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Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is the guildmaster of Culinarians' Guild and head chef of the Bismarck in Limsa Lominsa.


Final Fantasy XIV (version 1.0)[]

Lyngsath in original Final Fantasy XIV.

Due to a suggestion by Baderon, the adventurer sells a puffer fish to Culinarians' Guild. During the conversation with Lyngsath, Y'shtola appears and asks about the giant snake that was spotted. Lyngsath explains that the snake often appears in the historical records of Limsa Lominsa saying that it keeps an immeasurable treasure.[1]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn[]

Once the Warrior of Light joins the Culinarians' Guild, Lyngsath encourages him to continue practicing and asks the Warrior of Light to cook for his guildmates. When Lolorito, one of Ul'dah's most powerful men, announced his intention to dine at Bismarck, Lyngsath injured his hand and ordered the Warrior of Light to represent Bismarck in his place. Lyngsath thanks the Warrior of Light for protecting the guild's future and proceeds to compare it to his faithful left hand.[2]

News of the Warrior of Light's talents reaches the sultana of Ul'dah, Nanamo Ul Namo, who requests the Warrior of Light as the chef on her visit to Limsa Lominsa. Warrior of Light researches and prepares the sultana's favorite dishes. Lyngsath applauds the Warrior of Light's success and goes so far as to say that he surpassed it in fame. He asks the Warrior of Light to apply his skills for the benefit of the kingdom and promises that he will strive to do the same.[3]

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Melkoko Melko, an acquaintance from Lyngsath demands the services of a consummate culinarian, and the guild master believes that the Warrior of Light is the perfect person for the job. The job is to defeat H'mhasi Tia during the Dellemont d'Or, the most prestigious of all culinary contests.[4] The Bismarck ends up being chosen as the competition venue and Lyngsath serves master Dellemont when he makes his visit to the location. In an discussion, Melkoko bets Bismarck's ownership to H'mhasi Tia if he won the contest, but he ends up losing to the Warrior of Light.[5]

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood[]

The Warrior of Light and Raulf ask Lyngsath for advice on preparing udon. Lyngsath recommends that you use authentic dried fish from the Far East to make udon broth. Luckily, a Kraken's Arms ship recently apprehended a merchant in the seas of the Far East, and Lyngsath says there is a chance of the ingredients that the pair seeks to be among the cargo.[6]


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His name means "Long Knife, Son of Hell Boar" in the Roegadyn language.