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Every face in this city I know. Yours I do not. This is the threshold of the Crystarium, stranger, and I am its gatekeeper. If you would enter, you will answer my questions.

Lyna to the Warrior of Darkness

Lyna is a character from Final Fantasy XIV who first appears in the third expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. A Viis from the First and the captain of the Crystarium's guards, she is a brave woman who protects her nation from the sin eaters.


Early life[]

Lyna is assumed to hail from the Rak'tika Greatwood, from the village of Fanow, home to the Viis. She had lost her parents early on in her life, and was taken in by the Crystal Exarch, becoming something like a granddaughter to him. After coming of age, she joined the Crystarium's guard, and later became its captain.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Lyna is the second person the Warrior of Light meets as they arrive to the First, though Lyna, like everyone else, are unaware of the Source or other reflections. She is wary about the Warrior, but saves them from a sin eater, that was about to attack them. Lyna noticed the eater was weak, but it had just recently eaten: the merchant whom Warrior had met a moment earlier.

The Crystal Exarch then arrives, and he takes responsibility about the Warrior, leaving still wary Lyna to resume her duties.

When Crystarium gets word that sin eaters have assaulted the nearby village of Holminster Switch, Lyna leads Crystarium guards to try and protect the village. However, she feels that no matter what they do, the Lightwarden leading the attack, would only reanimate after it's defeated. However, the Exarch claimed they now have the means to defeat it. Lyna joined the Warrior, Exarch, Alphinaud and Alisaie in fighting the sin eaters, and they eventually defeated the Lightwarden. Lyna still believed that it's for nothing, but Exarch claimed the Warrior had the blessing of Light, that could contain the Warden's Light. And, to Lyna's astonishment, the Warrior absorbed the Warden's light, and the night sky, not seen in Norvrandt for a century, returned to Lakeland. Lyna's wariness to the Warrior was abolished, and she recognized them as the Warrior of Darkness. Exarch, however, asked her to keep it a secret for now.

The return of the night sky alerted Vauthry, leader of Eulmore, and word of a girl named Minfilia, who was released by Thancred, caused Lyna to prepare the Crystarium guard for a possible Eulmoran attack. With the Warrior's assistance, Lyna oversaw the defenses of Lakeland. In the actual conflict, she fought alongside the Warrior and the Scions, and covered their escape, as they fled to Il Mheg.

Throughout the Scions quest to restore defeat the Lightwardens and restore night to the First, Lyna keeps protecting Crystarium, and also deliver news and information about what's happening. She grows ever concerned about the Exarch as time passes.

After Vauthry's defeat, the Light returned to the sky. When the Warrior, despite the imminent danger of turning into a sin eater at any moment, vowed to do everything they could to restore the night. They received encouragement from all citizens of Crystarium, and as they called them the Warrior of Darkness, it was clear that Lyna had let it slip. But it was this revelation, that restored hope to the people and they gave their support to the Warrior. They were eventually able to restore the night again.

Lyna was eventually made aware, that Exarch, the Warrior and the Scions were from a different world entirely. When they were about to return to the Source, Lyna brought all the citizens of Crystarium to bid them farewell. She asked the Warrior to look after Exarch, revealed to as G'raha Tia.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

The Final Days returned to the Source after the death of Zodiark. In order to gain answers to its cause, the Warrior returned to the First. They met Lyna, who was happy to hear G'raha was well. When the Warrior asked has she witnessed anything strange recently. She hadn't, but to her it was strange that Warrior asked this, because just recently Ryne had come and asked her the same thing, and Lyna could tell she was worried, complete opposite to how cheerful she had been. Lyna then went to look for her and afterwards, she opened the path to the Crystal Tower's Umbilicus, so that the Warrior could speak with Elidibus.



Lyna is a Viis with light blue hair and pink eyes. She wears Crystarium armor and wields Weathered Krishna as weapons in battle.


Captain of the defensive guard at the Crystarium, Lyna is a battle hardened soldier who cares about the people in the city. She also cares deeply about the Exarch, the other people of the Crystarium noting a grandfather-granddaughter relationship between them. Despite this, Lyna will maintain a professional demeanor in public and will try to carry her duties no matter how emotionally or physically hurt she is, only showing her true feelings when left alone. Because of the state of Norvrandt, Lyna is wary of outsiders, or anyone else she doesn't know. But to anyone she respects, she offers her assistance and knowledge when needed.


Lyna is available as a Trust System NPC for Holminster Switch Holminster Switch. After completing Shadowbringers' main scenario, she can no longer be selected since the system changes to Avatar mode. Lyna can be selected again by unlocking the Scenario mode or by using New Game+ mode.

In combat, she fights as Dancer, but she does not use Closed Position on a partner.