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This is a list of quests that take place in Luxerion. The area's main quest is to investigate a series of murders and confront the Shadow Hunter, after which a quest to enter the Luxerion Cathedral at night becomes available. Some of the area's sidequests take more than one day to complete, such as the quest with Luka outside the South Station.

Main quests[]

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The main quest in Luxerion starts on the dawn of the first day, when Lightning leaves the Ark, and finds there has been a murder. A new murder victim appears somewhere in Luxerion every morning at 6 AM, until Lightning completes the main quest.

1-1 An Evil Savior[]

Entry 1
A grisly scene greets Lightning as she steps into Luxerion. A young girl has been murdered, and the Order's inquisitors have locked down the area to search for suspects. Lightning should talk to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation to get the blockade lifted – especially in light of the grim message, found near the body: The evil savior will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter.
Entry 2
The area where the body was found has been locked down, and Lightning can do nothing until the blockade is lifted.
She must assist the murder investigation by looking for witnesses and searching for clues that might identify the culprits.
Entry 3
Based on the testimony of witnesses, a clearer picture of the crime is emerging. The dead girl is but the latest in a series of victims, all young women with the same rose-colored hair as Lightning. Many of the city residents suspect the Children of Etro in having a hand in the crimes.
It is time for Lightning to report this information to the inquisitor.
Entry 4
The inquisitor has lifted the blockade around the North Station.
Although the authorities still lack the definitive proof, the Children of Etro appear to be involved somehow in the murder--and if so, they know about the savior.
The evil savior will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter, read the message. What could it mean?

Lightning being asked to report any findings of the recent deaths to an Order member.

The quest "Whither Faith", part of completing the main quest, triggers automatically and must be completed before 11:45 PM on Day 1. The quest begins as soon as Lightning leaves the Ark and enters Luxerion. In the middle of the North Plaza there is a person called the Inquisitor who asks Lightning to find several clues. For one of them she will have to complete another quest, named "Where Are You, Holmes?"

On the east corner of the plaza there is a red ladder. Climbing allows Lightning to talk to the Surveying Man on the right side of the upper platform, to get important information. Jumping onto a nearby platform finds the Fighter's Emblem inside a treasure sphere. Next, the officer near the dummy offers more valuable information.

Jumping down and heading west locates another officer in front of a gate. Lightning should talk to him even if no information is provided by doing so, then return to the Inquisitor. While in the central area, Lightning must search the ground for glowing papers and examine them for a new clue (Etro Alphabet). Next talk to both the Innkeeper and the Outfitter, for two additional clues. Now is the time to complete "Where are you Holmes?" quest by talking to Thorton near the stairs that lead to the train station.

Thorton worries about his colleague, Holmes, who has failed to turn up for his shift. Lightning must find Holmes before Day 1 ends, or she will fail the quest. After talking to Thornton, Lightning should turn around and while facing the main plaza, go right, towards the innkeeper. Around the corner there are several vending machines and a man near a blocked gate. This is Holmes. After asking him to return to his colleague, Lightning must walk to Thornton instead of running. Thornton will be found up the stairs inside the train station. Talking to him again obtains a clue for the Inquisitor and the rewards: 300 gil, HP +30, Strength +3, Railworker's Cap, Railworker's Beret.

After completing the "Where Are You, Holmes?" quest, Lightning will get more valuable information and will be inside the train station. On the other side of the corridor there is a Pious Cleric who can offer new info. After talking to her, Lightning should head right to locate a woman Resident and talk to her as well.

Now Lightning can return to the Inquisitor to finish the "Whither Faith" quest, and get her reward: 800 gil, HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6, and Scholar's Glasses. This concludes the "An Evil Savior" main quest and the gates will open and the next main quest can be started at midnight.

1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics[]

Entry 1
At midnight, the Children of Etro gather in huddled groups in front of North Station. It seems likely that these heretics, worshipers of the goddess Etro, are behind both the murders and the grim message threatening the savior.
The heretics are alert and cautious. Lightning must follow them stealthy, as it is her only chance to learn more.
Entry 2A
Lightning follows the heretics to a graveyard where they conduct nightly rites that seem to have some connection with the murders—but the gate is closed to outsiders.
To open the gate, Lightning must collect the four numbers of the pass code. This code is distributed to all the heretics in the city. Somewhere out in the streets of Luxerion is hidden the key to the graveyard...
Entry 2B
The heretics spotted Lightning trailing them, and she was forced into a battle.
However, she finds a new lead. According to the Order's information, there is a public phone booth that rings regularly in the middle of the night. Could it have something to do with the heretics?

Lightning spies on the cultists.

Hope will inform Lightning of the heretics gathered in the North Plaza. They are the area where the Inquisitor was in the previous quest. Lightning can either follow them stealthy by maintaining a safe distance, or engage them directly. The first option wastes some time. For the second option, Lightning will have to kill a specific heretic to beat the entire group. Lightning can climb the tower in the middle of the plaza and let the heretics move around for several seconds. Their leader is in the front. Lightning can then descend the tower, and sprint toward him to strike first.

In the battle, Lightning faces a group of three heretics. After beating the group, the next objective is to find the phone that rings only during the night (it will appear on the map). If Lightning decides to follow the group rather than engage them, this is where they will lead her, a northwest alley that leads to a triangle-shaped area called the Forsaken Graveyard.

Answering the ringing phone completes "In The Shadow Of The Heretics" quest, and starts the next main quest.

1-3 Find the Code[]

Entry 1
The mysterious rites that the Etro heretics attend each night appear to be connected to the murders of the young girls To get into the place where they are held, Lightning needs the pass code.
After 6 AM, four numbers will appear on walls across the city. Lightning must find them and then return to the Forsaken Graveyard in time for the next rites.
Entry 2 - Warehouse District Code
Lightning has found a number to the pass code in the warehouse district.
No one knows what the heretics' endgame might be, but it seems likely there will be more victims before they are done. Lightning needs to open the gate to the Forsaken Graveyard and infiltrate the rites that take place there each night.
Entry 3 - The Centrum Code
Lightning has found a number to the pass code in the Centrum.
Many residents of the city are suspicious of the heretics and their plans. Lightning must move quickly to stop the heretics and bring an end to the sinister rites that take place in the Forsaken Graveyard.
Entry 4 - South Station Code
Lightning has found a number to the pass code near South Station's public phone booth.
Clearly, the heretics do not fear the Order, if they are hiding their codes in the shadow of the Cathedral itself. Lightning must stop the rites in the Forsaken Graveyard before more blood is spilled.
Entry 5 - Warren Code
The heretics' stronghold lies deep in the Warren. There Lightning finds an Oracle Drive that shows the savior being killed by Noel, the so-called Shadow Hunter.
Noel appears and tells Lightning that he intends to make the prophecy come true. He then disappears deeper into the Warren. Lightning wants to follow, but she has more pressing business.

