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Lux (ルクスの村, Rukusu no Mura?) is a small town in the beginning Final Fantasy Dimensions located south of Castle Lux. The bottom left corner of town there has a small lake the player can get in by way of a stairwell and walk through. Lux and Castle Lux are part of a conglomerate kingdom that have control over the Crystal and Crystal Temple, earning them an alliance with the far stronger and larger Avalonian Empire.


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Lux is home to Sol, Glaive, Aigis and Diana. After picking up Aigis at the Checkpoint, Diana throws a fit, with Sol clueless as to why she's angry with him. After the conflict is resolved, the three agree to sneak inside the castle.

The town disappears alongside Castle Lux after the Crystal at the Crystal Temple shatters.

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Item Place
Potion Barrel (near Diana's house)
Eye Drops Barrel (near the lake)
100 gil Pot (in the house north of the item shop)
Maiden's Kiss Pot (in the house east of the Inn)
Silk Robe Flowerpot (in the house east of the Inn)
Potion Shelf (Middle of Glaive's house)
Tent Shelf (Bottom of Glaive's house)
Leather Hat Barrel (Sol's house)
Phoenix Down Shelf (Sol's house)



Item Price
Potion 30
Maiden's Kiss 60
Antidote 40
Eye Drops 30
Phoenix Down 200
Tent 200


Item Price
Knife 80
Short Sword 130
Broadsword 250
Staff 100
Rod 80


Item Price
Leather Shield 100
Leather Helm 80
Leather Hat 50
Cotton Cap 60
Leather Armor 120
Leather Shirt 80
Cotton Robe 100

The inn charges 10 gil per night, however there is a bed in Glaive's house in the top right corner of town available for rest free of charge as well as in Sol's house in the top left corner of town.

Musical theme[]

"The Wind of Home," the game's most common Town Theme, plays in the town of Lux.



Lux is the SI unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area. It is also the Latin word for "light."