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Lunatic High is Red XIII's second level 1 Limit in Final Fantasy VII. It grants Haste to all active allies, improving their speed, and raises Red XIII's Defense% stat by +50%.

Red XIII engulfs himself in energy, howls, and then passes the energy on to the party.


Lunatic High is obtained by performing Sled Fang eight times. Red XIII can equip the Cover Materia and use a Hyper to achieve Fury to achieve this more quickly.


Lunatic High grants the Haste status effect to all party members still alive, which causes one's ATB gauge to fill twice as fast. Lunatic High also grants +50% to Red XIII's Defense%, allowing him to dodge physical attacks. Lunatic High is therefore a powerful boost to the party early on, and is one of two Limits for Red XIII that provide buffs to the party rather than pure damage.

Lunatic High is better for Red XIII than Sled Fang, as his physical damage is typically less impressive and the boost provided by Haste is better long-term for a boss fight. Sled Fang can still be used if Haste has already been applied. Later, Red XIII's level 3 Limit, Howling Moon, renders Lunatic High obsolete, providing greater boosts to Red XIII overall in addition to also providing Haste, while the Big Guard ability from Enemy Skill Materia or Time Materia can also provide Haste, and make Lunatic High redundant. Aside from this, the ability is worth considering keeping until Red XIII obtains his level 3 Limit, unless the damage output from his level 2 Limits are needed.


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