Check the walls near the Oracle Drive!
Entry 6
Lightning has the four numbers of the pass code. Now all she needs to do is go to the Forsaken Graveyard, and speak the numbers into the phone booth at midnight.
Once inside the graveyard, she will be able to observe the rites with her own eyes--and stop them, if need be.
Entry 7
Lightning speaks the four numbers she has found. They must have been correct ones, because the gate at last opens.
Now she can see for herself the rites that the heretics hold. But what hazards are waiting for her, inside that grim graveyard shrouded in darkness?

Lightning finds a digit for the code.

The player need not write the code down, as the game will remember the code after inspecting each entry on the walls of Luxerion. Lightning can find the numbers after 6 AM on Day 2 and will have to find four numbers by visiting specific locations in Luxerion. For the first number she must head toward the Commercial District. There are two green markers showing the gates have been opened. Under the lower marker is a dead end, similar to a reversed letter L. There will be a number on the wall at the dead end.

The second number is located southwest several steps away. Lightning should enter the Avenue, and head left through the arcade pass to reach the Back Alleys, follow the stairs up, then turn right and follow the alley between the houses to see the glowing marker on the stairs at the end of the passage.

The third number is at the South Station, on the west wall from the Canvas of Prayers.

The final number is in the Warren area behind the Rusted Gate northwest from Old Town that opens at midnight. When the clock hits 00:00 Lightning should go through the gate to reach the Wall of Wealth to find Lumina with an Oracle Drive and the number.

With all the code numbers uncovered, Lightning can return to the phone-booth in the Forsaken Graveyard and answer the phone and enter the code. Next Lightning enters a new area, Sinner’s Corner, and starts the next quest.

1-4 Rites for a Goddess[]

Entry 1
The gate to the Forsaken Graveyard where the heretics gather stands open. It now seems clear that the Children of Etro are behind the calls for the savior's death.
The rites have already begun, and the heretics may be murdering another young woman at this very moment. Lightning cannot afford to delay. It is time to bring an end to the heretics' deadly games.
Entry 2
Just as Lightning arrives at the site of the heretics' gathering, Noel appears. Although the Children of Etro hail the Shadow Hunter, he wants nothing to do with them and their murders. Just like Lightning, he has come to put an end to their grim rites.
But this does not make him Lightning's ally. He still wants to fight her, just as the Oracle Drive prophesizes. He issues a challenge, then slips into the night as the Order security forces arrive.

Lightning stops the cult's rites.

Lightning can now cross the Forsaken Graveyard, picking up a Stormbane Choker and Zirconia Brooch on the way from treasure spheres. Near where the Stormbane Choker is found, a Chaos infusion appears on a hill if the player walks towards it. Player can collect soul seeds from there and fight Zomoks.

The quest is completed upon approaching the Children of Etro's gathering in the middle of the graveyard.

1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow[]

Entry 1
Noel has helped put an end to the Children of Etro's bloody rites, but the man they hailed as the Shadow Hunter still believes he must kill Lightning.
He issues a challenge to Lightning and then disappears into the Warren. Deep within that maze of narrow streets lies the chosen battleground. Lightning has little choice but to follow.
Entry 2
Strangers are not welcome in the Warren. The door leading further inside is shut fast, and will only be opened for those who can show that they belong. If Lightning does not find a way through, she will not be able to reach Noel.
Entry 3
Lightning is inside the Den of Shadows. The clock is ticking toward the end of the world--it is time for the final showdown with Noel.
Entry 4
Lumina appears within the Chaos, and tells Lightning why Noel is so intent on making the prophecy come true.
She explains that Noel is a prisoner of the past, consume by grief over the death of Yeul. Only her promise that they will meet again has kept him going.
When he saw the recording in the Oracle Drive, he was gripped by the idea of making it come true. All of it—including the death of Lightning.
Is there any way to change his mind? Can his soul be saved?
Entry 5
Noel believed that if he slayed Lightning, a future would come about where he is reunited with Yeul. But even so, he could not bring himself to deliver the killing blow, and instead he destroyed the Oracle Drive, choosing to forge his own future instead of remaining in the thrall of a prophecy. It was never in Noel to kill an innocent person, even if it meant saving the world.
Instead of certainties of fare, Noel chooses uncertain hope. A hope that Lightning will succeed in her mission. A hope that she will lead them to a new world. A hope that he will meet Yeul there.
Noel's soul is saved.

Noel, the Shadow Hunter.

Lightning can pick up the Crest of Etro off the ground in the place of the Children of Etro's ritual. She must head for the Warren to face Noel. The location is marked on the map. Lightning can exit the graveyard from the south exit rather than going back to where she came from.

North of the Warren there is a guarded door, but Lightning is let through if she has the Crest of Etro. She enters Den of Shadows where she meets Lumina who tells her of the true reason Noel is so obsessed with the Oracle Drives' prophecy. Lightning must make her way through the den while fighting fanatics. The correct way is to stay elevated on the precarious footpaths, but if Lightning drops to the bottom level she can find Thorn of Protection and Battleaxe of the Believer.

After going around the area in a clockwise circle, Lightning will find Noel by another Oracle Drive, and the two do battle. Winning against Noel Kreiss completes the chapter. Afterward Lightning can investigate the glowing red area to find the Shadow Hunter weapon. If this quest is attempted after day 6, Noel will be known as Noel Kreiss+, with higher stats and he will drop the Endless Paradox weapon.

Completing the quest earns the The Hope of a Promise achievement.

First Time Rewards: Maximum HP +240, Maximum ATB +10, Strength +84, Magic +70, Maximum EP +1
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Side quests[]

Canvas of Prayers[]

Canvas of Prayers in Luxerion.

Luxerion has a total of thirteen Canvas of Prayers quests, which can be accessed by speaking with Chocolina, located outside the North and South Monorail Stations. These quests do not earn Eradia, but completing them will award gil, stat boosts, and adornments.

Whither Faith[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
The body of a young woman has been found in the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station. It is just the latest in a string of murders in which the victim was a woman with the same color hair as Lightning. Could someone go after the savior herself? Lightning needs to question witnesses in the area and report whatever she learns to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation.
Entry 2
In response to the murder, the area around North Station has been locked down--and the blockade won't be lifted until the Order can make some progress in the investigation. Lightning needs to collect clues and report what she finds to the inquisitor.
Entry 3A - Quest Complete
Thanks to his encounter with Lightning, the inquisitor feels his faith in God reawaken, and his soul is saved.
Entry 3B - Quest Failed
Lightning fails to help the inquisitor in his investigation, and his soul remains unsaved. It appears that the culprits behind the murders are the heretical group that opposes the savior. Perhaps by following them, Lightning can learn more...
The identity of the Shadow Hunter remains a mystery, but the inquisitor confirms that the white-garbed heretics who father in front of the station--the so-called Children of Etro--are probably behind the violence. Lightning suggests that the best way to find out what the Children are up to is to give them freedom of movement. The inquisitor agrees, and orders the blockade around the station lifted.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Must be completed before 11:45 PM on Day 1
First Time Rewards: 800 gil, Scholar's Glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +6, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 1200 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +3, Magic +3

This quest is automatically triggered. The Inquisitor, dressed in white, is found in the middle of the plaza and he will ask Lightning to find clues for him. On the east side of the plaza there is a red ladder. Climbing it and talking to the Surveying Man on the right side of the upper platform, obtains important information. There is also a Fighter's Emblem inside a sphere here. Next Lightning can talk to the officer near the savior dummy for more valuable information.

