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Lynn is a temporary party member from Final Fantasy Legend II. Her father is missing, and she's living with her sick mother.


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The party hears that Lynn's mother is sick and that her father is missing. Her mother tells the party that her daughter went to the Cave of Mountain to get her a potion.

The party comes into the Cave of Mountain searching for Lynn. While venturing inside, they meet up with her. She tells the party that she fell down the slope and got stuck down here. She can't go on head because Dunatis is blocking the exit so there's no way for her to return home. The main character tells her they'll go together, and she thanks them.

After Lynn gets adduced by a monster who is targeting Dad, the party head to Monster's World where she's being held captive. The Ninja holding Lynn greets them, and tells them that he and his daughter were waiting for them. Lynn's says that her father is missing, so Dad said that he would be her father until her mother got better. The monster gets angry after being fooled by them. Before the monster harms Lynn, Dad rushes into the it and explodes.

With Lynn safe, she tells the main character that s/he didn't have to do this for her. She apologizes to him/her, but the main character tells her it's not her fault. The Ninja reappears before the party, and laughs that the best Guardian is dead. Believing that the main character's father sacrificed himself for nothing, the party fight him. After his defeat, the party reclaims the last stolen MAGI from Guardian's Base. The party leave this world to return Lynn to her safely to her mother.

In Lynn's Village, she thanks the main character, but feels bad that Dad is dead. She asks if she's going back, but the main character tells her that s/he'll continue gathering MAGI for the status of the goddess. S/he's also doing it for his/her father's sake too. The main characters traveling companion says their goodbyes, but before they leave. Lynn's mother tells the party that her husband is a friend of Dad. When he got lost during a mission as a Guardian, Dad treated Lynn as a real daughter. She also gives the party the MAGI Dad left with her and thanks the party for everything they have done.

Lynn is held captive by Apollo at the base of the second Pillar of Sky on Final World along with Taro, Hana, Ki, Flora, and Leon. She is release when the party gives up their seventy-six MAGI in exchange for them.

On their journey home after Arsenal's destruction, the party visits Lynn and her mother. Mask enters the house and is greeted by his wife and daughter.

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Martial arts skills in this game get more and more powerful the more they're used. The last attack of a martial arts weapon are far more powerful than the first attack. The problem with Lynn is that while she has solid enough stats, both times she's joined the party she had no chance to use up those martial arts weapons to the point where they'd be effective. It should be noted that enemy abilities with identical names are normal attacks without this progressive increase in power.

Appearance(s) HP Str Def Agl Mana Equipment
1st 100 16 0 25 21 Punch
2nd 247 23 21 33 28 Headbut

Other appearances[]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[]

Lynn makes an appearance as a card in the card game.