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We are Lunite. Hatred is our lifeblood... Rancor shall pave the path to the crimson heavens!

Cu Chaspel

Lunites are humans who have been "touched" by the evil power of the Moon in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, first appearing in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Lunites thrive on negative emotions such as rage and greed, as these emotions are of the Moon.

Due to the inherent opposition of the Great Crystal and the Moon, Lunites are unable to use crystals and magic. Thus their goal is to utilize the ability of powerful crystal users, twisting and controlling it to allow them to obtain the evil power of the Moon. Their means of both encasing their victims within crystals and using their abilities is unknown, but the end result of the process is the death of the victim once their power is exhausted.

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Princess Tilika was the first such victim, and when she attempted to restrain her power and halt the process, it resulted in the explosion that destroyed Rela Cyel. The Lunites obtained a second victim, the Starsinger Lady Aleria, shortly after the birth of her children Yuri and Chelinka. She would remain in their custody for several years, until the player party's attack on the Crystal Temple toward the end of the game's storyline.

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Lunites are apparently also capable of embedding corrupted crystals in monsters, increasing power and aggression. However, these red crystals are also a weakness, bringing a much swifter end to the monster if the crystal is the focus of an attack.

Galdes (leader of the Lunites and self-proclaimed "Lunite King") and his servant Cu Chaspel serve as the game's antagonists. They are in control of Rebena Te Ra's Crystal Temple as Heirophant and anchorite respectively, giving them great influence over the populace. As Cu Chaspel puts it, "Subverting greed-driven acolytes took no great effort at all", because people who let their negative emotions get the better of them become partly "moontouched", and are easily manipulated by Lunites.