Jumping down and heading west Lightning can find another officer in front of a gate. Talking to him will give no new "important information", and Lightning can return to the central area. There are glowing papers on the ground and examining them gives a new clue.

Next, Lightning should talk to both the Innkeeper and the Outfitter, for two additional clues, then complete "Where Are You, Holmes?" quest, which gives more valuable information. Inside the train station there is a Pious Cleric who can offer new info and on the right, inside the same station, there is a woman Resident, who should be talked to as well.

Lightning can now return to the Inquisitor to finish the quest.

Where Are You, Holmes?[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Inside Luxerion North Station, station attendant Thorton is worried about his colleague Holmes who has failed to turn up for his shift. Can Lightning help find him? The quest must be completed by 6 AM. Try searching for a man in uniform near the town hotel in the station plaza.
Entry 2
Holmes was not far from North Station. He had seen the people who hung the dummy from a clock tower, and went into hiding, fearful that he would become their next victim.
He will share what he knows with Lightning, but only of she escorts him safely to Luxerion's North Station, where his colleague Thornton anxiously awaits.
Entry 3A - Quest Complete
Lightning has safely escorted the wayward Holmes to the station, to the great relief of his supervisor, Thornton. The latter explains that he had lost Holmes's predecessor in similar circumstances. Hearing this, Holmes vows not to put Thornton through such worry ever again, and their souls are saved.
Entry 3B - Quest Failed
Holmes never reaches North Station. Thorton cannot help but fear the worst and think that Holmes has met a dreadful fate. Holmes would not be the first to be killed by a monster of the Chaos, nor will he be the last.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Complete it before the end of Day 1
First Time Rewards: 300 gil, Railworker's Cap, Railworker's Beret, Max HP +30, Strength +3
Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +1

After talking to the Inquisitor and being tasked with searching for clues, the player can find Thorton outside the North Station entrance, who asks Lightning to find his colleague, Holmes. Holmes is found towards the innkeeper, around the corner near several vending machines and a locked gate. After talking to Holmes, Lightning must escort him to the station by walking instead of running.

Thornton is found up the stairs inside the train station and talking to him again completes the quest.

The Things She's Lost[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
A tearful Dolce tells Lightning that she has lot her prized treasure, a green Carbuncle doll, somewhere near North Station, Perhaps Lightning can find it--but it won't be easy, if the toy has come into contact with another dimension.
Entry 2A - Quest Complete
The doll Lightning found was a keepsake from Dolce's mother. If the doll survived the Chaos, perhaps Dolce's mother can, too. With this realization, Dolce rediscovers hope and her soul is saved.
Entry 2B - Quest Failed
Lightning gives the strange red doll to Dolce, but it is not the doll that she lost. She believes that the pretty green of her original doll has been infected by the Chaos and stained bloodred.
The poor girl, bereft of hope, begins to laugh maniacally. Her soul cannot be saved now.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Complete the quest between 9 PM and 6 AM
Rewards: 100 Gil, Carbuncle Figurine, Max HP +30, Magic +3
Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +10, Magic +1

Dolce appears in North Station Plaza after 9 PM. She is wearing a green dress and is found close to Canvas of Prayers. She asks Lightning to find her lost Carbuncle doll.

Located in the Plaza is a red Carbuncle doll; handing this to Dolce will fail the quest. A green doll must be found instead. From the North Plaza, there is an alley leading to Old Town. Turning right after the first gate, Lightning will enter Gate of Revelation and continuing forward, enters Temporary Route. At the end of the Temporary Route Lightning should turn left and then right to reach the Marketplace. Near the vendor named Seger, there is a pile of junk with a green doll on top. After returning the doll to Dolce, Lightning receives her rewards. Near the Sorcery Shop, Lightning can find the Quill Pen item in a smashable container needed for the "Buried Passion" quest.

Like Clockwork[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station, Lightning meets Armena, who is terrified that if the clocks of Luxerion stop, the end of the world will follow.
Lightning can help put Armena's mind to rest by checking all the clocks of the city and making sure that they are still ticking.
Entry 2 - Quest Complete
On behalf of Armena of the Order, Lightning checks all the clocks in Luxerion and makes sure they are still ticking.
Satisfied at last that her work is done, Armena's soul is saved. People have the power to save their own souls. Lightning's role as the savior is simply to show them the way.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available between 8 AM and 6 PM after main quest "1-4 Rites for a Goddess" is completed.
Reward: 1200 gil, Brass Gear, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 1800 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Armena is found near the North Station Canvas of Prayers between 8 AM and 6 PM, and she asks Lightning to check all the clocks in Luxerion. There are 13 clocks. Sometimes the player must look up to examine a clock.

The clock locations:

  • Above the North Station entrance.
  • Above the General Store in the North Station.
  • Above the Station Attendant in the North Station.
  • Above the statue in North Station Plaza in front of North Station.
  • Near the phone booth by the Forsaken Graveyard east entrance.
  • On the steps next to the Beverage Shop in the Centrum.
  • Next to the Chocobo Emporium in the Commercial District.
  • In the Warehouse District on the north side nearest to the Residences area, by the Informative Man.
  • Near the Sentry in the middle of the Residences.
  • Outside the South Station entrance.
  • The Clock Tower clock can be examined by touching the the pedestal inside the building.
  • South of the sentry at the entrance to the Holy District.
  • In Old Town, south of the Inn.

Dying Wish[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
On the Gallery Steps in the commercial district, Lightning meets a girl called Blythe. She has made a journey here to buy a special medicine for her father, who is gravely ill, but was told that they are out of ingredients.
There is only one such shop in the commercial district. Lightning should pay a visit.
Entry 2
It appears that the well-known Chocobo Emporium in the commercial district can brew a batch of the medicine that Blythe needs for her father. Lightning should drop by during opening hours.
Entry 3
According to the Chocobo Emporium, Blythe's father needs a dose of spectral elixir. If Lightning brings the ingredients, they will brew a new batch for free.
Lightning needs to find Shaolong Gui shell, mandragora root, and thunderclap cap, and deliver the three items to the shop on the Avenue in the commercial district.
Entry 4
The kindly staff at the Chocobo Emporium has brewed a batch of spectral elixir, which should cure Blythe's father. It is time to head to the Gallery Steps in the commercial district and deliver the brew to the anxious girl.
Entry 5 - Quest Complete
When Lightning gives Blythe the spectral elixir, a look of surprise comes over her face. Few people ever extend a helping hand to ragged girls from the Warren.
With the medicine, Blythe can save her father. She knows now that even if they are touched by Chaos, people's hearts do not descend into darkness. With this realization, her soul is saved.


Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics". The quest is available between 6 AM and 10 PM.
First Time Rewards: Tonberry's Lantern, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Blythe is found in the Gallery Steps area of the commercial district between 6 AM and 10 PM, sitting on top of the stairs. She will tell about her ill father who needs a Spectral Elixir. To create the elixir Lightning needs a Thunderclap Cap, a Mandragora Root, and a Shaolong Gui Shell.

Thunderclap Cap is the closest. South from where Blythe is there is the Warehouse District and the Thunderclap Cap is found on the ground between two buildings. The Shaolong Gui Shell is found it in Old Town from a vendor named Seger who sells it for 600 gil. Seger has blond hair, sunglasses, and a purple jacket. In 2nd Ave. north from the South Station, close to the Inn and the General Store, is a Grocer who will sell the Mandragora Root for 400 gil, but the store opens at 10 AM and closes at 7 PM. The Grocer is a woman wearing a brown dress with white sleeves.

With the ingredients gathered, the player can head for the Avenue, southwest from Commercial District and northeast from Warehouse District, to find the Chocobo Emporium that will make the elixir. The shop is open between 11 AM and 5 PM.

Giving the Spectral Elixir to Blythe completes the quest.

Suspicious Spheres[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Someone has been dropping Order supply spheres willy-nilly all over the city. The spheres are cloaked in a sinister red light. Virgil wants Lightning to check all these suspicious spheres and then report back to him. He will be waiting for her in the Plaza of Prayers in the Residences.
Entry 2 - Quest Complete
Lightning checks the suspicious supply spheres and finds nothing dangerous. When she reports back to Virgil, the gloom that gripped him earlier has gone. It was not heretics who had planted the spheres, but Lumina, who left presents for Lightning in each one. Though Virgil is not amused by the joke, he defends meddlesome Lumina. She is making friends among the residents--if not with Lightning.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics", between 8 AM and 5 PM
First Time Rewards: 300 gil, Millionaire's Mustache, Max HP +40, Strength +4, Magic +2
Subsequent Rewards: 450 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

Virgil is a robed man on the Plaza of Prayers in the Residences area who asks Lightning top check up on some ominous red spheres and hands her the Supply Sphere Password. There are three spheres: one next to Virgil, one in Back Alleys, and one is found near the phone booth on 1st Ave. After getting items from all red spheres, returning to Virgil completes the quest.

Born from Chaos[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In the North-South Corridor that extends south from the warehouse district, a mighty Zomok from the Chaos is terrorizing local residents.
Thirteen hardened bounty hunters tried to slay the menace, but only a fighter called Solandra survived to tell the tale. Can Lightning defeat the Zomok on her behalf?
Entry 2
Lightning has defeated the Zomok and avenged the bounty hunters. Now it is time to report her feat to Solandra, who waits near the entrance to the North-South Corridor.
Entry 3 - Quest Complete
Lightning defeats the mighty Zomok single-handed.
When Solandra lost her twelve comrades, she also lost her sense of purpose, but Lightning's inspiring feat has rekindled the fire in her soul. Once again, she is alive with a spirit of daring and adventure.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics".
First Time Rewards: Pendragon, Brigand's Tricorne, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +10
Subsequent Rewards: 3000 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +12, Magic +6

Solandra is found in the North-South Corridor, west and then south from North Station, near the the Arcade. She wears a green hat. She will tell the story of a beast named Zomok and tasks Lightning with defeating it. Zomok spawns in the Chaos infusion behind Solandra and upon defeat gives the Cursed Dragon Claw. Giving the item to Solandra completes the quest.

Soul Seeds[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In the North-South Corridor, in the Arcade, Lightning encounters Baird, a merchant of sorts. He tells her that he will pay for any soul seeds she can find.
A select group of daring seedhunters make a living by jumping into Chaos and grabbing soul seeds. Lightning can join their ranks and sell any seeds she finds to the soul seed traders. Easily spotted because of their distinctive hats, one of each trader can be found in Luxerion, Yusnaan, the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes.
Entry 2 - Quest Complete
One of the soul seed traders buys the soul seed. An organization with deep pockets will take as many as the seedhunters can gather. Soul seeds are eggs from which the Chaos monsters are born--so what does the mystery organization want with them? Perhaps if Lightning can sell more soul seeds to the traders, they will give her more details.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics"
First Time Rewards: 400 gil, Black Tattoo, Max HP +40, Magic +4, Strength +2
Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

Baird appears after main quest 1-2 and can be found any time of the day near a pillar in the Arcade area. He will sell the Seedhunter Membership Card for 2000 gil, needed to do the quest: bring him a soul seed. Soul seeds appear as purple glowing orbs on the ground inside Chaos infusions. Lightning can find them from any Chaos infusion, but there is one near where Baird is.

Lightning needs at least one, but selling him more nets more gil. Regardless of the number of seeds she give to Baird, Lightning will complete the quest.

Faster Than Lightning[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In the Saint's Hill area of the Residences, Lightning encounters a would-be challenger by the name of Lamont. Lightning, never one to turn down a summons to a contest, agrees to the race.
Now she has to make sure she keeps up with the fleet-footed kid and beat him to the goal. But with a name like Lightning, how can she lose?
Entry 2 - Quest Complete
Lightning wins the foot race, and Lamont confesses why he challenged her in the first place. He wants to inject dazzle and excitement into a city that seems to be sinking into despair, and despite losing the race, his face is flushed with success. As Lightning returns to her journey, Lamont tells her that she won't get the best of him next time. Lightning smiles to herself, knowing that she has made a new friend.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics", between 10 AM and 3 PM
First Time Reward: 200 gil, Gold Medal, Max HP +30, Strength +6
Subsequent Rewards: 889 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +4

Lamont is a boy with a flag in the Saint's Hill area of the Residences who challenges Lightning to a race. The race is easy to win, but it is recommended to not run too far ahead or talk to anyone during the race. The final destination is either North Station or Forsaken Graveyard Gate. Talking to Lamont after the race completes the quest.

