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Vaan under the Lure status.

Lure logo.

The character draws the attention of foes and will be their sole target. The effect is temporary.


Lure (おとり, Otori?, lit. Decoy) is a status effect in Final Fantasy XII. While Lure is in effect, it will cause creatures to attack a specific player character, allowing the player control the damage their casters take by focusing enemy attention on the more durable party members.

Lure overrides enemy AI, forcing them to attack the Lured target rather than altering the target's enmity. Lure only draws the attention of enemies that are present when it is bestowed. It affects enemies even if they are berserked. Lure does not work if the Lured party member is not in the enemy's detection range. Multiple allies can have the Lure status at once.

Lure is granted by the spell Decoy, which can only target allies and is ineffective on enemies if reflected. Like Reflect, the status will flash over a character's HP bar, something otherwise only done by negative status effects. Lure is also similar to Berserk in that, despite having a blue font like other positive status effects, the spell can be resisted and thus miss, though they are still removed with Dispel and will not be removed when touching a Save Crystal. Ribbons also uniquely protect against Lure, and Lure and Stop cannot coexist on a party member.

The icon for the status is a duck, which reflects the origin of decoy. In the Japanese original version and International Zodiac Job System, the icon is a Kanji character "囮" for otori.