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Lunar Ruins is a bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy IV Advance and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. It is located at the Stone Face on the Red Moon, an allusion to the "face" found on Mars in the real world. It is unlocked by defeating Zeromus.

The mobile phone version has an all-new "EX Dungeon", which is a remake of the Lunar Ruins.

The Stone Face is the new location of Golbez's second Challenge Dungeon in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.


The Lunar Ruins' hall.

The Lunar Ruins' floors are randomized, and the player will rarely experience the same pattern of floors twice. However, there are a few particular patterns.

There are ten sets of randomized floors, although the order of the sets themselves is fixed. In each set except the last one, there are three normal floors and a fourth gateway floor, which contains a save point, a warp back to the surface that allows the player to exit the dungeon, a door that leads to each playable character's trial, and a stairway that leads to the next set of floors. The first three floors of each set are randomly selected among a pool of four or five pre-set floors. The first set also includes an additional entrance floor at the start, where the player gets a tutorial on their first exploration of the dungeon. The tenth and last set does not include a gateway floor, but instead, after going through the first three floors, the player will arrive at the lowest floor of the dungeon (which also contains a save point and a warp back to the surface), where the superboss Zeromus EG awaits them.

In the normal floors, the player just needs to reach the exit. In many of them, there are enemies to battle and treasures to find.

Among the randomly-selected floors, there are two villages which may appear that sell rare items and equipment at prices upwards of 100,000 gil. By this time, the player should be able to afford them, as enemies are likely leaving over 20,000 gil a battle.

Shrines with Sylphs may also occasionally appear. There are two of them; one contains only one Sylph, who will restore the party’s HP and MP, whereas the other contains three Sylphs who, in addition to the full restoration, will grant the player a Megalixir.

There are floors where old men quiz the player. If answered correctly, the player will receive a prize and/or unlock the exit.

In challenge floors, the player must win a challenge to proceed. In one, the player must memorize a code and find and hit the buttons in the right order; in another, they are requested by a boy to find and kill a "Platinum Toad".

"Floors of Remembrance" mirror the floors of previous dungeons the player has visited, and they can encounter enemies from that dungeon in addition to new enemies. All of the chests that existed in the original dungeon are present, but the items they contain are different. Some of these floors also have added chests that were not in the original dungeon.

There is a floor that consists entirely of Flan monsters resistant to physical attacks, and another of monsters resistant to magic. NPCs will appear when the player enters these floors to tell them about this.

There are floors where mini-bosses or special enemies appear on the map, and the party must navigate through them to proceed.

There is a floor full of living dolls that initiate a battle if they come in contact with the player. Defeating all dolls will cause a chest containing Nirvana, Porom's ultimate weapon, to appear.

Finally, near the bottom of the shrine, the player may find a floor containing the Brachioraidos, the hardest boss. A man at the floor entrance warns the player not to face it. It drops the strongest shield, the Hero's Shield, which cannot be acquired anywhere else.


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This list of floors does not reflect any actual order, most of the floors being randomized.