Treasured Ball[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
On 1st Avenue near Luxerion's South Station, Lightning encounters a boy who has lost his ball on a rooftop.
It looks like Lightning can reach the roof from the top of a nearby stone wall. Maybe she could fetch the rubber ball for the boy.
Entry 2 - Quest Complete
When Lightning returns the ball to Talbot, he explains why it was in that spot. Apparently, Talbot's brother is a bounty hunter and they were supposed to meet in the area--but he has not been seen since heading off on a monster-slaying mission five days ago. In exchange for Lightning's help, Talbot gives her one of his trading cards, a priceless treasure to a young boy.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow, between 10 AM and 8 PM
First Time Rewards: 100 gil, Salvage Pilot's Badge, Max HP +30, Strength +3 and Talbot's Gratitude
Subsequent Rewards: 150 gil, Max HP +10, Strength +2 and Talbot's Gratitude

Talbot is a boy in 1st Ave. whose ball is on a rooftop he cannot reach, Lightning must make way to the top of a nearby elevated platform and pick up the shiny object on it to obtain Rubber Ball. Returning the ball to the boy completes the quest.

The Angel's Tears[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Every evening on the plaza at the end of Idol Avenue, near Luxerion's South Station, a young street merchant called Luka appears to sell bottles of her own tears.
Hers must be a curious story--she might be willing to share it with Lightning but only if Lightning agrees to buy some of the girl's unusual offerings.
Entry 2
Luka sells the tears. But for some reason, she refuses to give any to Lightning. Instead, Luka talks of her past, how she once was a child performer, but then she had to quit...and there she ends her story.
If Lightning wants to know more, she will have to talk to Luka again. She comes every evening to the plaza at the end of Idol Avenue, near South Station.
Entry 3
Despite demanding a higher price than before, Luka refuses to hand over her tears. Instead, she tells Lightning about the death of her beloved acting coach and mentor. For a century she cried, until she could no longer cry for herself. Now, the only tears she produces are for sale, and if Lightning wants to buy some, she will have to come back another way.
Entry 4
Luka again refuses to sell Lightning her tears, but this time she gives a reason. She claims that Lightning simply doesn't need them. After centuries of living, many people forget how to feel, and it is for them that Luka cries. She feels the emotions that they no longer feel, cries in their stead, and brings peace to their hearts. But who cries for Luka? Lightning must pay her another visit to find out.
Entry 5 - Quest Complete
Luka offered solace for the soul with her angel's tears, but along the way, she lost touch of her own feelings. She can summon tears at will, but in her heart she feels no sadness. When Lightning points this out, Luka suddenly finds herself crying real tears of grief for the first time in centuries. This angel cried tears to heal people's souls, and now her soul is saved, too.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing main quest "1-2 In the Shadow of the Heretics", between 4 PM and 9 PM
First Time Reward: 2400 gil, Crystal Tear, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 3600 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Luka is a girl at Idol Ave. near South Station who sells her tears. The quest takes many days to complete. Lightning must find Luka during the time she is available and give her money, first 10 gil, then 50 gil, then 300 gil, and return on another day to hear more of her story. Returning to her on the fourth day, and paying 1200 gil, Lightning can listen to the finale of her story and get all the gil she had spent back. This concludes the quest.

The Saint's Stone[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
In the Cathedral Plaza of the holy district, Lightning encounters Aremiah, a member of the Order, who gives Lightning some news about her old ally Vanille. Apparently Vanille is being kept under close watch by the Order elders, who have designated her a "saint." Unfortunately, a stone that she treasured has been stolen and this has plunged her into despondency. There are few leads, but it might be worth questioning the warehouse employees down in the warehouse district first.
Entry 2
In the warehouse district, Lightning breaks open a box and recovers Vanille's crystal shard. According to the warehouse employee, the box was entrusted to him by one of the "bigwigs" of the Order--perhaps to keep it out of Vanille's hands. The surest way to get it back to her is through Aremiah, her servant. Aremiah appears each evening in the Cathedral Plaza in the holy district.
Entry 3 - Quest Complete
Lightning returns the stone to Aremiah, Vanille's personal attendant, and learns why it was so important to Vanille--inside glitters an image of Fang, Vanille's oldest and most trusted friend. In return for her help, Lightning receives a gift from Aremiah. The service entrance key will open the cathedral after it has been locked for the night, and that will enable Lightning to meet Vanille.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Complete the Luxerion main quests. The quest is available between 10 PM and 6 AM.
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Service Entrance Key, Garb Paladin, Fragment Crystal, Max HP +40, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

After completing the main quest, a mark appears on the map denoting Aremiah outside the cathedral, who tasks Lightning with finding the Crystal Shard.

Heading west and north eventually finds Lightning at the Warehouse District. In the northeastern corner of the Warehouse District Lightning finds a man and a set of boxes. After talking to the man she should break the boxes with her weapon, and find the Crystal Shard along with some Bronzed and Silvered Medals.

Giving the Crystal Shard to Aremiah at the holy district completes the quest. Lightning can now visit Vanille at the cathedral.

The Avid Reader[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Every day, on Pilgrim's Passage, near South Station, a quiet dignified gentleman called Ranulph can be seen engrossed in his journal and nibbling on muffins brought to him by the baker, Marlon.
Ranulph's life is contented and ordered, marred only by one small wrinkle – the notebook containing the entries from the first 50 years of his life is missing. Perhaps Lightning can find it for him.
Entry 2
Ranulph smilingly tells Lightning that there is nothing of interest in his lost journal, so needn't read it if she does find it.
According to Ranulph, the book may have ended up in a secondhand shop run by a woman called Mitka. It is a slim lead, but the only one Lightning has got.
Entry 3
Lightning manages to find the woman Mitka. She once ran a secondhand shop, but she is retired now and devotes her days to God and the Order.
Mitka claims she doesn't know where the notebook has gone--but then again, she seems to know more than she is letting on.
The mystery goes deeper than a simple missing journal. If Lightning wants to learn more, it looks like she will have to go to the Warren and find a man with no name.
Entry 4
In the Warren, Lightning finds a man with a past so dark that he has cast away his own name in a bid to escape it. At one time, he was called Reddick. When he hears that Lightning is helping Ranulph, he tells her that a woman called Erine has the missing journal, and that she can be found in Yusnaan, on a balcony famous for its view of the city and the monorail tracks beyond.
Entry 5A
Lightning finds Erine and recovers Ranulph's lost journal. It is time to return it to its rightful owner.
Ranulph will be waiting anxiously in Luxerion, at his usual spot on Pilgrim's Passage, near South Station.
Entry 6A - Quest Complete
Ranulph's missing journal contains a shocking revelation. He once had a wife and daughter, but they were both brutally murdered, and the shock of it wiped his memory clean.
Lightning offers to search for the killer, but Ranulph refuses. He explains that while Lightning has reminded him of the terrible tragedy, she has also brought back good memories, too, and he wishes to live out the last days of the world dwelling on those happier times. The mystery of the killer remains, but Ranulph's soul is saved.
Entry 5B
Lightning reads Ranulph's journal and discovers that it was written by a man descending into madness after the brutal slaying of his wife and daughter.
Ranulph will be in his usual spot on Pilgrim's Passage, waiting anxiously for news about his journal. But does Lightning really want to give it to him, and rekindle those horrific memories?
Entry 6B - Quest Failed
Lightning did not save Ranulph's soul. If she had handed over the diary without reading it, and without knowing his story, things might have turned out differently.
However, she has a new mission. Ranulph wants to know the whole truth. Lightning must bring to light what has long been buried, and maybe, she can save an innocent soul.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after main quest "1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow" has been completed. Available between 5 AM and 11 PM.
First Time Rewards: 900 gil, Dull Grudge Knife, Max HP +60, Strength +6, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 1350 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +2, Magic +4

At the Pilgrim's Passage east of South Station there is a table with a mustached man reading a book. He is Ranulph who asks Lightning to find Ranulph's Journal, which he sold a long time ago to someone named Mitka.

