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An energetic boy with more than enough curiosity. Fearless, which gets him into trouble. A prankster, which also gets him in trouble. Never abandons someone in need.


Luso Clemens is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, who also appears as an optional playable character in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. A schoolboy who, one day while cleaning up the school library, finds the Grimoire of the Rift, and accidentally summons the past Ivalice.




Luso is a young man with blue eyes and brown wavy hair kept in a ponytail. He wears a red hat with a silver brooch, yellow dungarees with a white-lined red vest under it, and has a four-leaf clover emblem on one of the shoulder straps. He has a blue belt with a black-and-red beetle motif, and a second belt where Luso hangs the Grimoire. A green shawl is wrapped around his waist. He has a blue gauntlet and a silver shield on his left arm, and a regular sleeve and a glove on his right arm. He has low-heeled boots.

In Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions his appearance remains similar, although simpler. He has different shoes and no knee-guards, the green shawl is of simpler design and the bag he carries is different, although it appears he is still carrying a book. In his concept art he has brown eyes.


Luso is energetic and adventurous. In school, this gets him into trouble; he is the class clown and gets sent to detention even on the last day of school. When he is pulled into Ivalice through the Grimoire, he's eager to explore and have fun. Initially he's in over his head, but he learns well from Cid's mentoring. He's quick to make friends and easily outraged by bullies and injustice. He's initially annoyed by Adelle, but soon thinks of her as a friend when she joins the clan (although they still bicker). With the numerous quests he fulfills, Luso acclimates to Ivalice's magick and unusual characters.

Luso matures over the course of his adventure. Though he doesn't always get along with his aunt (who has raised him ever since his parents' deaths), Luso admits that most of the friction stems from her worry for him, and resolves to be a better nephew once he returns home. As eager as he is for adventure, he wants to return to his own world eventually and thinks he will be able to face his troubles better when he does.

Luso develops a strong sense of morality and justice, and feels particularly disgusted at poachers and other rampant criminals, being more rash, reckless, and speaking his mind at them before rushing into action to stop them. When he learns Khamja is behind a chain of poaching, and the machinations involved to accomplish their crimes, he begins to dimension how influential his enemies are and feels frustrated at being unable to stop them entirely, but nonetheless reassures himself of keep trying so as to make a difference, even if a small one.

By the end, both Cid and Adelle have learned to appreciate Luso's internal strength and declare their absolute trust on his potential.

Luso fears ghosts and other undead creatures, and his line in random encounters is different when the enemy formation is such.


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Luso Clemens is a student known for his mischievous streak. Just before the school's summer break Luso is sent by Mr. Blair to help Mr. Randell, the school's librarian, to clean the library as punishment. Mr. Randell is not in when he arrives, so he takes the opportunity to explore. Luso finds a mysterious book on the table with its pages empty, save for an inscription asking the reader to write the name of the one who would finish the book.

Luso writes down his name, and is warped to the world of Ivalice. Luso appears in front of a Crushatrice called Klesta and its Cockatrice flock, but Clan Gully, led by Cid, is at the scene. Cid urges Luso to join his clan, summoning a Judge to help with the process. Luso is made a Soldier, and helps Clan Gully defeat the Crushatrice.

Luso and the Grimoire of the Rift.

During one of the quests he takes with the clan, Luso and Cid discover that he has with him a magick journal. Luso recalls the mysterious book that brought him to Ivalice, and they conclude a magician named Lezaford may know about the book. Luso meets up with, and is joined by, the infamous Adelle the Cat who accompanies him in the quest after Cid is injured on a night-time stroll while trying to find information on Lezaford's whereabouts.

Adelle and Luso find Lezaford at the Aldanna Range, where the mage takes a closer look at Luso's journal and declares it to be a grimoire, a magickal tome with the power to return Luso to his world. Lezaford assures Luso he would only need to fill out the grimoire's pages by living out his life in Ivalice the best he can. Luso concludes the best way to do this is to take every possible mission available at the pub.

During a mission at Tramdine Fens, Luso is infected with a wayward spirit that begins to haunt his dreams. After defeating the Oversoul at the Nazan Mines, some of Luso's memories are unlocked. Adelle learns Luso's parents have died and he was raised by his aunt, a woman who often worried after Luso's tardiness.

Luso meets the Nightshade Illua at Zellea, the Forbidden Land, and defeats her and the Neukhia that spawn out of her grimoire. His grimoire is completed, and he is allowed to return home. His friends gather at Targ Wood, the site of Luso's appearance in Ivalice, to see the Judge send him off in a column of light. Upon returning to the school library, Luso tells his story to Mr. Randell, who believes him (as Mr. Randell had previously been sent to Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, though a different kind) and allows Luso to keep the grimoire. Luso continues to use the book as a journal, recording not his adventures in Ivalice, but those of his own world.

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Luso has access to all hume jobs. His Speed growth is slow but he has high Attack.

He begins as a Soldier. Due to Luso being more geared towards physical prowess, it is a good idea to have him level and develop skills in the Soldier job and grow his stats in a balanced manner, and later have him level and develop both in the Fighter job to learn powerful offensive skills and more offensive stats, and the Paladin job to bolster his defenses.

Later on it is advisable to have him learn and switch into the Ninja job to gain speed and learn the Dual Wield passive ability, which will increase his offensive. He can also learn and level as a Parivir giving him stronger offensive and potent Skills while at the same time developing some HP.

Following this route will allow Luso to become a formidable offensive tank later on with decent defense and a good HP value. For variety, one could also have him learn Blue Magick due to their different effects. Some, like Mighty Guard, White Wind, War Dance and Dragon Force can capitalize on the aforementioned growth. By bolstering his stats and healing for large amounts of HP.

Musical themes[]

Luso's musical theme is "Luso". Parts of the theme were used in "A Hymn for the Journey" (which is the song Hurdy played before Luso comes back to his home world), "A Sound that Connects the World", "Each Tale", and "Words Put Together".

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Luso appears as an optional playable character in the War of the Lions version. Luso's zodiac sign is Cancer and his job is Game Hunter, specializing in poaching, even if this was an activity that he was disgusted by in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Much like the other cameo characters (Cloud and Balthier), Luso's age is not displayed when the player views his profile.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Artniks[]

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Luso appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Fire- and Wind-elemental Forward cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Knights of the Crystals[]

KotC Russo.png

Russo appears as a card in the Ivalice Special Arena has a limited-time special arena with eighteen floors.

Behind the scenes[]

Artwork of Luso and a Judge.

In an early draft for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Luso was the last villager left with the others having gone away or died. The developers abandoned this plot as it was deemed too dark,[citation needed] but it may have been used for Adelle's backstory when she speaks to Lezaford the second time, as she alludes to a plague wiping out her village, with herself being the only survivor due to her being a Gifted One.

Luso's large rounded sword at the artwork had appeared in the Bishop's ability "Judge", while Marche and Cid also has the same large rounded sword at his artwork. This may imply that Luso's artwork sword is indeed the Judge Sword. Regardless, the player cannot obtain it for personal use. The sword looks identical to the weapon held by Rue, the protagonist in Threads of Fate, another Square title.


An unknown voice in Luso's point of view could be heard in the Japanese trailer of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. He is voiced by Justin Cowden in the english of War of the Lions.



"Luso" is an adjective of Latin origin that describes the region of the Iberian Peninsula that corresponds to Portugal. Whether by design or coincidence, he wears the colors of Portuguese flag. "Clemens" is a Latin word meaning "kind, merciful, gentle".


  1. On various occasions, Vaan refers to Luso as "Red Cap".