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Normal: "A violent fiend that attacks indiscriminately no matter what the odds. Its fearsome Killer Fang can KO an opponent with a single hit. "
Oversoul: "A loathsome fiend that can attack four times in a row. Even worse, it will sometimes wolf down your Gil!"


Lupus is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It can be annoying with its instant killing Killer Fang attack and gil-reducing 1,000 Gil Gnasher, but is otherwise not very powerful. In Oversoul, it has access to Quintuple Attack, which can be very dangerous if the party is not leveled up enough. Setting up Protect will help with dealing with it, and using strong physical attacks or status attacks such as Sleep will also help immensely with dealing with this foe.


"Lupus" is Latin for "Wolf".

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