Heading west and descending the stairs, then going around the building finds a blonde woman in a green dress. The Wandering Woman provides additional details about Mitka, saying someone by that name hangs around the commercial district. Heading northwest to The Avenue (between The Residences and Commercial District), Lightning can locate the Chocobo Emporium, and across the street in a dark corner is a masked woman, Mitka, who spawns between 5 AM and 1 AM.

Mitka directs Lightning to seek out "a man with no name" at the Wall of Joy area in the Warren. The gates are open from 12 AM to 6 AM, and Lightning can go to the North Station and follow the alley from there to get to the Wall of Joy. A man leaning against a wall is found at the base of a ramp and talking to him and ask him about the journal earns Reddick's Letter. Reddick asks Lightning to give it to someone in Yusnaan.

From the Yusnaan train station, facing the plaza, Lightning should head left to The Banquet of The Lord restaurant where she will find a girl with a ponytail. Giving her Reddick's Letter earns Ranulph's Journal.

Lightning must make a decision. She can either read Ranulph's Journal, which will fail the quest, but allows her to start a new side quest named "To Save the Sinless". If she doesn't read the journal, she can finish "The Avid Reader" quest, but "To Save the Sinless" will remain locked. The payout for "To Save The Sinless" is bigger, and it also includes the Dark Knight garb.

If the player doesn't want to play "To Save the Sinless", refusing to read the journal and taking it to Ranulph completes the quest, and he can be seen in the Arcade. Returning the read journal starts the "To Save the Sinless" quest, instead.

To Save the Sinless[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
The forgotten truths that lay in Ranulph's journal told the tale of his wife and child's murder--and a man who would give up all in his quest for revenge.
When Lightning reminds Ranulph of the cruel reality he tried to forget, he says in a clipped tone that he needs to know who was responsible. He is prepared to face the truth, no matter how much it may hurt him. His resolve demands that Lightning see this through to the end.
Entry 2
There might be others who know more about the murder of Ranulph's family. Lightning should seek out the reporter who wrote the article about the case.
Entry 3
The reporter who was assigned the case of Ranulph's family is none other than Armand, who is in his usual spot on Saint's Hill in the Residences. He tells Lightning that he will look into the case again, but that he wants her to report back to him about her own adventures, so he can write stories to inspire the people.
When Lightning completes either of these quests, she should talk to Armand:
  • Born from Chaos (Luxerion, North-South Corridor, entrance to the warehouse district)
  • Fuzzy Search (Wildlands, Aryas Village)
Entry 4
Armand's investigations have turned up new information. The prime suspect in the murder was a man called Reddick. The world believes he is dead, but Lightning knows him as the "man with no name." But if Reddick is the killer, why did he preserve Ranulph's journal so carefully? Why not just burn the evidence? Maybe it is time Lightning paid another visit to the Wall of Joy, down in the Warren.
Entry 5
Lightning gets the whole story from Reddick. He confesses that he killed Ranulph's wife and daughter. But at the same time, he reveals another key fact, one that might have tragic consequences.
Marlon, the baker's boy whom Ranulph is so fond, is Reddick's stepson. When Ranulph learns this, his whole world may come crashing down again. With a heavy heart, Lightning knows she must talk to him once more.
Entry 6 - Quest Complete
Together with the name of the killer, Ranulph learns another terrible truth. But he resolves to keep that truth locked away in his heart. Ranulph's world has been turned upside down, but he will not let it affect anyone else. He shall carry on with his life as if nothing has changed. Perhaps that way, he will find some peace.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Available between 5 AM and 11 PM. Player must fail the "The Avid Reader" quest by reading Ranulph's Journal. The "Buried Passion" quest must be completed, as well as either "Born from Chaos" or Fuzzy Search".
First Time Rewards: 4500 gil, Dark Knight, Max HP +120, Strength +12, Magic +10
Subsequent Rewards: 6800 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +10, Magic +4

Any day after completing the Buried Passion quest, Lightning should talk to Armand. If she has also completed "Born from Chaos" or "Fuzzy Search", Lightning should speak with Armand again. Now she must head for the Wall of Joy in the Warren (east from North Station; the gate opens at midnight) and talk to Reddick. Lightning can now return to Ranulph to complete the quest.

Buried Passion[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
On Saint's Hill, in the Residences, Lightning meets a sad-looking man by the name of Armand. He asks Lightning if she would care to hear the tale of his dead friend...
Entry 2
Armand's friend was a reporter, a man who firmly believed that the pen was mightier than the sword. When his career began as a cub reporter, he had little chance to put his belief into action--until, that is, the biggest story of his career landed in his lap...
But Armand ends his tale there. If Lightning wants to hear more, she will have to visit him again.
Entry 3
Armand picks up the tale of his old friend, describing how the young reporter wrote a denunciation of a certain woman--a denunciation so furious that it drove her to her death. Tragedy turned into horror when a document was discovered that proved the woman was innocent of the charges.
How did the friend respond? How could he make up for a mistake that could never be taken back? To find out, Lightning will have to return to Saint's Hill in the Residences.
Entry 4
The reporter who killed an innocent woman with his pen was Armand himself.
After the incident, he buried his treasured pen and with it all his writing ambitions, an act that left him dead inside. But if Lightning can find Armand's quill, perhaps she can rekindle his old passion. The last time Armand saw the quill was in a storage area in Old Town's marketplace.
Entry 5
The quill pen was buried just where Armand said it was, in Old Town. He is as good as dead inside, but perhaps if he sees the pen again, it will rekindle his old passion. During the day, he will be in his usual spot, on Saint's Hill in the Residences.
Entry 6 - Quest Complete
"The pen can harm people, but it can also protect the public." Hearing Lightning's words, Armand decides to return to his old calling and share the kind of stories that only someone who knows the true power of the pen can write. Lightning has rekindled a passion in Armand that had long been buried.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow". Available between 10 AM and 7 PM.
First Time Rewards: 1300 gil, Black-rimmed glasses, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 2000 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +2