Lunar Ruins
Name Type Enemies Treasures Notes
Entrance Entrance None None This is where the exploration begins, and if the player arrives here for the first time, a voice will give them a small tutorial.
Gateway Gateway None None Every fourth floor of each set (not counting the entrance of the first set) will be a gateway floor, where the player can choose to either save, warp out of the dungeon (if they do so, they will have to restart all over again), begin a character's trial (see below), or go on with the exploration by proceeding to a new set of floors.
Lunar Floors Dungeon Echidna, Goblin Prince, Lamia Queen, Deathmask, Behemoth, Black Flan, Gold Dragon, Great Malboro, Armor Construct, Armored Fiend Remedy, Elixir, X-Potion The first three floors of the dungeon, although randomized, will always be of this type, using the tileset of the Lunar Subterrane. The goal here is to simply reach the exit, fighting enemies and finding treasures (even hidden behind secret passages) along the way. There are various floors of this type.
Antlion's Den Floor of Remembrance Goblin Prince, Domovoi, Behemoth, Basilisk, Adamantoise, Echidna, Leshy, Yellow Jelly Elixir The area where the Antlion is encountered.
Cave of Eblan Floor of Remembrance Coeurl Regina, Elite Trooper, Blood Bat, King Bomb, Skuldier, Crystal Dragon Dry Ether The area where Edge is first met.
Mist Cave Floor of Remembrance Strato Avis, Bomb King, Goblin Prince, Goblin, Fiend Dragon, Chaos Knight, Crystal Dragon, Larva, Sword Rat, Domovoi, Coeurl Regina, Elite Trooper, Blood Bat White Fang, Mist Whip, Cottage The same Mist Cave but without the "mist".
Passage of the Eidolons Floor of Remembrance Fell Knight, Mini Satana, Chaos Knight, Crystal Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Strato Avis, Malboro Menace (siren) Cottage, Megalixir Lava tiles can damage the party.
Chocobo forest Floor of Remembrance None Gysahl Whistle, Piggy's Stick A "resting" floor. The place is filled with only white chocobos (which fully restore MP). The exit is located in the eastmost area, but before going for it, it is recommended to dash against every tree to find secret passages, which may contain treasures.
Lunar Path Floor of Remembrance Echidna, Lunar Virus, Prokaryote, Behemoth, Hornworm Cottage, Phoenix Down The first Lunar Path explored.
Lodestone Cavern Floor of Remembrance Bomb King, Goblin Prince, Cave Bat, Lamia Queen, Succubus, Cave Naga Elixir The magnetic field is absent, so all weapon types can be used.
Lunar Core Floor of Remembrance Strato Avis, Fiend Dragon, Gold Dragon, Silver Dragon, Chimera Geist, Red Dragon, Dark Sage , Malboro Menace Megalixir The last area of the Lunar Subterrane.
Mt. Hobs Floor of Remembrance Gargoyle, Bomb King, Skeleton, Elite Trooper, Cockatrice, Goblin Prince Red Fang N/A
Mt. Ordeals (Summit) Floor of Remembrance Fiend Dragon, Elite Trooper, Revenant, Soul, Coeurl Regina, Strato Avis, Chaos Knight Caesar's Plate Before going to the next floor, the Caesar's Plate (the strongest armor for Cecil) can be found in the stone where Cecil became a Paladin.
Giant of Babil (Mouth) Floor of Remembrance Lamia Queen, Beam Cannon X-Potion, Dry Ether The first area of the Giant of Babil.
Giant of Babil (Core) Floor of Remembrance Echidna, Clockwork Dragon, Armor Construct X-Potion, Dry Ether Where the Archfiends were fought.
Giant of Babil (Chest) Floor of Remembrance Fiend Dragon, Coeurl Regina, Beam Cannon, Armor Construct, Chaos Knight, Strato Avis, Clockwork Soldier, Centaurion, Optic Blaster, Malboro Menace Cottage, Gysahl Whistle, Megalixir, Mutsunokami Edge's strongest katana, Mutsunokami, can be found here.
Sealed Cave Floor of Remembrance Fiend Dragon Cottage, Dry Ether, Dragoon Plate There are some Trap Doors, which contain treasures inside.
Sylph Cave Floor of Remembrance Lamia Queen, Evil Dreamer, Bomb King, Malboro, Elite Trooper, Coeurl Regina, Goblin Prince, Elder Treant Dragon Claw, Megalixir The area with the Sylph's house. There are some hidden passages, like the original dungeon. Poison tiles can damage the party.
Tower of Babil B11 Floor of Remembrance Green Dragon, Coeurl Regina, Bomb King, Ghost Knight, Fiery Hound, Crystal Dragon, Mythril Golem, Evil Doll, Ironback, Elite Trooper Dry Ether The third area of the tower, starting from the Underworld. One of the two doors is closed, the other one is the real exit.
Tower of Zot Floor of Remembrance Fell Turtle, Frostbeast, Coeurl Regina, Sorceress, Elite Trooper, Purple Bavarois, Soldieress, Bomb King, Black Knight, Ice Lizard Remedy The first area of the tower.
Underground Waterway B2 Floor of Remembrance Lamia Queen, Goblin Prince, Bomb King, Sahagin Prince, Great Malboro X-Potion, Cottage The first area of the waterway, where Tellah is met for the first time.
Underground Waterway B3 Floor of Remembrance Echidna, Amoeba, Fangshell Blue Fang N/A
Ancient Waterway Floor of Remembrance Flood Worm, Coeurl Regina, Devil's Castanet, Crystal Dragon, Elite Trooper , Sahagin Prince, Electrofish, Splasher, Bomb King, Hydra Gysahl Whistle, Remedy, Dry Ether The last area of the Waterway before the Castle.
Battle Royale Dungeon Bomb King, Bomb, Gray Bomb, Gargoyle, Skeleton, Elite Trooper, Cockatrice, Goblin Prince, Lamia Queen, Spirit, Bloodbones, Chaos Knight Elixir In this floor, resembling the Passage of the Eidolons, there are some hooded monsters blocking the path which must be defeated to proceed. Lava tiles can damage the party.
Waterfalls Dungeon Crystal Dragon, Toadgre, Zombie, Sahagin Prince, Tiny Mage White Dress, X-Potion, Cottage There are three treasures to be found in total. The doors as well as the leftmost stairway lead to the start of the floor; the only way to go on is via the bottommost stairway.
Doll House Dungeon Grudge Puppet, Death Puppet Nirvana Defeating all the dolls will summon a chest containing the Nirvana.


