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Clan Nutsy soundly defeating Clan Dip.

Much-traveled pass, with the occasional roadshop.


Lutia Pass (ルテチア峠, Rutechia-tōge?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It is the site of "Mission #002: Thesis Hunt", where Marche and company confront a band of thieves that have stolen a thesis.

Lutia Pass is also the site of "Mission #044: Snow in Lutia", "Mission #045: Frosty Mage", "Mission #046: Prof in Trouble", "Mission #072: Lutia Mop-up", and the clan in "Mission #101: Clan Roundup" spawns from here. Lutia Pass can be freed in "Mission #241: Lutia Pass" after "Mission #004: Desert Peril".


  • "Mission #002: Thesis Hunt"

I search for my master the late Dr. Dalilei's thesis. It was taken from me by bandits as I crossed the Lutia Pass.

Dr. Coleman, Geologist
  • "Mission #044: Snow in Lutia"

Would you please take my children to play in the snow on Lutia Pass? I'll make you lunch! Please watch out for monsters.

Auntie Larsu
  • "Mission #045: Frosty Mage"

I saw a bad wizard doing something up in the snow mountains. He's up to no good, I know it! He was making all this ice!

Laudy, Shopkeeper's Son
  • "Mission #046: Prof in Trouble"

Please find Professor Auggie. He's been gone to the Lutia Pass for three days now. Maybe he's lost, or buried in an avalanche!

Dag, Research Assistant
  • "Mission #072: Lutia Mop-up"

We found another nest of those Borzoi worms in Lutia Pass! We've got four of their capos already, only three to go!

Sprohm Town Watch
  • "Mission #241: Lutia Pass"

I opened a shop in Lutia Pass, but not a single customer has come yet! I think I need to advertise. Could you pass out flyers?

Bintz, Tool Shop


Clan Dip[]

Good with bows. Watch out for attacks from behind.


Turf Defense[]

Help Lutia![]

  • Archer (Human)
  • Archer (Viera)
  • Soldier
  • White Mage