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The Lunar Whale glitch is a particularly harmful glitch in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV.

The glitch occurs when the player parks the Lunar Whale somewhere on the moon, enters the Lair of the Father, and walks around the moon after exiting. When walking around the moon, the Lunar Whale will appear on the map, but is nowhere to be found in the actual game, and there will be no way to board it. The only way to find the Lunar Whale again is if the player can remember which direction they went around the moon from, and then go back the way they came. Once going back the same way the Lunar Whale will reappear and can be boarded. If the player has walked around the moon several times and cannot find the Lunar Whale, they may be stuck on the moon forever.

The glitch resets and the Lunar Whale respawns once the player has recruited Fusoya, assuming the glitch occurs before recruiting the character. However it is not possible to reach Fusoya without landing in the right spot on the moon. In order to reach him without the Lunar Whale, the player must use cheats that enables phasing through walls and plateaus. Once the Lunar Whale has respawned, the player can continue the playthrough and proceed to Eblan. This method is only currently possible when playing the game on an emulator that allows cheats.