Yda in the revolution. Gundobald was overjoyed to see her again, having thought her dead and remarking that she looked as though she hadn't aged a day in the intervening years. However, "Yda" did not remember Gundobald, and excused herself after stumbling over a response explaining her absence, prompting Papalymo to curse himself for having given Yda's mask to her.[23]

Some time later, a wounded M'naago arrived at the Rising Stones, warning that the Griffin was planning to attack Baelsar's Wall from the Gyr Abanian side.[24] Hoping to convince the Resistance to stop the assault, "Yda" left with Papalymo and Yugiri Mistwalker for the secret tunnels they had previously used to cross the wall. The attack came early and it became clear the Griffin's assault was intended to be a false flag operation implicating the Eorzean Alliance while simultaneously inciting rebellion on the Gyr Abanian side. Alphinaud set off after the infiltration group to prevent them from emerging in an open battlefield, while the Warrior of Light climbed the Wall to confront the Griffin.[25]

The group rendezvoused with the Warrior of Light after they had defeated the Griffin, revealed to be the traitorous Ilberd Feare, former captain of the Crystal Braves. Ilberd had come into possession of the Eyes of Nidhogg, and revealed his true plan was to sacrifice his soldiers and even himself to summon a primal against Garlemald. As the primal began to manifest from the dying life energies of Resistance and the Eyes, Papalymo ordered everyone else to flee on Hilda Ware's airship while he stayed behind to seal the primal, imploring "Yda" to walk her own path. She protested his decision, knowing that the spell would cost Papalymo his life, but Thancred forcibly carried her back to the airship as light engulfed the manifesting primal and Papalymo, creating a massive "cocoon" in the sky above the Wall.[25]

So, this is it. Whatever I choose to do from now on, I do as Lyse. ...And I choose to continue my family's fight. I want Ala Mhigo to be the country that Yda and my father always wanted it to be!


Lyse revealing her true identity.

When the primal began showing signs of breaking out of the cocoon, Nero tol Scaeva proposed awakening Omega to defeat it.[26] "Yda" was among those who accompanied the Warrior of Light and Nero to the Carteneau Flats where Omega laid dormant, and there requested that she be the one to awaken the machine in honor of Papalymo. Omega confronted the primal, Shinryu, as it broke free of the cocoon, and the two fought to a stalemate before disappearing over the Wall. With the cocoon broken, and with it the last vestiges of Papalymo's aether, the Archon tattoos he had created for "Yda" faded.[27]

"Yda" returned to Baelsar's Wall, needing to see for herself that the cocoon was gone. She removed her mask and revealed her true identity as Lyse to all present. Though the more tenured Scions had long known of the deception, the Warrior of Light was caught unawares, leading Lyse to explain to them what had befallen the original Yda. From then on Lyse chose to heed Papalymo's final words to her and walk her own path, acting under her true name and fighting for Ala Mhigo's freedom.[4]

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

Stormblood opening trailer.

Crossing into Gyr Abania with the Scions, Lyse was reunited with Commander Kemp at Rhalgr's Reach as a representative of the Eorzean Alliance, apologizing for her earlier deception. Conrad was quick to forgive her, as she was far from the first Resistance member to hide their identity. As part of the Resistance's agreement with the Alliance, Lyse returned to her birthplace of Ala Gannha alongside the Warrior of Light and Resistance member Meffrid Noward on a mission to find new recruits.[1] They received a cold reception from the village elder, Raganfrid Bleaker, who refused to provide any assistance, citing the many young already lost to the Griffin's assault on the Wall. The elder only relented from banishing the group from the village after recognizing Lyse as Curtis Hext's daughter.[28]

In her attempts to find new recruits, Lyse attempted to appeal to them as a fellow Ala Mhigan, but found herself unable to relate to the plight of those who had lived under imperial rule the past 20 years.[29] After saving a merchant who had been kidnapped by the Qiqirn, the group followed him to his meeting to deliver his tributum to the local imperial garrison at Specula Imperatoris. They watched from the shadows as the imperials, a unit of Ala Mhigan youths called the Crania Lupi, beat the merchant for his late delivery. Lyse nearly rushed to the merchant's aid before Meffrid talked her down, as not only were they in full view of Imperatoris, but any intervention would lead to reprisal against the merchant and his family, if not the whole of Ala Gannha.[30] Unbeknownst to Lyse, the commander of the Crania Lupi was none other than Fordola rem Lupis, the same child whom Yda had given her life trying to save, now grown up.[9]

