Lupus is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Skoll's model from Final Fantasy X.

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Battle[edit | edit source]

Lupus in battle.

Lupus can be annoying with its instant killing Killer Fang attack and gil-reducing 1,000 Gil Gnasher, but is otherwise not very powerful. In Oversoul, it has access to Quintuple Attack, which can be dangerous if the party is not leveled up enough. Setting up Protect will help with dealing with it, and using strong physical attacks or status attacks, such as Sleep, will also help.

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

Fiend Tale[edit | edit source]

Can you prove to the world who you are? For me, there's no one, human or fiend, who can vouch for me. I have nothing. There's no one who will call my name. Even I myself can't remember who I am...
The one thing I do remember is Sin. I was in the forest that day, and I was running frantically. Where was I running to? I keep feeling that there was something... I was trying to protect. What could it have been? I can no longer recall. But it was there, in that forest, that I fell to Sin.
At times I hear a child's voice calling out to me... "Promise?" it says. Back then, when I ran through the forests near the Moonflow, I heard the same voice resonating within me. Sin was very close, but I did not hide. I was trying to reach some place in the forest. I wasn't trying to flee. I was trying to protect something... precious to me.
Guess what! I remembered what I was trying to protect! When I was but a boy, we buried a time capsule in the forest. I was looking for it when Sin came. My promise was to keep it safe. That's why I was running... What could be inside? Do you suppose it's still where we buried it?

In the Fiend Tale ending, Rezzo, the real name of the Lupus, wandered before returning to the Moonflow to dig up the capsule and gain closure from reading a letter from his younger self, who buried a time capsule with his friends Gaus, Cana, and Zyg before they were killed by Sin.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The gray wolf's binomial name is Canis lupus. Lupus is Latin for "wolf" and it is a loanword of Greek in origin, and may either be derived from λεοποσ (leopos), meaning "lion-footed," or from λουκᾶς (loukas), meaning "light."

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