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Lusse is a character from World of Final Fantasy who serves as the mother of Lann and Reynn and as the wife of Rorrik. She also served as a motherly figure to a young Hauyn.



Lusse appears as a middle-aged woman with long blonde hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a purple top with a pink cravat while also wearing a black corset. Below her corset, she wears a black miniskirt and black thigh-high boots.


Lusse was a loving mother to her children, Lann and Reynn and an inspirational mentor to Hauyn. She was a strong-willed woman who would do anything to ensure the safety of her children.

Who's Who[]

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Age: 44
(In flashbacks)
Notes: Reynn and Lann's mother / Queen of the Keepers / Sigils on both arms / Divine miracles / Kind mother / "Turn those corners up"
Lusse Farna's Past
A Jiant Queen who used to rule over the original Nine Wood Hills. She possessed extraordinary power, even compared to generations of Farnas. The divine sigils on both her arms (of which Lann and Reynn inherited one each) marked her as a worker of divine miracles. Before and after acceding to the throne at a young age, she produced countless wonders, such that history still remembers her as the Sovereign of Miracles.
One of Lusse Farna's greatest achievements was to create, with the help of her future husband, Rorrik, a special crystal knife capable of subduing Mirages. These knives, which came to be known as "widgets," brought Grymoire's Mirages under Farna control and kept them from terrorizing the people.
Lusse was a good queen, full of integrity and dignity, and one who put down her foot when needed. But when it came to her own children, she was the same as many mothers: full of love, and sometimes too lenient. We know now that more discipline was called for, as the twins' abuse of the power they gained had terrible repercussions for the world to come.
The Power of Breakers
One of Lusse's abilities was that of a "Breaker." This godlike power allowed her to subvert the world's rules—literally break them—and perform seemingly impossible feats. One of these feats was containing Lann and Reynn's home, Nine Wood Hills, in its own private world, and splicing that world out of Grymoire.
Breaker power manifests itself most visibly in the arms, transforming them into superhuman shapes. This phenomenon can be traced back to Enna Kros—or more specifically, the royal line of Alexander. It is tricky to hide and control, especially for humans that Alexander has passed it on to. Even the great Enna Kros finds her right arm willfully transforming into Alexander's when she least expects it; in male form, it is the left arm that occasionally gives Alexander away.
First World of Origin:


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Prior to the events of World of Final Fantasy, Lusse was the mother to Lann and Reynn and was assisted by Hauyn and Rorrik with controlling the Mirages. Following the twins summoning Brandelis into their plane of existence, Lusse's body was taken as a vessel by the spirit of the Exnine Knight, Pellinore. However, due to Lusse's innate magical ability, she was able to maintain some level of control over her body and prevented Pellinore from reaching her maximum potential.

Following Pellinore's defeat at the hands of the twins, she reverts back into Lusse's form.

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