Despite their rescue of the merchant, Raganfrid refused to aid the Resistance, causing Lyse to grow frustrated with the locals' acceptance of imperial rule. She was also troubled by the existence of the Crania Lupi, Ala Mhigans terrorizing their own. Nonetheless, their heroics succeeded in convincing some of the locals to join the Resistance's cause, and a humbled Lyse returned to the Rhalgr's Reach with the group.[31]

The XIIth Imperial Legion, under the command of imperial viceroy Zenos yae Galvus, launched a surprise attack on the Reach. Lyse wintessed Fordola cut down Meffrid, and the two briefly fought as Lyse tried to avenge her fallen compatriot, their duel interrupted by Zenos's arrival. While Fordola warned Zenos that Lyse was stronger than the average Resistance member, he overpowered her easily. As he moved to finish her off, Y'shtola intervened with a magical barrier. This, too, failed to stop the viceroy who broke through the barrier, grievously wounding Y'shtola in the process. Lyse was taken prisoner along with Y'shtola and Commander Kemp; they were freed when the Warrior of Light arrived, but even they failed to defeat Zenos. The imperials withdrew, satisfied that the Resistance was suitably crushed.[32]

With the Resistance decimated, it became clear that fighting a head-on war with the Empire was unfeasible. The Scions proposed traveling to Doma, another imperial territory under Zenos's command to rekindle its failed revolution and force the XIIth Legion to fight a war on two fronts.[33]

Lyse joined the Doma delegation, but was surprised and angered to find much of the same hopelessness and listlessness there as she had seen in Ala Mhigo. When she spoke with Lord Hien Rijin, the missing heir to the Doman throne, she began to understand the plight of those who had lived under imperial rule. He described people as being pragmatic at heart: when faced with unrelenting disappointment and hardship, they begin to accept it as normal, lest it only get worse. He continued that they could not be expected to rise up at a moment's notice, and that only one who knew their pain and loss could convince them to strive for more. Lyse related this to Papalymo's wish for her to find her own way forward, him having known her pain and loss following Yda's death, and resolved to become a leader comparable to Hien and the Warrior of Light.[34]

The mission to Doma proving successful and the nation freed from imperial rule, the Scions returned to Gyr Abania to resumed their campaign there. With the Resistance having rebuilt while Zenos was distracted in Doma, the combined strength of the Resistance and the Alliance initiated Operation Rhalgr's Beacon and began their march on Ala Mhigo. When they moved to take Castellum Velodyna from the Empire, Lyse led the assault on the bridge, forcing Fordola to retreat. The allied forces pushed through to Specula Imperatoris where Fordola ordered the main cannon at the nearby Castrum Abania to fire on the main tower of Imperatoris, causing it to collapse on the combatants below and inflicting heavy casualties on both imperial and allied forces.[35] Among those was Commander Kemp, who with his final words passed the command of the Resistance on to Lyse.[36]

Despite the catastrophe at Specula Imperatoris, Rhalgr's Beacon marched inexorably on, taking Castrum Abania and securing the final passage to the gates of Ala Mhigo. Lyse participated in the assault on the Castrum, and witnessed Fordola demonstrate new powers as a Resonant.[37] When Lyse struggled with the burden of her newfound leadership in the aftermath, General Raubahn Aldynn of the Immortal Flames invited her to the nearby village of Coldhearth, his childhood home. Raubahn told her of the day he had met her father, Curtis, a leader in the Ala Mhigan revolution. He recounted Curtis's revolutionary creed, "Liberty or Death", and his words that liberty meant being free to build something better. Raubahn asked Lyse to swear by her father's creed, which she did, adding that the liberty she sought was liberty for every Ala Mhigan, even those who fought for the Empire.[38]

With the stage set for the final battle at Ala Mhigo, Lyse and the Warrior of Light returned to Rhalgr's Reach for a brief respite and to check on their wounded comrades. Lyse began wearing a traditional Ala Mhigan dress that once belonged to Yda to in a way allow her sister to be present for Ala Mhigo's liberation. Following a quick sparring match with the Warrior of Light, they returned to the front.[39]

Lyse announces Ala Mhigo's victory.

