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The Lunar Subterrane is the final dungeon of Final Fantasy IV. It is a massive cave complex filled with strong monsters. It is accessed from the Crystal Palace once the Giant of Babil has been destroyed.

The caverns contain hidden passages and strong enemies, including dragons. Crystal equipment, the game's strongest, are available here for Cecil in the SNES and PlayStation versions. There are also many monsters hidden in treasure chests, and at the bottom of the cavern lay several sealed relics guarded by minions of Zemus.

The caverns lead to an area with shiny floor tiles but the walls are still made of rock. This area is titled the Lunar Core in the game's Advance version, but is part of the Lunar Subterrane in all other versions. The Japanese Easy Type version has a save point on one of the last floors. The After Years brings it back, but has replaced it with a healing tile.

The area is infested with semi-boss monsters as random encounters, such as Behemoths and Red Dragons. Lower levels also have Zemus's Malice, Zemus's Breath, and Deathmasks, enemies unique to this area. The boss Ogopogo also lurks here guarding the strongest weapon for Edge.

The upper areas of the core are connected via stairways, but lower areas are connected via teleporters. In the deepest area, the party finds Zemus. Beyond this lie the deepest areas of the core where the Lunarians are sleeping.


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Final Fantasy IV

Lunar core 2

The heroes confront Zemus in the Lunar Core.

Victorious Final battle FFIV IOS

The party stands victorious.

Cecil and his friends descend the Lunar Subterrane after destroying the Giant of Babil to follow Fusoya and Golbez, who headed for the core to defeat Zemus. The heroes find the three amid battle, and though Golbez and Fusoya defeat the evil Lunarian, the latter's hatred is revived as Zeromus who knocks the party unconscious and defeats Golbez and Fusoya. With the help of the prayers of his friends, Cecil gets back on foot and uses the Crystal Golbez gave him, giving Zeromus a physical body, allowing him to be defeated. With Zeromus's death, Golbez and Fusoya head to the sleeping room deep within the moon while Cecil and his friends return to their planet.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

In the Lunarian's Tale Golbez awakens in the Chamber of Sleep, sensing something wrong with the Crystals. He goes through the subterrane to the surface, meeting with Fusoya along the way. After investigating the Crystals and the Impact Crater of a meteor, the two defeat a Mysterious Girl they find there. Returning to the Crystal Palace the girl seems to return and summons Leviathan.

The two defeat her again, and pray for the Lunar Whale to come to them from the Blue Planet. One of the Crystals shatters and a new girl appears and tells them she does not need them. Fearing for the other Lunarians, Golbez and Fusoya race back to the Chamber of Sleep, but before they reach it, all the Crystals shatter, reviving Zeromus as Zeromus's Malice. In the ensuing battle Zeromus Malice uses Big Bang and Fusoya teleports Golbez away to the Lunar Whale.

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Murasame encounter ffiv ios lunar sub

Murasame's pedestal.

A pedestal that holds Murasame is found in a corner of B3. Like all other corners and rooms that lead to weapons in this dungeon, it is not accessible by the main path, but by going through a series of detours or secret passages. This pedestal is found by the west secret passage from the dungeon's entrance (B1), then taking the teleporter that leads to B2. The player should head west to find another teleporter that will take him to B3. The pedestal is found in the far-left corner of the room. Murasame is guarded by a White Dragon, which must be defeated to obtain the katana.


Princess Flans room ffiv ios

The room is the exit nearest to the indicator.

Flan Princess Room

The room in B5 where a Red Fang is found is the only room in the whole game where the extremely rare Flan Princesses can be fought—running into them as random encounters is nearly impossible. By using a Siren, they will attack in pairs of three.

Ragnarok Pedestal
Ragnarok encounter lunar sub ffiv ios

Ragnarok's pedestal.

Secret passage lunar subterrane ffiv ios

The secret passage in B6.

The pedestal that holds Ragnarok, Cecil's ultimate weapon, is found in B5, but is accessible from B6. To reach the specific room, the player must go down the set of stairs in B6, then go through the secret passage to the west (hard to spot at first because the character floats, as there's no ground). From here, there is a secret passage into the wall, to the east, then down the set of stairs, which completes B6's map. Heading south then east will lead to a teleporter which will warp the player back to B5. The South exit leads out of the room, and by heading east, Ragnarok's pedestal is found. It is guarded by Dark Bahamut.


Two of the B7's three inner rooms hold optional boss encounters guarding two relics and an ultimate weapon. It is also the last room of the Subterrane—the last room of this floor is the exit that leads to B8, the first room of the Lunar Core.

