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Fencer command. Use quick, lunging sword attacks.


Lunge Tech (突剣技, Totsukengi?) is the action ability for the Fencer in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP Power Range
Swarmstrike Stinger 100 As Weapon As Weapon
Deals damage and poisons like stinging bees..
Shadowstick Silver Rapier 200 As Weapon
Attack to hinder movement, reducing target's speed.
Checkmate Gupti Aga 300 As Weapon
Attack capable of ending all life. Dooms target.
Featherblow Estoc 200 As Weapon As Weapon
Flurry of attacks. Good hit rate, light damage.
Swallowtail Djinn Flyssa 300 As Weapon Self
Weave like a butterfly, damaging nearby enemies.
Manastrike Mage Masher 300 As Weapon As Weapon
Strikes target's will directly, damaging MP.
Piercethrough Flamberge 200 As Weapon Line
Armor-penetrating attack. Also hits unit behind.
Nighthawk Joyeuse 200 As Weapon 4
Attack as swift as the hunting hawk.


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