A Trial Floor entrance.

The only floors which the player is guaranteed to find are the trials. The trials are unlocked for each character once they defeat Zeromus, testing the player in multiple ways, and ending with battles against Lunar versions of the summons. After defeating one of the Lunar Summons, the player gains a Grimoire for that summon, and is able to summon the Lunar Summon in battle once.

After completing a trial, the player gets either an ultimate weapon or a piece of armor for the character whose trial has been completed. To re-do a trial, the player must use the Grimoire, gained from defeating the Lunar Summon in that particular trial, in a battle, exit the dungeon and re-enter it.

Yang's Trial[]

Yang's Trial.

Yang's trial is one of strength; the party must defeat many monks working in teams of eight—Soldier Monks, Super Monks, and Drillmasters. After defeating all the monks the party fights Lunar Titan. After its defeat, Yang gets the Discipline Armband, which turns his Focus command into Deadly, which charges and then triples the damage.

Edward's Trial[]

Edward's Trial.

Edward winds up in an illusion of Damcyan Castle's ruins, covered in ice and snow. The party is attacked by a Specter. It cannot be killed through normal means, but Edward uses the Requiem Harp to Sing and, in addition to the usual effect, he plays a Requiem, thus giving the tortured soul eternal rest. All the Specters (blue flames) throughout the ruins must be killed and Edward must use Sing while the Requiem Harp is in the player's inventory to lay it to rest. The spirit must be killed once before Edward will use Requiem. The party eventually finds an underground waterway and reaches a room where a fight with Lunar Shiva ensues. After her defeat, Edward gets the Harmony Ring, which changes his Sing ability into Chant, casting Protect and Shell on the party.

Rydia's Trial[]

Rydia's Trial.

Rydia enters a cave filled with mist. She turns back into a child, and Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, and Shiva abandon her. The party must find them and defeat them to regain them. After defeating them the mist dissipates, and the party fights Lunar Mist Dragon. After defeating it, the player gets the Mist Ring, which improves Rydia's Mist Dragon summon and grants the party the Blink status.

Cecil's Trial[]

Cecil's Trial.

Cecil enters a castle and is addressed by an unknown voice, who tests his abilities to do good deeds as a paladin. Cecil progresses through several rooms where he must prove himself as a true paladin by doing good deeds, such as by not taking treasures from others, fulfilling requests properly, helping other people and so forth. Cecil meets the king of the castle who gives him a sword based on the trial's success. If he does everything right, Cecil gets his ultimate weapon, the Lightbringer. If he fails even one test, he gets a weaker weapon, and gets a useless Throw item for Edge if he fails all of them. The player fights Lunar Odin regardless of which weapon they received.

Rosa's Trial[]

Rosa's Trial.

Rosa enters a town that is promptly destroyed. She must heal the injured townsfolk, fourteen in total, but must beware of other villagers who are just Metamorpha in disguise. After healing as many as possible before the time runs out, the party fights Lunar Asura. After her defeat, if Rosa healed all fourteen people, she gets the White Ring, which turns her Pray command into Miracle.