Lyse led an infiltration mission to Ala Mhigo's residential district, allowing the Resistance to secure it and taking custody of Fordola rem Lupis.[40] The Alliance's main host was free to launch an all-out assault on the main gates where they broke through and overran the city. With Zenos slain by his own hand, Lyse declared victory and freedom for Ala Mhigo.[41]

In the aftermath Lyse resigned from the Scions, choosing to stay and help the city-state build its new republic.[41] She struggled to maintain order when a mob formed demanding the execution of the imprisoned Fordola. She was unable to calm them, and the mob was dispersed only with Raubahn's intercession, his status as near-legendary figure causing to crowd to heed his words.[42]

To determine the form Ala Mhigo's new government would take, Lyse arranged a meeting of the disparate leaders of Gyr Abania's peoples, including those of the beast tribes. The meeting was disrupted when the tempered Ananta of the Qalyana tribe summoned the primal Lakshmi amid its proceedings. As only people with the Echo are immune to tempering, Lyse freed Fordola to help the Warrior of Light and Arenvald Lentinus, as Fordola's Resonant powers were an artificial form of the Echo.[43] The group defeated the primal and the meeting proceeded as planned, with the leaders settling on a ruling body of elected officials modeled after Ishgard's House of Commons.[44]

Raubahn was relieved of his command of the Immortal Flames, allowing him to remain in his homeland of Ala Mhigo. With this and a pending reorganization of Ala Mhigo's army under the new government, Lyse nominated Raubahn as the overall commander of their forces, giving the Ala Mhigan people an experienced figurehead to rally behind.[44]

When the Empire began mobilizing to retake Ala Mhigo, the Eorzean Alliance moved to defend the fledgling republic's borders. The Alliance leaders met with Emperor Varis zos Galvus at the negotiating table, with Lyse and Raubahn representing Ala Mhigo.[45] The negotiations failed and Lyse joined the Alliance forces on the front lines at the Ghimlyt Dark. When the Ascian Elidibus posing as the fallen crown prince Zenos began turning the tide in the Empire's favor, Lyse joined a group attempting to stop him. They were soundly defeated, though Elidibus was driven back by the arrival of the Warrior of Light and Estinien Wyrmblood.[46]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

As part of her efforts to build a unified nation, Lyse sought out Widargelt Beake of the Fist of Rhalgr, the last surviving member of Ala Mhigo's royal family. When Widargelt refused to serve in any royal capacity, Lyse reframed her offer to instead train the Resistance in the way of the Fist, as even she hadn't received any formal training, and he accepted the offer.[47]

Following the Scions' return from the First, Lyse was the first Alliance leader to meet with them at the Rising Stones, informing them of the Empire's new war of succession following Varis's assassination.[48] When mysterious towers began appearing across the world, Lyse summoned the Scions to Ala Mhigo where they encountered Lunar Bahamut and the rogue Ascian Fandaniel, who informed them of his and the revived Zenos's goal to recreate the Final Days of Amaurot, with the towers playing an unspecified part. Lyse sent a scout unit to investigate the nearby tower in Gyr Abania. When the scouts returned, one of them attacked Lyse, having been tempered by the tower to become devoted to the Garlean Empire.[49] The scout was restrained and cured of his tempering, and afterward Lyse shared her findings with the rest of the Alliance.[50]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

After the Scions destroyed the Tower of Zot in Thavnair, the Grand Company of Eorzea formed an Ilsabard Contingent, and asked the Scions to join it. The purpose of the Contingent was to assault the Telophoroi cult in Garlemald and provide assistance to any Garleans still free from tempering. The Contingent was comprised of members from all over Eorzea as well as the Far Eastern Alliance. Lyse volunteered to lead the Ala Mhigan forces of the Contingent, willing to provide help to those in need and also get a chance to punch out Zenos.

As the Contingent arrived in the ruined Garlemald via airships, they began escorting a convoy to the outskirts. Though ambushed by the Telophoroi, they made their way to the Camp Broken Glass.

When the way to the Tower of Babil was cleared, Lyse led an advance infiltration force alongside Cirina Mol, Sadu Dotharl, and Magnai Oronir. The Scions and Pipin Tarupin joined them. Lyse and the others stayed behind to keep the path clear for the Scions, as they defeated Anima.

When the Scions asked for assistance in searching energy sources to empower the starship Ragnarok, Lyse and Ala Mhigan delegates joined the Gridanian Contingent to brave the Allagan ruins.



Lyse while assuming Yda's identity.

