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Lynn's Village in Apollo's World.

Lynn's Village is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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The party travels to this small village, the bartender tells the party that the main character looks like Lynn's father. The party hears that Lynn's mother is sick and that her father is missing. Her mother tells the party that her daughter went to the Cave of Mountain to get a potion.

The party returns with Lynn to her village after finding her within Cave of Mountain. Lynn is happy to see her mother is alright, but the party sees Dad within the house. The main character leaves the house without talking to his/her father, and tells his/her companions that they should gather the remaining MAGI. They leave the village to their next location.

After Lynn has been adduced by a monster targeting Dad, the party defeats and saves her. They bring her back to her mother. Lynn thanks the main character, but feels bad that Dad is dead. She ask if he's going back, but the main character tells her that s/he will continue gathering MAGI for the status of the goddess. He's also doing it for his/her father's sake too. The main character's traveling companion says their goodbyes and before they leave the village. Lynn's mother tells the party that her husband is a friend of Dad. When he got lost during a mission as a Guardian, Dad treated Lynn as a real daughter. She also gives the party a MAGI because Dad left it with her and thanks the party for everything they have done.

The North American translation awkwardly glosses over the subplot where the main character thinks Dad walked out on the family to have an affair. As a result, the main character appears to angrily storm out of Lynn's house after the Dunatis boss battle for no good reason.

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Name Cost
FFLII Potion Icon.pngCurse 300 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngX-Cure 300 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngEyeDrop 200 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngSoft 1,000 GP
FFLII Potion Icon.pngCure 50 GP
FFLII Staff Icon.pngHeal 17,000 GP
FFLII Book Icon.pngCure 6,800 GP
Elixier 5,000 GP


Name Cost
Headbut 6,800 GP
Counter 6,800 GP
ChainSaw 6,800 GP
FFLII Book Icon.pngFire 6,800 GP
FFLII Whip Icon.pngBlitz 6,800 GP
FFLII Gun Icon.pngMusket 6,800 GP
FFLII Sword Icon.pngGold 11,000 GP
FFLII Sword Icon.pngLaser 11,000 GP


  • FFLII MAGI Icon.pngThunder