Edge's Trial[]

Edge winds up in a labyrinthine castle. He finds his way to the king and compliments the castle, but is dropped into another portion. He must find his way back to the king through a series of hidden passages, Pitfalls, traps, switches, and so forth. The Palace Guards drop Keys if defeated, needed for doors. After the ordeals, the player fights Lunar Ifrit. Edge gets the Hanzo Gloves, which turns his Steal command into Plunder, increasing the chances of a successful steal, as well attacking at the same time.

Kain's Trial[]

Kain's Trial.

Kain enters the town of Baron where there have been several murders by a lance-wielding assailant. Kain investigates, and after Rosa is kidnapped, he is suspected as the culprit and is arrested. Kain clears his name, but does not feel content, and during the night, he sees Cecil walk into the Devil's Road house. Kain follows him and is warped to a strange mirror room where Rosa is bound and Cecil is unconscious on the floor.

In the mirror, he sees the dark reflection of himself, which is tempting him to kill Cecil. Kain can elect to do this, but the trial will end. Kain refuses, and must engage in simple combat with a Shadow version of himself, which transforms into Lunar Bahamut. After Kain defeats Lunar Bahamut, he gets Abel's Lance, his ultimate weapon, which sometimes casts Tornado when he attacks, even if the enemy is immune to it, as well as the Dragoon Gloves, which allow him to Double Jump and increase his power.

Cid's Trial[]

Cid appears on an island, near his airship. A person on the airship asks him to fly him to a destination before the timer reaches a certain limit. At the destination, another person arrives and wants to be flown to another destination in a lesser time limit. After a while, Lunar Ramuh is angered about Cid flying all over his skies and attacks. After his defeat, and if all of the passengers are delivered on time, Cid gets the Fiery Hammer, his ultimate weapon, which casts Flare at random when he attacks.

Palom and Porom's Trial[]

Both Palom and Porom must be in the party to perform this trial. Palom and Porom must work as a team, inflicting various status ailments on themselves to infiltrate a series of hidden passages. Switches in one passage typically open doors in the others, forcing them to work together and the player to switch control between the two frequently. Once they reach the end of the passages, the player fights Lunar Leviathan, and Palom and Porom get the Twin Stars accessories, which enable them to cast the stronger Double-Meteor spell when using the Twin command.

The Final Trial[]

Lunar Ruins - Last Floor.PNG

After the characters' trials, the last floor of the ruins contains the superboss Zeromus EG. They can choose not to fight him and can simply warp out of the ruins. Fighting Zeromus EG earns no rewards except for his Bestiary entry.



Type 1
Type 4
  • Discipline Armband
  • Silver Apple (after completing trial for second time)
  • Lunar Titan Grimoire


Type 1 - Floor of Remembrance - Antlion Cave
Type 2 - Floor of Remembrance - Lunar Path
Type 3 - Floor of Remembrance - Underground Waterway
Type 4 - Floor of Remembrance - Giant of Babel
Type 5 - Floor of Remembrance - Chocobo Forest
  • Piggy's Stick
  • Phoenix Down
  • Remedy
  • Gysahl Whistle


Type 1 - Waterfall Room
Type 2 - Counting


Type 1 - Platinum Toad
Type 2 - Enemy Cave
Type 3 - Teleporter Maze
  • Megalixir (if taken during trial)
  • Golden Apple (if taken during trial)
  • Lunar Odin Grimoire
  • Scrap Metal (if passed 0 times)
  • Dark Sword (if passed 1 time)
  • Shadow Blade (if passed 2 times)
  • Caliburn (if passed 3 times)
  • Flandango (if passed 4 times)
  • Lightbringer (if passed 5 times)
  • Lunar Curtain (after completing trial for second time)


Type 1 - Floor of Remembrance - Giant of Babel
Type 2 - Floor of Remembrance - Sylvan Cave
Type 3 - Floor of Remembrance - Tower of Zot
Type 4 - Floor of Remembrance - Magnetic Cave
Type 5 - Floor of Remembrance - Mount Hobs


