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The Lupin are a race of wolf-like Beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV, who seem to have no primal of their own. They are native to Othard, or at least Doma, and have existed in relative harmony with the local population of Doma up until the Imperial invasion.

Notable members[]

  • Hakuro Whitefang - a Ferae Domitae Centurion and Samurai, former servant and friend to Lord Hien.
  • Masatsuchi - a Lupin farmer in Namai. Can be challenged to Triple Triad matches.
  • Mauto - one of Hakuro Whitefang's subordinates, found in the Doman Enclave during its rebuilding.


The average Lupin is a humanoid of comparable height and build to most Hyur, though certain individuals are significantly taller. They have distinct claws, wolf-like tails, and prominent, upright ears. Unlike the vast majority of Beastmen, the Lupin were largely and loyally subservient to the local Doman lords, rather than antagonistic or oppressed. When forced to fight, the Lupin seem to prefer arming themselves with spears and bows, with a select few choosing to use swords instead (possibly as a symbol of rank or status).

Unfortunately, after the Garlean Empire subjugated Doma, many local Lupin either abandoned their Doman masters and turned to banditry, or were pressed into Imperial service as Ferae Domitae. Some civilian Lupin remain among the village populations, but they seem few and far between.

At this time, little else is known about the Lupin. As they are not an established "independent" faction like the other beastman tribes, they do not seem to maintain a stronghold. While there are confirmed cases of Lupin bandits throughout the Glittering Basin in Yanxia, they have yet to organize and may reintegrate with the larger Doman populace after the events of the main storyline of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.


  • Concepts for the Lupin were first seen alongside various head style concepts for the Au Ra.