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FFX-2 Lupine Dash

Lupine Dash minigame.

Lupine Dash is one of the Attractions that can be played in the Calm Lands in Final Fantasy X-2. It is similar to real life horse racing. The player's aim is to bet on a Lupine that they think is most likely to win the race. If they bet on the winning Lupine, they win.


Rules: Predict the outcome of a five-lupine race.

Win Bet: Pick the first place winner.
Double Bet: Pick the first and second place winners.

The tougher the odds, the more credits you stand to win!


Players can place their bet two ways.

Win Bet

Players place a bet on one of the five Lupines that they think are most likely to win the race.

Double Bet

The player bets on two of the five Lupines that they think are most likely to come first and second. The order does not matter, as long as they come first and second.

Review BetsEdit

Using this option, players can review which Lupine they have bet on. It also shows the number of credits that have been bet.


In order to decide which Lupine to bet on, the player must first look at Odds.


Odds are the likelihood that the Lupine in question would win the race. The same Lupine (distinguished by the Lupine number, not the Entrant number) can have different odds in different races, depending on how strong or weak its opponents are. The higher the odds, the less likely that the Lupine in question will win. Conversely, the lower the odds, the more likely that it will win the race.

The lowest odds of the five is what are called the "favorite". The more favored Lupine is, the less payout the player will receive should it win the race.



Determines how fast the Lupine will run. The higher the number, the faster it runs.


Determines how long the Lupine can last on the course.


Determines the Lupines ability to regain their stamina, allowing them to either catch up or pull ahead of the other Lupines should they fall behind.


Determines the odds of the Lupine doing above their normal abilities or below.


Determines the changes caused by the Flux stat have a better chance of being positive.


Determines the odds. The higher the Overall ratings, the more favored it is.

Placing a BetEdit

Win BetEdit

In order to place a win bet, choose "Place a win bet" on the main menu screen. In the top left corner, is the betting console and in the bottom right corner, are the stats of the Lupine. Moving the cursor up and down will change the statistics console. After carefully evaluating each of the Lupines and deciding on which one to bet on, press X. Another console will pop up asking how many tickets to use on the bet at a maximum of 5. Depending on which class was chosen at the beginning, the cost of each ticket differs.

Class Credits per ticket
1 1
2 5
3 10
4 25
5 100

Double BetEdit

Essentially the same as Win Bet, except this time, the player will be betting on two Lupines.

After the player has placed their bets, they can review them by choosing "Review Bets". If unsatisfied with the bets, players can choose to "Place a new bet".


In order to view the results and claim any winnings choose either "Single Bet", to see the results for the single bet race or "Double Bet" to view the results of the double bet race.

The result of the single bet will be similar to this (same applies to the double bet):

1: 5 x 0 = 0
2: 0 x 1.67 = 0
3: 0 x 0 = 0
4: 0 x 0 = 0
5: 0 x 0 = 0

The first column is the Entrant number. If it is a double bet, there will be two numbers. The second column displays the number of credits used to place the bet. For example, the "5" next to Entrant #1 denotes 5 credits was used to bet on it. The third column displays the odds of the winning Entrant. If it is zero, that means the entrant did not win. For example, Entrant #2 won, so its odds are displayed.

The fourth column is the number of tickets the player has won if they bet on the winning Lupine. For example, if they had bet on Entrant #2 instead, the row would become:

2: 5 x 1.67 = 8

Musical themesEdit

"Rikku's Theme" plays during the minigame.


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