Lyse is a fair-skinned Highlander[51] with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She resembles her sister Yda, enough to with some assistance fool Yda's old acquaintances like Gundobald[23] and even the Warrior of Light, who had encountered the real Yda via the Echo,[note 3] though those who were close to the real Yda saw through the deception, only upholding the charade at Papalymo's insistence.[4]

While posing as Yda, Lyse wore Yda's outfit consisting of a white jacket, a dark red sash undershirt, fingerless gloves, and a pair of red armored greaves. Her most distinct feature was the mask on her turban that concealed the upper half of her face, her long hair also hidden beneath the turban. The mask served to hide her lack of a facial tattoo borne by Yda,[9] and she had Papalymo glamour Yda's Archon tattoos for her to uphold the deception.[4] She continued to use Yda's Gut Wrenchers, a pair of cesti-like darksteel knuckles sturdy enough to withstand the incredible force with which she wielded them.[7] The only alteration Lyse made to the outfit was when she joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, adding a pair of aetheric goggles common among the Scions to her turban.

Lyse's initial outfit after dropping her guise.

When Lyse dropped her guise as Yda, Tataru Taru gave her a new outfit designed to better suit her fighting style:[52] a short-cropped white shirt with an open red vest. She continued to wear the greaves from Yda's outfit, and used her bare fists in lieu of the Gut Wrenchers. On the eve of the Ala Mhigan siege, she began wearing a red traditional Ala Mhigan dress with matching pointy-tipped shoes and baggy white pants, a dress that once belonged to Yda.[39]

When in Garlemald, Lyse wore the typical Ala Mhigan resistance outfit to combat the cold, even though she wore her usual red dress to storm the Tower of Babil afterwards.


Lyse is laid-back and has no problem speaking whatever is on her mind. She has no qualms asking others directly about any subject, instead of trying more subtle means. She is inexperienced in matters that she can't solve by punching. Her bluntness and ignorance can cause her to come across as insensitive, often earning her a scolding from Papalymo. All in all, she has a similar personality to her sister, aiding her deception.

Once Lyse was exposed to the Ala Mhigan Resistance, she began showing signs of frustration regarding Ala Mhigo's plight, earning her cautions from Papalymo to not act rashly.[25][22] After she joined the war effort in Gyr Abania following Papalymo's death, these frustrations began to boil over. She struggled to relate with those who lived under imperial rule,[29] becoming increasingly angry at their unwillingness to rise up against their oppressors,[34] and without Papalymo's intercession her insensitivity began to offend more frequently.

Conrad saw potential in Lyse as a leader, and with guidance from him, Hien, and Raubahn, Lyse was able to mature and become the leader Conrad believed her to be. Through them she learned to empathize with the people and came to terms with what her goals were for a free Ala Mhigo.[34][38] She still struggles with her inexperience in a leadership position,[42] and gladly ceded overall command of Ala Mhigo's military to Raubahn when he became available.[44]


"Lyse Hext" is a potential randomly generated name for female Highlander player characters.

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Triple Triad[]

Lyse Card
Lyse Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 187
Total stats 24
Type Scion
Description “I'm sorry for lying to you. My real name is Lyse.”
Obtain Defeat 70 unique NPCs at Triple Triad and redeem the achievement "Triple Team VI".

Other appearances[]

Lyse has appeared as a guest in the following games, most frequently under her guise as Yda:[note 4]

As Yda
As Lyse


Lyse is voiced by Mela Lee in the English version of A Realm Reborn, and by Laura Aikman in Heavensward and all subsequent expansions. She is voiced by Aya Endō in the Japanese version.


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  1. The year 1571 is inferred from Lyse's statement in the first year of the Seventh Astral Era that the mission had occurred six years prior,[4] though it may not be exact.
  2. The year 1562 is inferred from Warburton's Journal Warburton's Journal and page 53 of Encyclopædia Eorzea: The World of Final Fantasy XIV, both stating the parade disaster in Ul'dah and subsequent events occurred in 1562. Among those subsequent events was a starshower seen in Echo visions of all three starting storylines of the original release, implying they occurred at the same time. This is further supported by Khrimm's appearance as an adult outside of the visions, indicating that a significant amount of time had passed between the visions and the present day.
  3. 3.0 3.1 With the Echo visions occurring in 1562 and Yda's death occurring in 1571, it can be inferred that the Yda seen in the Echo visions of the Gridania storyline during the original release was, in fact, the real Yda, as Lyse did not begin adopting her sister's identity until after her death. The Yda encountered outside of the visions in 1572 would be Lyse, however.
  4. Yda's guest appearances are universally Lyse disguised as Yda. This can be discerned via the aetheric goggles on her turban. The goggles were not added to her outfit until A Realm Reborn, long after the real Yda's death.


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