Armand is found in the Residences, near the path to Forsaken Graveyard. He wears large glasses. After talking to him, Lightning must return the next day to hear another part of the story, and again return the day after. On the third day talking to him, Armand needs the Quill Pen. It is found near Sorcery Shop in Marketplace, in a smashable container in a nearby stall. Giving the Quill Pen to Armand completes the quest.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Lightning answers a phone and hears a plea for help. A young woman called Louise is being chased by a mob armed with weapons. She said something about the north side of town, near the graveyard. That could be none other than the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning will have to hurry if she wants to save the girl.
Note: This quest has a time limit. If you don't hurry, the quest may end in failure.
Entry 2A
At the cemetery gates there is no sign of Louise, but as Lightning draws near, the phone rings. It is another desperate plea from the girl, which is again suddenly cut off. This time Louise is somewhere near the cathedral, in an area with lots of people. Perhaps she called from the phone booth in front of Luxerion's South Station?
Entry 3A
By the time Lightning reaches South Station, Louise is nowhere to be seen. But the nearby phone rings, and there she is again, with another plea for help.
Lightning is about to set off to rescue her when a stranger accosts her and tells her that Louise is a well-known prankster and Lightning should not get involved. But the way the phone suddenly cut off makes Lightning think that this time, it is no prank. Louise said she was in a maze of narrow streets--could that be Old Town, perhaps?
Entry 4A
Louise was in fact snatched by a group of heretics. Witnesses saw it happen--surely this time, it is no prank. But even so, there are doubters...and anyway, people mutter darkly, even if she is in trouble, she only has herself to blame. Why should anyone stick out their neck for her?
But Lightning cannot allow the heretics to sacrifice another girl--she must head for the Warren and rescue Louise before it is too late.
Entry 5A - Quest Complete
Lightning rescues Louise in the nick of time, and is astounded to hear that the girl allowed herself to be kidnapped by the heretics. When Lightning asks why she would do such a thing, the girl confesses that she wanted to find out if people were worth believing anymore, and that she was willing to bet her life to find out.
Louise's gamble was the only way she could think to rekindle the hope in her heart. Against all expectations, Lightning answered her plea, and now she has found a way to hope again, even as the world dies around her. Her soul is saved.
Entry 2B/3B/4B/5B - Quest Failed
Lightning is too late to save Louise. Her body has been found, another victim of the Etro fanatics.
A sacrifice in the place of the savior... What was she thinking at the moment of her death?
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Available the next day after completing main quest "1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow". Failable and missable.
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Leather Rucksack, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

In North Station Plaza, the phone in the phone booth rings and Lightning answers and talks to a girl named Louise who claims of being chased. Lightning must now look for other ringing phones, and the next one is the phone booth outside Forsaken Graveyard Gate. The one after that is the phone booth on 1st Ave. Next, in Old Theater near South Station, Lightning answers a phone and must talk to a man near the phone booth, who claims she is being pranked. In the Wall of Wealth area at the Warren, where Lightning found a code digit earlier during the main quest, Lightning will catch up with Louise and complete the quest. Should Lightning fail to save Louise, her body will be found in Old Town. The Fretting Man near South Station will reveal her mother to be Mitka.

Stuck in a Gem[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
On Pilgrim's Passage in the holy district, Lightning meets a talking cat who begs for help. Can this really be part of the savior's mandate? Must Lightning help cats as well as people?
Entry 2
The talking cat is really a young boy called Ronan, whose soul has ended up in a cat's body thanks to Lumina's trickery. The only way to return him to his true form is a dose of an antidote called starlit spice.
The first step is to find a merchant in Luxerion who sells the concoction.
Entry 3
Lightning has found a merchant who can sell her a vial of starlit spice, which she needs to rescue Ronan from his jam.
Rubrio sells his wares down by the Wall of Joy in the Warren. If Lightning can slay some Niblets, she should be able to collect a couple of Niblet hairballs. Then Rubrio will mix the concoction for her.
Entry 4
Lightning has the starlit spice, and now she just needs Ronan to take a whiff of the tincture. He can usually be found somewhere around daybreak in the company of cats. The problem is, if the other cats catch the scent they will surely try to steal the spice. Lightning has to get close to Ronan while avoiding the rest of the caterwauling cluster.
Entry 5
The cats have stolen the previous vial of starlit spice. Perhaps Rubrio, the merchant down by the Wall of Joy in the Warren, can brew Lightning another batch.
Entry 6 - Quest Complete
Thanks to Lightning's help, Ronan is returned to his true form--but his beloved cat, Gem, isn't coming back. Ronan is overcome with gloom, but at that moment, he hears Gem's voice, speaking from the otherworld. She tells him that it is enough that he remembers her, and that he loved her when she lived. This little exchange, a perfect miracle, is enough to save Ronan's soul.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-2: In The Shadow Of The Heretics". Start after 3 PM.
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Black Cat Ears, Max HP + 80, Magic + 12
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

If Lightning tries to talk to Gem before 3 PM, found in a secluded area east from the South Station within a curved alley, she'll appear only as a normal cat. In truth, "Gem" is actually a boy named Ronan whose desire to bring his cat back to life resulted with his soul transferred into it by a potion he received from Lumina. Gem asks Lightning to restore her owner's soul back into his body via the Starlit Spice item.


Lightning must speak to Rubrio, who resides in the area called Wall of Joy that can be accessed after midnight, when the gates to the Warren open. The Wall of Joy is north from Old Town, and Rubrio will be wearing a large straw hat. He will ask for two Niblet Hairballs to create Starlit Spice.

Ronan is located in the Market area of the Old Town, east from North Station and south from Wall of Joy. He is a boy surrounded by cats, who will react to the Starlit Spice and take it from Lightning if she comes upon contact with her forced to buy a new bunch. A good idea is to sprint around the cats to get near Ronan and quickly press the corresponding button to talk to him. Curing Ronan ends the quest.