Holy lance encounter lunar sub ffiv ios

The Holy Lance's pedestal.

Holy Lance Pedestal

The pedestal is the second room in the map, the one after the room with the dungeon's second save point. The Holy Lance, Kain's ultimate weapon, is guarded by a Plague Horror, and must be defeated to obtain the lance.

Ribbons encounter lunar sub ffiv ios

The room holding the two treasure chests.

Third Exit

The next room from the previous one holds two treasure chests, which contain one Ribbon each. If the player goes for them, a Lunasaur will attack them, and it must be defeated to obtain the two relics. After defeating the Lunasaur, the player will be free to open the two treasure chests.

Lunar Core

Masamune encounter lunar core ffiv ios

Masamune's pedestal.


The pedestal holding Masamune, the last of Edge's ultimate weapons, is found in B8. If the player doesn't bother filling out the map, it will be easily missed—it is found on the south-east corner of the map. Masamune is guarded by Ogopogo, a dark Leviathan. To obtain the katana, it must be defeated.


It is the second-to-the-last floor of the dungeon. If the player has filled out all dungeon maps in the entire game, the Treasure Hunter augment will be obtained as soon as this floor's map is completely filled out.

Heroes in the lunar core ffiv ios

The group in the last floor of the core, as Zemus transforms.


B12 is the last floor of the dungeon, and where the party fights Zeromus.


Final Crystal Room FFIV

The crystal room portal to the Lunar Subterrane.

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

A Hummingway has etablished a shop in the Chamber of Sleep.

Item Price
Hi-Potion 150 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Gold Needle 400 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Eye Drops 30 gil
Antidote 40 gil
Cottage 500 gil
Gnomish Bread*(3D only) 100 gil


Final Fantasy IV

Lunar Subterrane / Underground / Subterrane

Lunar Core

Floor 1
Floor 2
Lunar core

The Lunar Core.

Floor 3
Floor 4

The After Years

Note: all listed enemy formations, except for those marked "Event", are only encountered on the second trip through the area

Musical themes

The background music that plays inside the subterranean areas (B1-B7) is "The Red Wings". The background music that plays inside the moon's core (B8-B12) is called "Giant's Dungeon", the same as the Giant of Babil's.

Other appearances

Dissidia Final Fantasy


The Lunar Subterrane.

The Lunar Subterrane is the representative arena of Final Fantasy IV. Firion battles Jecht here, and this is also where Terra and Zidane begin their storylines. Cecil and Bartz fight Golbez here in their respective storylines. While being named The Lunar Subterrane, the stage is clearly the Lunar Surface.

The Subterrane is a large arena with a multi-leveled landscape full of cliffs and pits. Quickmove bars extend from the center of the arena outward in three directions, allowing characters to cross the arena quickly. The Crystal Palace, the Lunar Whale and the Earth can be seen on the stage's background, as well as the Earth. The arena's Ω form features more destroyable cliffs than the default stage, and some sections of ground can be destroyed as well. The Bravery pool rises when the landscape is destroyed.

The Moon Stone is the battlegen item obtained through stage destruction in this area.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

The Lunar Subterrane returns as an arena in Dissidia 012. In the 12th cycle, this is where Lightning fought and defeated Kuja.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

DFF2015 Lunar Subterrane 01

Lunar Subterrane.

A new version of Lunar Subterrane appears as an arena with more "Earth-like" textures and the Crystal Palace, the Lunar Whale and the Earth appear closer in the background.

During the stage transition, light emits from the top of the Crystal Palace, causing waves of shooting stars to circle the stage and the Earth emits an enigmatic glow.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

The Lunar Core appears as the FMS for Within the Giant.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call

Lunar Core TFFCC

Lunar Core.

The Lunar Core returns as the FMS for several final dungeon themes throughout the series:

  • Crystal Tower*(from Final Fantasy III)
  • Within the Giant*(from Final Fantasy IV)
  • In Search of Light*(from Final Fantasy V)

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

FFAB Lunar Subterrane DFF Special
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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Lunar Subterrane, Part 1

FFRK Lunar Subterrane, Part 1 FFIV
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Lunar Subterrane, Part 2

FFRK Lunar Subterrane, Part 2 FFIV
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Lunar Subterrane, Part 3

FFRK Lunar Subterrane, Part 3 FFIV
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Lunar Subterrane, Part 4

FFRK Lunar Subterrane, Part 4 FFIV
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Lunar Subterrane, Part 5

FFRK Lunar Subterrane, Part 5 FFIV
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Luna means "moon" in Latin, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

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