Type 1 - Floor of Remembrance - Eblan Cave
Type 2 - Floor of Remembrance - Tower of Babel
Type 3 - Floor of Remembrance - Old Waterway
Type 4 - Floor of Remembrance - Underground Waterway
Type 5 - Floor of Remembrance - Sealed Cavern


Type 1 - Treasure Room
Type 2 - Pudding Room
Type 3 - Choose the Door
Type 4 - Dragon Room and Bridge Maze


Type 1 - Bombs!
Type 2 - Item Puzzle
Type 3 - Lunar Cave Area

Palom and Porom[]

Type 1 - Floor of Remembrance - Giant of Babel
Type 2 - Floor of Remembrance - Lunar Subterrane
Type 3 - Floor of Remembrance - Land of Summons
Type 4 - Floor of Remembrance - Mount Ordeals
  • Caesar's Plate
Type 5 - Floor of Remembrance - Mist Cave


Type 1 - Doll House
Type 2 - Lunar Ruins (Brachioraidos)
Type 3 - Lunar Cave Area
Type 4 - Protophase Room


Village of the Moon 1[]

1050 gil/night
Item Price
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 100
Remedy 5000
Dry Ether 10,000
Cottage 500
Bestiary 980
Gysahl Whistle 20,000
Armor Price
Aegis Shield 20,000
Light Robe 30,000
Gold Hairpin 20,000
Weapon Price
Shuriken 20,000
Fuma Shuriken 50,000
Yoichi Arrows 140

Village of the Moon 2[]

1050 gil/night
Item Price
Hi-Potion 150
Phoenix Down 100
Remedy 5000
Dry Ether 50,000
Elixir 100,000
Cottage 500
Bestiary 980
Gysahl Whistle 20,000
Megalixir 650,000
Weapon Price
Shuriken 20,000
Fuma Shuriken 50,000
Rising Sun 410,000
Assassin Dagger 420,000
Gigant Axe 480,000
Tiger Fang 450,000
Perseus Arrows 20,000
Armor Price
Assassin Vest 530,000
Battle Gear 500,000
Maximillian 520,000
Chocobo Suit 550,000
Tabby Suit 560,000


The enemy formations in the ruins vary greatly from floor to floor, and combine enemies met throughout the game with new enemies found only in the ruins. On some floors, the enemies appear on the map and can be seen and avoided.

Floors of Remembrance[]

Behind the scenes[]

The concept of trials relevant to specific characters and their abilities appears to be inspired from the Finale Chapter of Live A Live, a game made by Square and a majority of the Final Fantasy team at the time, three years after the release of the Super Famicom release of Final Fantasy IV, and most notably directed by Takashi Tokita, who also has an extensive profile in scenario design in the Final Fantasy series and in his career at Square. Edge's trial resembles the trial of the ninja Oboro-maru in the Live A Live series, the Dungeon of Keys. Both involve defeating enemies for keys, and navigating through a labyrinth. The game also served as an inspiration for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

Many concepts for the Lunar Ruins were reused for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Yang's Lunar Trial consists of him fighting past rows of monks, and his Challenge Dungeon is similarly a gauntlet of corridors with high-powered enemies. Rydia's Lunar Trial is to defeat Titan, Shiva, Ramuh and Ifrit before fighting the Lunar Dragon, while in The After Years the Mist Dragon returns to Rydia once Titan, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Sylph are defeated. Porom's Challenge Dungeon has her travel around a field performing good deeds, including offering healing services, and must help as many people as she can within a time limit, similar to Rosa's Lunar Trial. Troia Castle is frozen over by Shiva in The After Years, similar to the recreation of Damcyan in Edward's trial, while Eblan is attacked by Ifrit much as Lunar Ifrit serves as the master of the castle in Edge's trial. Dark Kain reappears in The After Years as a major antagonist, and in a flashback manifests as he did in Kain's Lunar Trial, emerging from Kain's reflection in a mirrored chamber and attacking him. The idea of the Challenge Dungeons themselves—bonus dungeons reflective of the characters whose tale the player is playing—is also reminiscent of the Lunar Ruins.



Luna means "moon" in Latin, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.