Get the Girl[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Down in the Warren, at the bottom of Mangled Hill, slumps a forlorn office with a said tale to tell. His name is Lackley, and he was abandoned on his wedding day by his bride-to-be.
For decades he searched for his fair Philiana, to no avail. He has given up hope now, but perhaps Lightning can succeed where he could not.
Entry 2
Soon after she disappeared, Lackley's betrothed, Philiana, was working at one of Yusnaan's finest restaurants. Perhaps she is still in the trade, at another high-class restaurant.
If Lightning shows the engagement ring around, it might trigger someone's memory. It is time Lightning paid a visit to Yusnaan.
Entry 3
In Yusnaan, Lightning uncovers a surprising twist in the story of Lackley's missing bride. Apparently, an old woman who worked at the Banquet of the Lord was seen in possession of her ring. Unfortunately, the old lady was taken ill, and after that, the trail goes cold. Still, she must have handed the ring on to someone. Lightning should head back to Mangled Hill in the Warren and tell Lackley what she has learned.
Entry 4
In the Warren, Lightning meets a woman called Seila. She is an old friend of Lackley and his bride, and knows the whole story of the wedding that did not happen.
But she does not want Lackley to overhear them. She proposes to meet Lightning in the Forsaken Graveyard, and there she will share everything she knows.
Entry 5 - Quest Complete
Seila reveals the tragedy that befell Philiana. Just before the wedding day, she began to age rapidly, and this is the reason that she fled the wedding. After that, she worked for a brief time at the Banquet of the Lord, until she died of old age.
Lackley, hiding nearby, also hears the tale. He is overcome with grief to learn his bride is dead--but at the same time, the truth has the power to heal. He vows to reform his life and once again become the man that Philiana fell in love with.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow". Start after 12 AM.
First Time Rewards: 1500 gil, Exotic Shades, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +8
Subsequent Rewards: 2250 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +6

Lackley resides in the Warren, accessed after midnight when the gates open, in the sub-area Wall of Wealth, at the bottom of some stairs surrounded by bottles. Lackley talks about his missing bride, Philiana, and tasks Lightning with finding her, giving her Lackley's Ring.

Traveling to Yusnaan, Lightning finds Glutton's Quarter, an area with restaurants. Up some stairs on the side Lightning can find the Banquet of the Lord restaurant, and Banquet Maitre D' who is wearing sunglasses, has a brown shirt, and a violet vest. Banquet Maitre D' doesn't know where Philiana went after leaving his restaurant, but knows she returned to Luxerion to see an old friend wearing an unusual hat.

Returning to Luxerion, Lightning should return to Lackley and near him find a woman named Seila. who will ask Lightning to see her in Sinner's Corner. Traveling to the Forsaken Graveyard's Sinner's Corner (it is the next area from the phone booth, where Lightning gained access with a code during the main quest) and talking to Seila completes the quest.

A Rose by Any Other Name[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
By the Wall of Wealth, down in the Warren, Lightning encounters a young boy called Alrick. However, it is not Lightning he wants to speak to – it is a look-alike called Myka, who he believes is the real savior.
Myka had promised to bring the boy and his mother a legendary flower known as the phantom rose. But Myka is a fraud, and it is up to Lightning to deliver the promise.
Entry 2
Lightning speaks to Myka's soul, and learns of her ironic fate. The woman who Alrick believed was the true savior fell victim to the murderous fanatics of the Children of Etro.
After she tells her tale, Myka's soul seems to enter a crimson flower and disappear. It turns out that she had found the phantom rose, after all. Now it is up to Lightning to fulfill the promise and take the flower to the Warren and give it to Alrick and his mother, Marsha.
Entry 3 - Quest Complete
A phantom rose. A mysterious flower that looks like a rose, but isn't. This is what Myka had promised to the family, and what she found. Lightning delivers the flower to the boy and fulfills Myka's promise.
Myka was no savior--she was just a delusional young girl. And yet, in one small corner of the city, a mother and her child are saved by a fake savior...and a phantom rose.
Difficulty: ★★★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-5 Hunter In Light And Shadow". Start after 12 AM.
First Time Rewards: 3200 gil, Garb Purple Lightning, Crystal Rose, Red Bow Tie, Max HP +120, Strength +10, Magic +12
Subsequent Rewards: 5200 gil, Max HP +80, Strength +4, Magic +10

Alrick is a little boy in the Wall Of Joy area of the Warren, reached after midnight when the gates open. He is wearing a green jacket and a red bowtie, and will ask Lightning to find the Phantom Rose.

The Phantom Rose is obtained from Myka, one of the ghosts Lightning will have to visit while working on another side quest, "Voices from the Grave". She is found at the monument is Sinner's Corner where the Children of Etro were performing their rites during the main quest.

Giving Alrick the rose completes the quest.

Voices from the Grave[]

Entry 1 - Quest Begins
Residents of Luxerion speak of seeing the ghosts of women, wandering late at night. Lightning should search the city and find out the truth behind the reports.
Entry 2
Lightning meets the ghost of Carla, who was killed by the Children of Etro.
Carla explains to Lightning that the reason no new people are born is that the goddess Etro no longer exists to maintain the cycle of death and rebirth. This was Etro's true role, and if no one takes her place in the new world that God is building, no humans with souls can be born. After she tells her tale, Carla's soul returns to the Chaos.
Entry 3
Lightning meets the ghost of Myka, who was killed by the Children of Etro.
Myka explains how she heard a voice telling her that she was the savior. She believed the voice, and that is why the heretics targeted her. However, it was not God she heard, only her own mind, whispering what she wanted to hear. After she tells her tale, Myka's soul is saved, and it returns to the Chaos. A dead soul has been saved--but how?
Entry 4
Lightning meets the ghost of Zandra, who was killed by the Children of Etro. Zandra explains that she led an Order unit tasked with hunting down heretics. She describes how she had her doubts about the Order's oppression, and how the rebel Shadow Hunter weakened the Order's iron grip. The dead have tales to tell that they don't want the living to forget. Her own story told, Zandra's soul returns to the Chaos.
Entry 5 - Quest Complete
Lightning talks to the ghost of Carla, Myka and Zandra, victims of the heretics, and in doing so, she saves each of their souls. How could that be possible? Hope told Lightning she cannot save the souls of the dead. Surely he would not lie to her, but the seeds of doubt have been planted in Lightning's mind. Clearly, there is more to God's plan than she has been told.
Difficulty: ★
Requirements: Complete main quest "1-5 Hunter in Light and Shadow. Starts after 6 AM
Rewards: 400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Halo
Subsequent Rewards: 600 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

After 6 AM there is a guard south from the Clock Tower, near the stairs, who talks about ghostly rumors. After triggering the quest, Lightning must find a resident in Pilgrim's Passage, west from her current location. The NPC wears a black jacket and is close to the alley that connects Pilgrim's Passage and 2nd. Ave. He will provide additional details to the quest.

The next person Lightning must visit is in Plaza of Prayers, northwest across the following areas: 2nd Ave., Idol Ave., 1st Ave., North-South Corridor and Blessed Stroll. After descending the stairs in Blessed Stroll Lightning will find a woman in Plaza Of Prayers wearing a black dress. After talking to her Lightning should head to the North Station and in the North Plaza, near Chocolina, talk to a woman wearing a white and brown shirt.

The next step is to find the ghosts of the women murdered by the Children of Etro. The ghosts appear after midnight. Carla appears on the North Plaza, near the central statue. Myka is at the Monument where the "1-4 Rites for a Goddess" main quest ended. Myka will give a "Phantom Rose (required for "A Rose by Any Other Name" quest). A ghost named Zandra is at the Clock Tower in the area behind the large building. Talking all ghosts completes the quest.